View Full Version : Here's how I see the first two rounds going...

01-06-2010, 03:57 AM
In my opinion, we need to fill four needs the spring. OLB, ILB, NT and WR.

The easiest position to address in FA is surely WR? I guess Marshall will hit FA what with McDaniels' power trip and am I right in thinking Dumervil is a FA this year too? Can't see them bringing both back. Antonio Bryant has Miami written all over him for me though. I'm not sure why, I can just really see him here. I can't see him back in Tampa.

I think we need to add another pick somehow. I don't have any ideas how, but I think it needs to get done. Maybe call Washington and offer them JT for a season(!). But without another second rounder, if we want to fill ALL of these needs, we have to pick up two long term starters in free agency, which from a cap perspective isn't good. I think with Ferg (hopefully) and Soliai, DT is our most serviceable position from what is on the current roster.

Which leaves ILB and OLB. I think this team has been crying out for a thumping ILB for a long time. Since Zach went. We coulda had Pozluszny, Lofton, Maualuga in recent years but seemingly, had more pressing needs. This year, the obvious two to mention are McClain and Spikes. I can't see McClain being there at 12. Assuming Spikes runs a slow 40, I think it's too early for him. The only guy I see people talk about in later rounds is Micah Johnson, although I quite like Daryl Washington too.

OLB; I have a man crush on Jerry Hughes. He's an animal. And I know it might be a bit of a cliche, but I love Sergio Kindle too. I like what I've seen of Sapp and Selvie later on. Most of these guys are going to be available later in the draft though.

So the sensible thing to do, in my eyes would be to trade down to somewhere like where we were last year and pick up the second second rounder. If we can address two needs in round two (say if Cody or Spikes fell there, together with say Kindle), it'd allow us to take a Jerry Hughes / Dan Williams calibre player in the first.

best option in terms of percentages is to trade down for me. Too much talent in and around round 2.