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12-29-2009, 08:30 PM
1.St. Louis-Ndamukong Suh,DT out of Nebraska(6'4",304)

[What can I say....Ndamukong is really the only choice here.....]

2.Detroit-Gerald McCoy,DT out of Oklahoma(6'4",302)

[McCoy is a very intellegent tackle,and possesses great force on the line.Very strong at the POA,and surely benefited,and prospered by stayin gin school another year.]

3.Kansas City-Eric Berry,SS out of Tennessee(5'11",203)

[Eric Berry is probably the best prospect in the draft,but since safety isnt as valued as linemen,he wont be first overall.However,I do think he is the best player in the draft,and Kansas City can surely use help at nearly every position.]

4.Tampa Bay-C.J Spiller,RB out of Clemson(5'11",194)

[Now,right here,I would say the Bucs really need interior help on the defensive side,but the top prospects are gone.So,next my best guess would be o-line,safety,corner and RB.Williams appears to be effective,but not spectacular,and the running game for the Bucs leaves a lot to be desired.Ward is nice,but I would consider him a better starter than Spiller.

Spiller offers something to the running game of the Bucs that no one on roster can....the ability to take the rock all the way on any given play.And thats very crucial,especially for a young QB in Freeman,who,IMO,will be the best QB from the '09 class.]

5.Washington-Sam Bradford,QB out of Oklahoma(6'4",228)

[Sam Bradford definately should have came out,if not by winning the Heisman,but also being the highest rated player going into the draft in '09.Thankfully,the Qb class is a lot more in demand,and tightens,as Jake Locker elected to stay in school,therefore upping every QBs value up.]

6.Cleveland-Joe Haden,CB out of Florida(5'11",190)

[Mangini is probably gonig to be fired,but whether he is or isnt,you can pass up the opportunity to take the best corner prospect the draft has to offer.Mangini is the one who founded Darrelle Revis in NY,and he'll(or someone else) will snag Joe Haden for Cleveland.]

7.Seattle-Jimmy Clausen,QB out of Notre Dame(6'3",223)

[Clausen really doesnt look NFL ready to me.I think he has the talent,and basic understanding for the game however,and he can certainly thank Weis for the few things he had one right in South Benn.A year or two on the bench would be ideal for Clausen,as history tells us junior Qbs tend to be on the fragile side of mentality,rather than senior Qbs.]

8.Buffalo-Russel Okung,OT out of Oklahoma State(6'5",303)

[Trading one of the best LTs in the game has proven to be....well,idiotic as it turns out for the Bills....but hey,whats new about that.Okung will do just fine for Buffalo.]

9.Oakland-Derrick Morgan,DE out of Georgia Tech(6'4",275)

[Do we really expect any different from Al Davis?]

10.Denver(from Chicago)-Rolando McClain,out of Alabama(6'4".258)

[Denver could use an upgrade besides D.J,as us Phin fans bleed internally.]

11.San Francisco-Anthony Davis,OT out of Rutgers(6'6",325)

[Might end up being the best o-linemen in the draft,when its all said and done.]

12.Jacksonville-Tim Tebow,QB out of Florida(6'3",245)

[Jax is really in danger of losing its franchise to another city,as even whiel in contention for a Wild Card,they still could not put buts in the seats.IMO they can fix that delima by firing Del Rio,but that wouldnt be logical.....would it?

I personally dont like the pick,because Garrad is a solid,not great,but solid QB,and they did give him an extension last season.But then again,Garrad just cant seem to put up the TDs a starting Qb in the NFL is expected of,so it certainly isnt compeltely unimagineable.]

13.Tennessee-Brandon Spikes,ILB out of Florida(6'4",256)

[Tennesse's linebackers are on the inexperienced side,outside of Thorten and Bulluck,and theres no guarantee Fisher's gonan bring 'em back.]

14.San Francisco(from Carolina)-Greg Hardy,OLB out of Ole Miss(6'4",265)

[Harralson and the other OLB(I forgot his name....) are okay,but Hardy would be better,and what way to get better,than to put two former Mississippi boys at linebacker.]

15.Miami-Brandon Graham,OLB out of Michigan(6'1",263)

[As a Miami fan,Im deeply hurt we wont get a shot at McClain,but I do think Graham will be an excellent back-up guy.I just dont like Terrance Cody.I think he has one of a kind talent,but the 365 lbs. is just....wildly unattractive to me,for a 3-4 NT.

If he could come down to at least 345-350,then we'll talk,but til then,I just dont think he'd be worth a first rounder.Dan Williams is a guy I could live with,but Parcells doesnt take NTs early...its just,Parcells,so I dont think NT is a possiblity here.

Now,lets talk linebackers.Graham looks like a solid SOLB,who we currently dont have on roster.Wake is being talked about as the future ROLB,which Im not completely sol on,as ALL of his sacks have came from having his hand in the dirt.Then theres Hughes,who Im REALLY high on.Hughes could be the pick here,depending on how they feel about Wake being a ROLB.]

16.Pittsburgh-Ras-I-Dowling,CB out of Virginia(6'2",200)

[Ras is a big,physical corner,who has some ball skills to be a fator in a ball game.The secondary of the Steelers is very suspect,especially w/out #43,and its time to sure that up a bit.]

17.Atlanta-Donovan Warren,CB out of Michigan(6'0",185)

[Atlantas corners are very suspect,as the safeties have been the main bright spot in the secondary.Warren will provide a better answer than the likes of Wyms,Houston,etc.]

18.Houston-Taylor Mays,FS out of USC(6'3",230)

[HOU can use some secondary help,as it appears to be the only weak spot on the defense.]

19.Seattle(from Denver)-Trent Williams,OT out of Oklahoma(6'5",318)

[B]20.New York Giants-Earl Thomas,FS out of Texas(5'10",187)

[Earl is a good safety,with nice range,and comes from a school with a nice success rate of secondary players,and he looks to be next in line.]

21.New York Jets-Dez Bryant,WR out of Oklahoma State(6'2",220)

[Dez Bryant is the best WR in the draft.Braylon Edwards is nice,but unless the game is at night,or on MNF,hes just an avg. WR.He tends to catch the really difficult balls,but cant seem to hull in the easy ones.]

22.Baltimore-Brandon LaFell,WR out of LSU(6'3",209)

[B]23.Green Bay-Charles Brown,OT out of USC(6'6",285)

[Green Bay has been picking up the blitz better in the latter part of the season,but their tackles are still avg. at best,and Taucsher is still on the wrong side of 30.Charles will do just fine in Green Bay.]

24.Arizona-Ricky Sapp,OLB out of Clemson(6'5",248)

[A couple OLBs on roster are going to be hitting the open market,and I dont expect them to be re-signed by the Cards.Arizona is gonna need players who can get to the Qb in a timely fashion,and thankfully they get someone who qualifies.]

25.Cincinnati-Jared Odrick,DT out of Penn State(6'5",298)

[Cin can sure use some more help stopping the run,and Jared in the best DT available now.]

26.Dallas-Bruce Campbell,OT out of Maryland(6'7",310)

[Flozell Adams is probably the dirtiest player in the league,and an "okay" left tackle to say the least.]

27.New England-Jerry Hughes,OLB out of TCU(6'3",257)

[Probably the best team with absolutely no pass rush.Only thing missing from the defense,and they fix that with Hughes.]

28.Minnesota-Ryan Mallett,QB out of Arkansas(6'6",238)

[B]29.Philadelphia-Jason Pierre-Paul,DE out of South Florida(6'6",265)

[DE isnt a pressing need,but this is value the Eagles just cant pass up.I think Jasons the best pass rushing potential in the draft,and hes young at 21,and offers a ton of upside to the franchis elucky enough to steal him.]

30.San Diego-Dan Williams,NT out of Tennessee(6'3",327)

[Jamaal Williams is starting to get up there in age,and the jury is still out on the kid out of Western Onterio.Take the safe route,and take Danny boy.]

31.New Orleans-Narravo Bowman,OLB out of Penn State(6'1"232)

[New Orleans really doesnt have clear holes.However,they do need some insurance behind some of their linebackers they currently have,and Bowman is a good back-up plan.]

32.Indianapolis-Patrick Robinson,CB out of Florida State(5'11",194)

[Marlon Jackson likely wont be back in Indy,and the corners they have have been good enough to get by,but long-term,they'll need some back-up.]

35.KC-Terrance Cody,NT out of Alabama(6'5",365)
36.TB-Sean Weatherspoon,OLB out of Missouri(6'2",245)
37.WAS-Javhid Best,RB out of California(5'11",192)
38.CLE-Mike Iupati,OG out of Idaho(6'5",330)
39.SEA-Johnathan Dwyer,RB out of Georgia Tech(5'11",235)
45.TEN-T.J Ward,SS out of Oregon(5'10",201)
48.PIT-Sergio Kindle,OLB out of Texas(6'4",255)
49.ATL-Jermaine Gresham,TE out of Oklahoma(6'6",266)
52.NYG-Sean Lee,MLB out of Penn State(6'2",236)
53.NYJ-Nate Allen,FS out of South Florida(6'2",206)
55.GB-Morgan Burnett,FS out of Georgia Tech(6'1",210)
56.ARZ-Jason Fox,OT out of Miami(6'6",314)
57.CIN-Aaron Hernandez,TE out of Florida(6'4",250)
60.MIN-Gabe Carimi,OT out of Wisconsin(6'8",325)
62.SD-Daryl Washinton,ILB out of TCU(6'2",237)

12-29-2009, 08:34 PM
Passing on Dez Bryant would be a huge mistake

12-29-2009, 08:42 PM
Passing on Dez Bryant would be a huge mistake

Not only that, but letting him get to the Jets.

12-30-2009, 12:36 AM
miami will be pickiing 11-12 range. with wake emerging i dont see us goiing olb with the first pick. most likely will be spikes or mcclaiin at ILB.

12-30-2009, 12:58 AM
i did my own little mock today and i think i had mia at pick #14 and because of all the teams needs in front of us and i mean pressing needs and of course al davis taking measurables and speed over talent i ended up with...

cj spiller
dez bryant
derrick morgan
jerry hughes

all being on the board when we picked...

i think i had 3 lt's going, 2 qbs, 2 dts, 1 cb, 2 s, etc coming off

and i wouldn't put it past parcells to see a plus size olb candidate like derrick morgan staring him in the face on draft day and think solb and morgan be the pick...

anyways i still chose dez bryant for us

Lord Of Miami
12-30-2009, 01:23 AM
I like Brandon Graham but Bill likes his OLB around 6'4 around 240 Lbs that run a 40 around 4.65.

But then again i never thought Bill would really draft a true cover corner like Smith ether.........even if he was on my Mock, lol

But again if you look at the numbers after the combine you should have a real good guess on who we may take as a OBL.....................again around 6'4 around 240 Lbs that run a 40 around 4.65.

Also nice job on the Mock!!!