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01-11-2010, 03:51 PM
Hey guys,
I know i love to take a look and critique mock drafts. I know its early but i am going to attempt to put any relevant mock draft in this thread for everyone to see at once.

Footballs Future
Miami - Everson Griffen, DE/LB, USC
Parcells had a history of building his defense around edge rushers, and itís time for him to add one to the Dolphins. Griffen is a rare talent off the edge, and can only benefit from playing with veterans like Jason Taylor and Joey Porter.

The New NFL Draft
Miami Dolphins: Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida
The Dolphins could use a top WR but I donít see them using this hi of a pick again in this 2010 NFL Mock Draft on a WR again like they did with Ginn. I think Spikes has the potential to be a beast in the middle at the next level and help the dolphins right away. I have Spikes ranked as the 2nd highest NFL LB in this 2010 NFL Mock Draft.

NFL Draft Site
12. C.J. Spiller
44. Brandon Spikes
74. Eric Norwood

12. MIA: Joe Haden, CB, Florida*
Joe Haden will not return to Florida for his senior season and that is a smart move since there are not a lot of great corners in this class and he could be a pretty safe top ten choice if he grades out well. The Dolphins would prefer Rolando McClain or a nose tackle, but taking somebody like Terrence Cody or Dan Williams is a bit of a stretch at this point.

12. MIA: Terrence Cody, DT, Alabama
Could this finally be the year Miami selects a much needed WR with their top pick or will they add much needed youth to the DL? Jason Ferguson is a 34-year-old injury plagued player with an expiring contract who went on IR this past season and Paul Soliai is only a serviceable backup, so look for Miami to address this area of need in the draft since a NT is a big key to a 3-4 defense of Parcells. Cody still has some stamina and conditioning issues he needs to fix, however the 6'5, 365 pounder has the ability to tie up blockers and clog running lanes to control the middle of a defensive line giving the Dolphins the NT their defense needs.

12. MIA: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State*
Taking a NT makes sense, but the Dolphins need to improve on their collection of third receiver types. Suspension aside, Bryant could be the #1 WR that Ted Ginn will never be.

12. Miami Dolphins - Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

12. Miami Dolphins-Earl Thomas, S, Texas
After surprising everyone by declaring for the 2010 NFL Draft, Thomas is an absolute dream for the Dolphins here, although Taylor Mays will provide competition for the #2 safety position in the 2010 NFL Draft

Miami-Rolando McClain
* Miami needs to add youth to the DL and with so many DT's taken already they should focus on Joey Porter's replacement in McClain.

Miami-Sergio Kindle

12. Terrance Cody

12. Miami-Dez Bryant
Bryant is an explosive and strong receiver who can break open a game any time the ball comes his way. Chad Henne has had a pretty good season filling in for injured QB Chad Pennington and looks to be the QB of the future. With the QB position solidified, Henne will need a big time play maker to throw to and that is exactly what Dez Bryant will bring to an organization.

12. Miami-Sergio Kindle

Miami-C.J. Spiller
With Ronnie Brown set to become a free agent, the Dolphins look for a compliment back to Ricky Williams and C.J. Spiller can be just that. Even with the possibility that Brown might return, he's missed a lot of time with injuries the past couple seasons and the Dolphins add some insurance to their backfield. They can also go linebacker here or defensive linemen but Spiller's the choice.

Miami-Jason Pierre-Paul
I think the Dolphins will use this pick on a DL. Pierre-Paul had a great year and his NFL stock really jumped. There are a few other options here but he is very athletic and will help the Dolphins DL.

12. Miami Dolphins
Navorro Bowman OLB, Penn St. This pick is likely to be either a OLB, or a WR. Today its an OLB like Bowman.

12. Terrance Cody
Terrence Cody and his 360lb frame would be a major asset to this Dolphins defense. Their best player at nose tackle, Jason Ferguson, is 34 years old and is on injured reserve. A 3-4 scheme cannot succeed without a nose tackle who demands two blocks on every snap. The Dolphins have needs in other places including wide receiver, but don't look for Parcells to draft a WR in round one.

12, Miami-Taylor Mays
Mays is reminiscent of another Trojans safety now playing for Pittsburgh (Polamalu). He may not be as dominant, but he is a ferocious hitter and an intimidating presence in the middle of the field. He would be a big upgrade over Clemons or Bell.

12. Miami Dolphins
Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida
Dunlap is an aggressive player that would be a great replacement for Jason Taylor -- has some red flags, but is quite a talent.

12. Miami Dolphins 7-9
Jason Ferguson will be 35 by draft day 2010 and also will be a free agent. Bill Parcells knows how important nose tackles are for a 3-4 defense so he should take 370 pound Alabama NT Terrence Cody here. He may be a 2 down nose tackle in the NFL, but so is Kris Jenkins of the Jets and we all saw how bad their run defense got in a hurry after he got hurt.

12.DE Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida (JR)
A perfect fit, at 6' 6" 257, he is a supreme pass rusher and has the ability to drop back into coverage.This season, Pierre-Paul recorded 14.5 TFLs and 5.5 sacks.

PICK #12 The Dolphins Pick:
Derrick Morgan (DE, Georgia Tech)
The Miami Dolphins were another team who remained in contention until their loss to the Steelers in week 17. Their starting outside linebackers Jason Taylor and Joey Porter are both past their prime and Derrick Morgan couldn't have 2 better mentors as he starts out as a rush linebacker in the NFL

Some I agree with, Others....far from it. Anyway, those are for you to look at and keep posted on those sights for updates. Once all the declarations of senior year are in there should be more coming.

01-11-2010, 04:01 PM
Everson Griffen is a guy I admitted last week to be keeping my eye on leading up to the draft. He was a big time prospect that almost went to Michigan, but decided it was too far from home. He did spot duty as a freshmen. Was a part time player as a sophomore when Pete Carroll decided to play Clay Matthews as a rush LB/DE, and had a good season this year. He's a hard worker, good guy, and very athletic.

Navarro Bowman is a guy I said last week Miami should watch. Probably the most athletic LB to play at PSU since LaVar Arrington. He can drop back in coverage and rush the passer.

I don't see JPP being an option. Too much based on potential which is something not only Tuna never does, but something Ireland believes you don't do in round 1.

Derrick Morgan, maybe. Athletic and fairly productive.

Kindle... Maybe. Like him as a pass rusher, but not against the run.

Joe Haden isn't happening unless we're moving Vontae or Smith to FS.

We've all discussed Spiller, Bryant, McClain, and Thomas. Thomas and McClain would add playmaking to a defense that needs playmakers while Spiller and Bryant would add big play ability to an offense that lacks that.

I'd take Terrence Cody in Round 2, but would rather do it in 3. Yes, he's a big NT, but he really hasn't impressed me since early last season. He's a 2 down player, and IMO Solia has earned the right to be the starting NT. So get him a backup later in the draft.

01-11-2010, 04:48 PM
The mock on draftsite.com is my favorite. I would be stoked if those were our first three picks.