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12-07-2009, 05:49 PM
Hi everyone,
I'm Jason, and although my name has existed for years, I've never posted until today.

Im a Miami fan from rochester, NY. Life long for that matter, my mother has been a fan since the beginning and brought me and my brother along.

Ive been to three bills dolphins games and the most recent was last week;
Bills fans are generally cool, but one guy set me off.
I should start by saying i am 6'5" and about 300lbs, so in all aqua i stand right out at the ralph! Well, bills fans as usual were ok tailgating, ok in the section (rock pile) but at the end of the game, one rowdy bills fan climbed down about 5 rows to start heckling the miami fans. Beer had been flowing since about 9am and for some reason, this guy not opening his mouth untill the end of the game really set me off! I climbed up a row myself and proceded to beat this guy within an inch of his life, slammed onto the bleachers, thrown down the isle stairs, punches to the face with the right and the left. Miami lost that day, Miami fans didnt.:lol2:

Joe from WY
12-07-2009, 09:39 PM
howdy from wyoming!