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12-15-2009, 07:16 PM

Pick: 1=St. Louis Rams-Ndamukong Suh,DT out of Nebraska(6'4",302)

Pick: 2=Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Gerald McCoy,DT out of Oklahoma(6'4",304)

Pick: 3=Cleveland Browns-Eric Berry,SS out of Tennessee(5'11",203)

Pick: 4=Detroit Lions-Russell Okung,OT out of Oklahoma State(6'5",302)

Pick: 5=Kansas City Chiefs-Rolando McClain,ILB out of Alabama(6'4",256)

Pick: 6=Washington Redskins-Charles Brown,OT out of USC(6'6",292)

Pick: 7=Oakland Raiders-Derrick Morgan,DE out of Georgia Tech(6'4",275)

Pick: 8=Seattle Seahawks-Joe Haden,CB out of Florida(5'11",190)

Pick: 9=Denver Broncos[from Chicago Bears]-Brandon Spikes,ILB out of Florida(6'4",256)

Pick: 10=Buffalo Bills-Trent Williams,OT out of Oklahoma(6'5",318)

Pick: 11=Carolina Panthers-Jimmy Clausen,QB out of Notre Dame(6'3",223)

Pick: 12=Pittsburgh Steelers-Dan Williams,NT out of Tennessee(6'2",327)

Pick: 13=San Francisco 49ers-Ras-I-Dowling,CB out of Virginia(6'2",200)

Pick: 14=Atlanta Falcons-Sean Weatherspoon,OLB out of Missouri(6'1",249)

Pick: 15=Houston Texans-Marvin Austin,DT out of North Carolina(6'3",295)

Pick: 16=Tennessee Titans-Greg Hardy,DE out of Ole Miss(6'4",275)

Pick: 17=Jacksonville Jaguars=Brandon Graham,DE out of Michigan(6'1",263)

Pick: 18=Baltimore Ravens-Brandon LaFell,WR out of LSU(6'3",206)

Pick: 19=New York Jets-Taylor Mays,FS out of USC(6'3",235)

Pick: 20=New York Giants-Earl Thomas,SS out of Texas(5'10",197)

Pick: 21=Miami Dolphins-Jerry Hughes,OLB out of TCU(6'3",257)

Pick: 22=Arizona Cardinals-Ricky Sapp,OLB out of Clemson(6'5",248)

Pick: 23=Dallas Cowboys-Dez Bryant,WR out of Oklahoma(6'1",220)

Pick: 24=Seattle[from Denver Broncos]-Sam Bradford,QB out of Oklahoma(6'4",218)

Pick: 25=New England Patriots-Corey Wootton,DE out of Northwestern(6'6",280)

Pick: 26=Green Bay Packers-Bruce Campbell,OT out of Maryland(6'7",310)

Pick: 27=Cincinnati Bengals-Jared Odrick,DT out of Penn State(6'5",298)

Pick: 28=Philadelphia Eagles-Anthony Davis,OT out of Rutgers(6'6",325)

Pick: 29=San Diego Chargers-C.J Spiller,RB out of Clemson(5'11",195)

Pick: 30=Minnesota Vikings-Ryan Mallett,QB out of Arkansas(6'6",238)

Pick: 31=New Orleans Saints-Narravo Bowman,OLB out of Penn State(6'1",232)

Pick: 32=Indianapolis Colts-Patrick Robinson,CB out of Florida State(5'11",194)

12-15-2009, 07:20 PM
nice work...

all things being equal give me dez bryant over jerry hughes

12-15-2009, 11:44 PM
with McClain already gone in your mock...i'd have no problems taking Hughes with our 1st rd pick...our pass rush could use a serious upgrade and he'd do it i believe...and Micah Johnson with our 2nd rd pick...if he's worth it,no problems there either...

12-16-2009, 02:49 AM
I like Hughes...but with Dez Bryant sitting right there...I'd be a little upset.

Bryant gives me the same feeling I had with Hakeem Nicks last year.

12-16-2009, 02:55 AM
I like that pick. I know everyone wants Dez Bryant but I think we will be seeing a lot of Defensive picks this draft. I think we will sign a WR in FA and I also hope that we sign Karlos Dansby.