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12-27-2009, 06:33 PM
I know that this season didn't go like many of us would have liked, or for that matter the way it should but there are way to many maniacs on this site. At best we are going to be .500 with basically a first year quarterback, injuries to our best CB, Quarterback, Running Back, Rookies at both corner positions, a young developing WR core, ect. We also had a very tough schedule. And if I remember right I think we were something like 1-15 a couple of years ago!!! A good number of teams and their fans would love to be able to say at the end of this year that... We won our division last year, we had a .500 season this year, we have a young talented core of players, a competant young quarterback, a good offensive and defesive line, to name a few good things. The dolphins have a good Front Office and coaching staff. So my point is why in the world are there so many crazy a** psychos on this site? I can't imagine being a fan like some of you. Your lows are unbeliveable, it must be an absolutely miserable way to live. I watch a lot of games in the NFL and things on other teams, even good ones a far from perfect.

So I would ask that some of you consider chilling out. Being a fan is full of potential disappointment, only one team gets to the end each year, and only a handful of teams match most of their fans realistic expectations. I was pissed all game but at the end I look at the picture as a whole and although I could be better, it for sure could be a Whole Lot Worse!!!

I realize many of you just have personalities that won't let you react and handle certain realities with any calmness. So unfortunately we are going to have to live with your never satisfied personas, but I just want you to know that i think your nuts.

12-27-2009, 06:39 PM
I have been beating the drum all year saying the same thing, I am however a passionate fan and sometimes the emotion takes me.

However I do feel this will be a very important offseason the team could go in two vastly different directions
1- adding perceived missing links ie WR,S,TE
2-scrapping the veterns and continuing a rebuild(after all it was a bit of a surpriss last offseason as they dismantled and rebuilt the secondary)so perhaps they may decided to break down the LB corps and go with youth easier to find LB than stud WR's.

We have to waite and see but I would expect that there will be a surpriss or two in store for us dolfans