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12-29-2009, 12:50 AM

In the first two years of the Parcells/Ireland era they have targeted one unit and remade that group with FA & multiple draft picks to upgrade.

Year one saw the OL & DL made over FA additions such as J.Smiley and draft picks like Long & Thomas help improve the OL, Defensive Line saw veteren additions R.Starks,J.Ferguson along with draft picks Langford & Merling make over the lines

Year two saw the secondary get attentin FA G.Wilson along with the drafting of S.Smith & V.Davis gave the secondary a new look.

I feel while much has been made of the need for a WR my belief is this offseason will see the LB corps get reconstructed.

I could see a multiple draft approach here with a ILB & OLB getting selected very high the team invested in C.Crowder last offseason so I feel he is safe however ILB Aoydele & both OLB's Taylor & Porter are in my opinion replaceable.

As too who and how I cant say I feel very strongly they will first address other needs such as WR & FS in FA then turn my attention to the rebuilding of the LB's

I could see a very similar approach as last year where they make a choice in rnd 1 then follow that up with a pick in rnd 2 at the same pos.

I see ILB then OLB going 1-2, as for the names well many can be stated but I feel the OLB may not be a pass rusher only, I think looking back at last year they showed extreme interest in Mathews & Cushing and both guys are complete LB's so I would put much stock in guys who are strickly pass rushers( Hughes,Kindle) I would look at a more complete OLB.

Curious to hear and get your opinions

12-29-2009, 02:50 AM
agree zodiak

previous draft

2008 = 3 def lineman ,3 off lineman
2009 3 def backs ,2 wr`s

2010 = ???? for me 3 lb`s[ 2 in 1-4 th round and 1 in 6/7th]
+1 in fa

its easy to say now but we should have took 1 last year instead of the white pick??