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12-18-2009, 04:40 PM
The untimely death of Chris Henry is a tragic loss. It should not be taken lightly when a young person dies senslessly and all prayers should go to the family.


I do not understand or get the effort by the media and the NFL to cannonize Mr. Henry. He is aplayer who had a past of poor behavior that got him in trouble over and over again. This time his behavior cost him his life. This was not a player who was gunned down, or lost to disease, or was hit by another car. This is a man out of control and jumping into the back of a moving vehicle and pounding on the window. What is tragic to me is that he like many young men have real issues and they are not prepared to deal with them. Chris Henry's death points out a man who needed help and was considered a "success" because he quote "cleaned up his act". The reality is Chris Henry played by the rules so he could play ball, but he was apparently still not well. Lets hope the league does more than just decide if a player can play or not.

As for the media and the NFL do not idolize or promote Mr. Henry in death. He is but one of many young men who are needlessly lost every day on our roadways, in our schools, and all over our world. Sadly Chris Henry is dead because of Chris Henry and there is nothing to promote about that except a lesson for all of us about the anger that often lurks behind the behavior we see.

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The thing I hate is how they're trying to make up a bunch of similarities between this and the Sean Taylor incident. It's ridiculous.

Sean Taylor was at his house minding his own business and was the victim of a botched home invasion.

Chris Henry was beating on his wife and jumped on the back of a moving truck.

Big difference.

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I agree Cedar. NO comparison to SeanTaylor. Taylor was attacked...this guy was out of his mind and acting dumb.

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So there is a description of the event that caused Henry's death? I hadn't seen a full account...

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So there is a description of the event that caused Henry's death? I hadn't seen a full account...

Nutshelling it as I understand it;

-CH and Fiancee at Fiancee's parents house.
-CH and Fiancee have dispute.
-Fiancee flees residence and gets into pickup truck.
-Henry pursues and jumps into the back of the pickup truck.
-Witnesses (911 call) report CH shirtless pounding on the roof and window of the truck as it's going down a winding road.
-Henry is ejected from truck, resulting in fatal injury.