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11-14-2003, 11:54 PM
MoonChiQ88: Oh theres plenty of argueing...first of all the marlins only won in 1997 bc the owner bought some good players, won, and then sold them..what great team work..and sure the marlins Played better...but theyre not a better team..everyone knows it..ask anyone who actually KNows about baseball and didnt just start buying the shirts bc the team of their state was in the ws ..your all sheep..followers..whatever you wanna call it...that is all..have a nice night

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Outtawack311: the yankees buy the talent like the 97 team...except you know whayt...they didnt win

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Outtawack311: and i did not only buy shirts when they got to the world series...i went through over a year of crap baseball before
Outtawack311: if the yankees were they better team then they would have gotten it togehter for the world series and won
Outtawack311: but you know what....they didnt
Outtawack311: and the marlins as a franchise are off to a much better 10 year start then the yankees started off with
MoonChiQ88: sorry u had to go through the krappy year..but you kno what..the marlinse won yea..the yankees shouldve gotten it together..

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MoonChiQ88: u saw the game they played ****ty as hell...but theyre still a better team all around..stats..everything
MoonChiQ88: it doesnt matter if the marlins beat them..so what they played harder they wanted it more obviously..but its still 2-26
MoonChiQ88: franchise whatever..so what they got off to a better start it doesnt matter..theyre still legendary..theyre still awesome..
MoonChiQ88: just admit it..marlins are good..yankees are better
Outtawack311: the point of the profile is that the yankees were not the better team this year...and in 97
Outtawack311: your mixing it up....you think i am saying that the marlins are a better franchise, which they are not
Outtawack311: but they are the better team in this past year
Outtawack311: they had the best record in baseball since the skip took over
Outtawack311: and that is the only stat that counts
MoonChiQ88: ok yea the marlins played better ...not a better team..big diff
Outtawack311: playing better makes them the better team
Outtawack311: more talent doesnt make a team better
MoonChiQ88: no it doesnt..it makes them the winner..who won the world series last year?
Outtawack311: look at the dolphins....they have more talent than almost any team in football...yet they are only mediocre because of how they played
MoonChiQ88: then what does? good looks?
Outtawack311: i am not going out and trying to tell people that the phins are better than the unbeaten chiefs
Outtawack311: its the same in baseball
MoonChiQ88: so then should ppl go out and hire krappy players..oh but theu just hit a home run so theyre better..
Outtawack311: yankees have "more talent"
Outtawack311: but that does not make a better team
MoonChiQ88: yea they have more talent
Outtawack311: no....dont hire crappy players
Outtawack311: but if a team has talent that isnt playing great together then they have better individuals, they do not have a better team
MoonChiQ88: then what do you think does make a better team?
Outtawack311: the team that wins together
Outtawack311: there is no I in team
MoonChiQ88: true..the marlins played better..theyre I-less...but still
Outtawack311: there is no "but still"....it all comes down to who plays better as a team
Outtawack311: and what was that 2-26 thing ?
MoonChiQ88: the yankees may not have won..theyre better...they do play together as a team..how do you explain the 26 wins
Outtawack311: thats as a FRANCHISE
Outtawack311: i NEVER said that
Outtawack311: i actually said that the YANKEES have the BETTER franchise
Outtawack311: but that doesnt mean that since they won so many times that they are always the better team
Outtawack311: Look at the celtics...they have the second most championships overall sports...next to the yankees
MoonChiQ88: no making it sound like the yankees dont play together as a team..
MoonChiQ88: thats not true
Outtawack311: the celtics have blown *** nuggets for the past few years
Outtawack311: you dont see anyone going out and bragging that they are the better team
Outtawack311: not until they win again
MoonChiQ88: so what..theyve been playing badly..thats **** luck..
Outtawack311: no....its due to either talent, coaching, or they were just OUT PLAYED
MoonChiQ88: who won last year ...the Anaheim Angels won last year..they blow *** nuggets
MoonChiQ88: theyre just like the marlins..
MoonChiQ88: this year the angels wer in last place..
Outtawack311: but your mixing up the better team with the better franchise AGAIN
Outtawack311: angels were better than the yankees last year
MoonChiQ88: a team is a franchise what are u talkin about
Outtawack311: no
MoonChiQ88: no they werent better,,they played better...
Outtawack311: when you talk about the better team you are talking about the players on the team at this moment
Outtawack311: or the moment in time you are reffering to
Outtawack311: franchise is which Organization has more wins and a better track record
MoonChiQ88: thats why they have the same team and are dead last..the yankees have always made it to the playoffs..
Outtawack311: they dont have the same team
Outtawack311: you dont know what made them worse this year
MoonChiQ88: the angels do have the same tea,
Outtawack311: the loss of one player could have hurt the moral
MoonChiQ88: team*
Outtawack311: the coaching coulda been worse
Outtawack311: they might have had more injuries
Outtawack311: you never know
MoonChiQ88: so what the coach leaves and they forget all they know?
Outtawack311: yankees might be in last place next year for all we know..
Outtawack311: if that happens
Outtawack311: am i going to say that the tigers are the better team
Outtawack311: this year
MoonChiQ88: if that ever happens..then they mustve played horrible
Outtawack311: no
Outtawack311: yes
Outtawack311: and that makes them the worst team
MoonChiQ88: tigers? i dont know about other sports and all..
Outtawack311: oh god....your showing how much you know
Outtawack311: detroit
MoonChiQ88: ok fine the tigers are bad..good..ok
Outtawack311: 119 losses
MoonChiQ88: i dont care about detroit..
Outtawack311: ok.....but your saying that no matter what happens, what the result of the games are ...the yankees are the better team
Outtawack311: because they have talent
MoonChiQ88: youre now incoherent
Outtawack311: and you're naive
MoonChiQ88: yea thats what im saying...im saying all around..the players..everything..i think theyre better
Outtawack311: but if they dont play better than the other team
Outtawack311: that makes them worse
Outtawack311: you can say they are good, just not as good as the team that beat them
MoonChiQ88: your still incoherent
Outtawack311: you're still naive....and you obviously dont know how to read
MoonChiQ88: sure the other team beats them..they PLAY better..ok...but that doesnt neccessarily make them a better team
MoonChiQ88: and your a dick
MoonChiQ88: who doesnt know what hes talking about
Outtawack311: yeah it does
Outtawack311: that makes them a better team
Outtawack311: that is the definition of a better team
MoonChiQ88: ok..who was better ...the 69 mets or the orioles
MoonChiQ88: ?
MoonChiQ88: who was the better team?
Outtawack311: the one that at the end ranked higher than the other
Outtawack311: are you done?
MoonChiQ88: ok heres just one last thing...we all kno the heat played the lakers last year ...the heat beat them..so the heat is a better team right?
Outtawack311: they were the better team for that game
Outtawack311: but there were plenty more games left
Outtawack311: so they turned out not to be the better team in the end
Outtawack311: in the marlins/yankees case.....it was the final series, for the championship
Outtawack311: that determined the best team in baseball
Outtawack311: and marlins won
MoonChiQ88: why are you being so obtuse?
Outtawack311: what did you call me?
MoonChiQ88: obtuse
Outtawack311: -shawshank redemption
MoonChiQ88: ok at least you have in thing stright..
MoonChiQ88: but bak to heat...you honestly think the heat is a better team bc they beat the lakers one game?
MoonChiQ88: come on now...
MoonChiQ88: you kno thats bull..
Outtawack311: no....i am saying for that game they were the better team...because they played better as a team and outplayed the lakers
Outtawack311: did you ever play team sports?
MoonChiQ88: yea they played better that team i kno i kno..but i mean ALL AROUND..the heats NOT a better team
MoonChiQ88: yes ive played all sports what about it
Outtawack311: the concept of team sports is to beat the competition as a team.....if you dont do that then you are not the better team at that moment......thats how a team can be the worst team in the beginning of the season, then turn it around and win it all
Outtawack311: thats how "cinderella teams" come along
Outtawack311: and those teams are always considered the best, until the next season comes along and people have a chance to dethrone them
MoonChiQ88: yes any team can win if they play better...but it doesnt mean theyre the best team
Outtawack311: yes it does
MoonChiQ88: bc ppl dont kno what the hell theyre talking about halk the time
MoonChiQ88: half*
Outtawack311: if winning doesnt do it, then what makes a team the better team?
MoonChiQ88: well then that must mean the Heat is better then the Lakers bc they beat them
Outtawack311: no...not at the end of the season
Outtawack311: not later in the season
Outtawack311: at that time they are
MoonChiQ88: if u win ur better that day...it doesnt mean ur better..u could lose the next day
Outtawack311: that is, until the lakers kick some more *** and the heat suck
Outtawack311: again
Outtawack311: i know
Outtawack311: thats my point
Outtawack311: but if you win at the end of the season
Outtawack311: you are the better team
Outtawack311: because there is no tommorow
Outtawack311: not until next season
MoonChiQ88: if i arm wrestle you 10 times, and win the first 9 times, but then u win the last time and win..does that mean your better at arm wrestling?
Outtawack311: not if we are doing it in a row...which would make it a series...and you obviously won.....but if they are all on different days...then who knows, maybe i was working out and became better at it on that last day
Outtawack311: and am now pulling ahead of you
Outtawack311: but i doubt that would happen...i suck *** at arm wrestling
MoonChiQ88: omg..you kno thats total bull****..you really are obtuse...you dont understand the nature of sports...i cant talk to you anymore...
Outtawack311: lol....
MoonChiQ88: you are no longer allowed to talk to my sister either..you dont deserve her friendship..
Outtawack311: i know more about sports than you could ever dream
Outtawack311: which is kinda dorky...but what the hell can i say....i am a dork
MoonChiQ88: if u knew more about sports this argument never would have started
Outtawack311: you started
MoonChiQ88: yea bc of some stuff u had on ur thing..
MoonChiQ88: if u knew..you wouldnt have put that..u wouldnt even think that..
MoonChiQ88: thats y i started it
Outtawack311: wow...
Outtawack311: you still think that the yankees were better last year
MoonChiQ88: no they didnt play better
MoonChiQ88: last year
MoonChiQ88: but theyre still more talented..
Outtawack311: tomg ...
MoonChiQ88: if every yankee played as good as they possibly could.. as they were capable of..and so did the marlins...the yankees would win
MoonChiQ88: so will the marlins win the ws next year? cuz anaheim won last year..and they suck ***
Outtawack311: but they didnt....they were missing a component...which was either heart or coaching
Outtawack311: so the marlins were the better team
Outtawack311: they played well in the clutch
Outtawack311: and they won
Outtawack311: that makes them a better team
MoonChiQ88: how could they be world champs one year and suck the next? same players..if theyre the best?
Outtawack311: injuries, not wanting it as much, coaching, losing a main player or 2, slumps
Outtawack311: can be anything
MoonChiQ88: you still dont get what im saying..you dont get it..youll never get it..the cows will get it before you do
Outtawack311: i get what your trying to say
Outtawack311: but you have to seperate seasons
Outtawack311: you cant think of anahiem being the best and placing last
Outtawack311: you hafta say, its a new season, some new players, etc etc....they are the worst team now
MoonChiQ88: no were both looking at this from diff points of view..your saying the best means you win at the end...good team or not..
Outtawack311: it means you win when you need to
MoonChiQ88: im saying its who has more talent
Outtawack311: but talent doesnt always pan out
MoonChiQ88: no it doesnt pan out...but theyre still more talented players
Outtawack311: so your saying that if steinbrenner goes out and buys the greatest players in baseball for every possition then we shouldnt even play the games because they are the best team hands down...just give them the trophy?
MoonChiQ88: i agree it doesnt 'pan out' ...or the yankees wouldve won this year
Outtawack311: in organized sports being the best team means winning it all
Outtawack311: thats it
Outtawack311: right there
Outtawack311: no if's and's or but's
MoonChiQ88: no where the hell are you gettng this? thats a totally diff discussion
Outtawack311: no its not
Outtawack311: the best team is the team that wins the championship
Outtawack311: or else they wouldnt be called the champions
MoonChiQ88: the team that plays the best wins..however..it doesnt mean theyre the best team
Outtawack311: thats exactly what it means
MoonChiQ88: the team that wins the championship is the team that PLAYS better
Outtawack311: yes
Outtawack311: and if the team plays better, they are the better team
MoonChiQ88: good for them they earned it whatever...but it doesnt mean that theyre better
MoonChiQ88: are you a dolphins fan?
Outtawack311: yes
MoonChiQ88: whos better houston texans or the dolphins?
Outtawack311: i dont know....as of now...the dolphins because they came back from that loss to win games...houston didnt.
MoonChiQ88: yea but houston beat the dolphins..
Outtawack311: if you go solely by that game at the beginning of the year then yes....they were the better team
Outtawack311: but the season goes on
MoonChiQ88: your explanations are all convenient
Outtawack311: and..
MoonChiQ88: you dont get it..youll never get it.. the cows will get it before you get it
Outtawack311: you already said that

11-15-2003, 12:15 AM
sorry I stopped reading about a 1/4 of the way through

ya know, they have an ignore button for a reason, USE IT!

ever heard of the saying: "Never argue with a fool, people may not know the difference"? Your skating on thin ice there buddy. People like that are just ignorant and they piss me off

11-15-2003, 01:46 AM
warn his azz.. (ask muck how it's done) :D

11-15-2003, 01:56 AM
You do realize that you are talking about gay-ball here don't you? Not that there's ever really a time to talk about that joke of a sport but now, when the season's officially dead (I just wish it would stay that way) why would you A) talk about this crap and B) do so on a Dolphins board. Genius.

11-15-2003, 02:03 AM
Because i was bored *** monkey.

Prime Time
11-16-2003, 06:44 PM
I stopped reading 1/4 of the way as well. But this kid is so obviously blinded by the past tha he cannot see that the Marlins were the better team this year and that is why they won the WS 4-2.

Expo...at least people watch Baseball...who besides you watches Biking? :lol: