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01-06-2010, 11:33 AM
Hung over from our 3 game slide with the playoffs in our control, the team not showing up for either the whole game, first half, whatever, like you, a bit disappointed.

But there's always the draft to look for.

At #12, just who is out there that can IMPACT this team where our most glaring NEED exists?

I'm not sure a NT, or ILB will impact the team immediately to the extent that we need.

My vote is, we trade down, accumulate picks, trade a few for that franchise WR.

Draft heavy for D, but without some immediate help, we might find ourselves here again end of next season.

Who's out there in the '10 draft that are difference makers given our bust picks of recent?

I'll be watching the Senior Bowl with more interest than the Pro Bowl.

Ed Norton
01-06-2010, 11:53 AM
I'm more excited about the Senoir Bowl and the Combine than I am the Super Bowl:lol: The offense needs that big play WR but other than that the offense is pretty good. The defense is a mess so I am hoping that 1st pick is somebody who can make an impact on defense. Escpecially if they were to do some stunt to trade up. Add somebody like Bryant at the expense of potential defensive picks and it probably becomes a real good offense but the defense will only give the points right back. They may have to play like the 84 Dolphins just to beat a decent team by one score.

01-06-2010, 01:11 PM
There is a chance that McClain (assuming he declares) could fall to the #12 spot. He could be an immediate impact player much like Patrick Willis was for the 49ers his rookie year. Also, Dez Bryant and Golden Tate look very NFL-ready at WR and could be great #1's for a long time. 12 might be too early for Tate, but if Bryant is off the board and we can trade down it's not out of the question that we could land him.

01-06-2010, 01:28 PM
i don't care who they draft as long as it's linebackers, safeties & nt.

01-06-2010, 01:31 PM
I just went through the entire 2009 draft thread and man.... were some people wrong lol, guys asking for butler in the 1st round just because he had been hyped by Deion Sanders in the underarmor show.

01-06-2010, 01:50 PM
I think we HAVE to get an NT if there's a good one available, like T.Cody.

If not, a S (hopefully T.Mays) or a Wr, but i'm not too high on 1st round WR.

We also have to keep in mind that Ronnie might not be back next year, so it very well could be a RB like Spiller. But i have a hard time seing Ronnie anywhere else as this offense seems perfect for him.

01-06-2010, 02:03 PM
is ingram coming out, if so that is the guy

01-06-2010, 02:09 PM
We also have to keep in mind that Ronnie might not be back next year, so it very well could be a RB like Spiller. But i have a hard time seing Ronnie anywhere else as this offense seems perfect for him.

I could see Ronnie in Philadelphia. He has a wide range of skillset, and Westbrook is getting old.

I wouldn't be surprised if Philly would be interested in Ronnie. I could see him fitting in that offense rather seamlessly.

01-06-2010, 02:13 PM
I could see Ronnie in Philadelphia. He has a wide range of skillset, and Westbrook is getting old.

I wouldn't be surprised if Philly would be interested in Ronnie. I could see him fitting in that offense rather seamlessly.

It would be great to get a second rounder for him and then we can go ahead and draft CJ Spiller :up:

01-06-2010, 02:33 PM
I'd say our needs are

1) #1 Wide Receiver
2) Inside Linebacker
3) Nose Tackle
4)Outside Linebacker
5) Tight End

That is the order I seem them as a priority. Remeber that free agency occurs way before the draft and I expect us to really nail our Linebacker needs in this period. Why? There will be more legit linebackers available than say legitimate #1 Receivers. Miles Austin and Vincent Jackson will not get to the market because they will be resigned and than there is Brandon Marshall who will be a restricted free agent meaning it would cost us a 1st and 3rd round pick to acquire. That is a lot to give for a guy with character concerns out of the yin-yang.

The Linebacker market should be really solid with players such as D'Qwell Jackson, Demeco Ryans, and Karlos Danby being options at Inside Linebacker and I think we are going to pursue Shawn Merriman very hard as an Outside Linebacker. Parcells chose Demarcus Ware but was also a huge fan of "Lights Out" coming out of Maryland.

In terms of the draft we need to find a viable #1 receiver and the only option I see for us is Dez Bryant of Oklahoma State. Sure there is Brandon LaFell of LSU, Arrelious Benn of Illinois, Golden Tate of Notre Dame, and Damian Williams of USC but none of them will be able to make the immediate impact that Dez Bryant will make. If we can't land Dez Bryant I think we look at the following players as options CJ Spiller, Jermaine Gresham, Rolando McClain, Brandon Spikes, Jared Odrick, Dan Williams, Earl Thomas, or Jerry Hughes. I'll touch on these players later. If we cannot land Dez Bryant the 2011 Draft Class will be loaded with legitimate #1 Receivers, maybe the best class I have ever seen with players such as Jonathan Baldwin of Pittsburgh, Julio Jones of Alabama, Michael Floyd of Notre Dame, and AJ Green of Georgia.

Akin Ayodele and Reggie Torbor are over-paid and they under-perform so I expect both of them to get the axe this off-season. The draft debate between Brandon Spikes and Rolando McClain and Boomer who post on these boards did a real nice piece comparing the two players. I agree with his notion that Rolando McClain is better suited for a 4-3 defense and that Brandon Spikes prsent a more physical option who to be honest is more versatile in terms of pass rushing. McClain's football IQ is higher than Spikes but Spikes is a thumper with decent ball skills in the middle. I love Karlos Dansby as a free agent.

Nose Tackle is a major area and this draft has some good options in Rounds 3-5 and even the later rounds with players such as D'Anthony Smith out of La. Tech, Boo Robinson of Wake Forest, Cam Thomas of North Carolina, Torrell Troup of Central Florida, that Powe kid out of Mississippi etc. Paul Solai is nothing more than a reserve who can give quality playing time off the bench but is not a full-time answer for us. He gets winded easily and when he does he is not effective by any means. It would be smart to throw Jason Ferguson another year cntract as Ferg was playing at a high level prior to his injury.

Outside Linebacker will become a need very soon bc Joey Porter will be shown the door in the near future. Signing Jason Taylor for another year would be ideal as Cameron Wake could have another year to groom with Jason Taylor. Like I said earlier I expect us to push for Shawn Merriman but there are two options in this draft that take me from six to midnight. Jerry Hughes and Brandon Graham; Hughes reminds me of Demarcus Ware; a small school prospect with pass rushing ability off the charts. Graham is an immediate starter at SOLB. There are tons of options such as AJ Edds of Iowa, Dexter Davis of Arizona State, Brandon Lang of Troy, and even George Selvie of South Florida who will be available later in the draft. I wish Derrick Morgan could fall to us but he won't. The guy is an absolute monster

Anthony Fasano was a major let down for me this season, we released david Martin, Joey Haynos plays hard but he should be the #3 tight end, and Kory Sperry was a one game wonder. Jermaine Gresham would be ideal but taking him at #12 could be a little high. Jimmy Graham out of Miami bears watching. He has tremendous size, has improves as a blocker, and this guy has Dolphins written all over him.

One guy you noticed on my list is CJ Spiller; he is the most dynamic and electric Running Back I can remeber seeing. His speed to the outside is world-class and he can actually run very well between the tackles. Ronnie Brown could be a bit injury prone and Ricky Williams has gas in the tank but that tank will be empty soon. i like what I have seen out of Lex Hilliard but CJ Spiller is a special player. He also would address our biggest need a lethal punt and kickoff return man.

If I had to give you an intial list of the best 25 players in this draft I would go like this...

1) Ndamukong Suh-DT-Nebraska
2) Eric Berry-S-Tennessee
3) Gerald McCoy-DT-Oklahoma
4) Derrick Morgan-DE/OLB-Georgia Tech
5) Russell Okung-OT-Oklahoma State
6) CJ Spiller-RB-Clemson
7) Dez Bryant-WR-Oklahoma State
8) Sam Bradford-QB-Oklahoma
9) Brandon Spikes-ILB-Florida
10) Brandon Graham-OLB-Michigan
11) Jermiane Gresham-TE-Oklahoma
12) Rolando McClain-ILB-Alabama
13) Joe Haden-CB-Florida
14) Jerry Hughes-OLB-TCU
15) Jimmy Clausen-QB-Notre Dame
16) Anthony Davis-OT-Rutgers
17) Earl Thomas-S-Texas
18) Jared Odrick-DT-Penn State
19) Jahvid Best-RB-California
20) Dan Williams-NT-Tennessee
21) Corey Wootton-DE-Northwestern
22) Navorro Bowman-OLB-Penn State
23) Terrence Cody-NT-Alabama
24) Bruce Campbell-OT-Maryland
25) Golden Tate-WR-Notre Dame

01-06-2010, 02:33 PM
I'd trade Ronnie for a #2 if we could land Spiller with the #12 pick. No questions asked.

01-06-2010, 02:39 PM
Who considers Spiller a reach at 12? I consider him the next Chris Johnson

01-06-2010, 02:52 PM
people tend to forget on this board that parcells was interested in percy harvin he even flew henne to have a private workout with harvin.

harvin was picked before us so who knows if we would have gotten him.


01-06-2010, 03:34 PM
Spiller may not even be available at our 12th pick. To trade away Ronnie in hopes of drafting a player who most consider a reach at 12 is a little crazy.

No way is this guy a reach at 12, he is probably the best offensive player in this draft. I wouldn't complain one bit if he is drafted by Miami.

01-06-2010, 03:55 PM
I'd say our needs are

1) #1 Wide Receiver
2) Inside Linebacker
3) Nose Tackle
4)Outside Linebacker
5) Tight End

I respect your write ups Real, you do a very decent job but I have to say you made a big mistake in my eyes on this one.

How can you think FS is not a huge need/priority for us? Personally I have FS as our #1 need but that's a difference of opinion there, I just can't see how TE would be more important or OLB when we we're 3 overall in sacks.

I look at it this way.....

1. We have to replace either Wilson or Bell with a higher end FS or next year won't be much different then this year. I'd say trade the other but I doubt we get anything so cut the other.

2. NT must be dealt with for the fact that a few excellent ones will be available in FA with a capped year or not and franchising a NT isn't always the best moves for teams. Hampton or Pickett would be most realistic, Franklin I can't see making FA especially how much MS knows of his importance, Wilfork could be available because NE is transitioning to the 43 and have Dixon to replace him but he would be way to expensive, so like I said earlier Hampton or Pickett.

3+4. Is equally important. ILB upgrade and OLB depth but not critical. Taylor and Wake could start and drafting an OLB to go with Anderson gives us the depth. Akin needs to be upgraded and drafting 2 gives us an eventual replacement and depth.
J.Porter I see being cut giving C.Wake his shot to take a starting job.

5. Upgrade at WR. This would be nice but I also don't see this as the be all end all. A.Bryant would be great and I don't see us drafting one in the first because of the youth we already have at WR. I also think Turner will get his shot next season after a long workout program so we'd be adding to the core right there.

6. Upgrade at TE. This would be a big benefit for Henne, to find a security blanket for him that can stretch the field causing match up problems for opposing defenses. T.Scheffler would be great, O.Daniels I see being tagged and there isn't much need to draft one.

To wrap this up I see 1 and 2 as critical, 3+4 as a big draft need two of each please and 5 and 6 as bonuses if we can find an upgrade in FA.