View Full Version : 15% Off Dolphins Gear

12-25-2009, 08:52 PM
Guys, from now until 12.31.2009, you can get 15% off of all Dolphins gear as well as any other gear you would like from footballfanatics.com

So if you have some Christmas cash and you'd like to get some Dolphins shirts, fleeces, polos, tailgating gear, you name it...go to footballfanatics.com and enter the promotional code "AMEX15" when you checkout.

Again, this promotional code is good for all NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, and more until 12.31.2009.

TAKE ADAVANTAGE. Promotional code "AMEX15" or you can click on the link below and when you checkout, you'll notice the "less discount" in your subtotal.


Happy spending and consider this your Christmas present from JCane!


12-30-2009, 09:31 PM
Guys, this offer is only good until tomorrow.

PLEASE take advantage of this. This site has a TON of good stuff on it and shipping is a mere $4.99 no matter how big your order is. You can order 100 items and only pay $4.99 for shipping AND get 15% off of your entire purchase.