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01-12-2010, 11:36 PM
Let me say that this draft will be based off of what I am hearing right now from other fan bases. Also, my opinion on some players are higher than others. That being said, come March and then April, this draft will look horrible in comparison to reality.

1. St. Louis (1-15) Ndamukong Suh DT, Nebraska The Rams need a little bit of everything, so why not go with the best player in the draft? Suh is probably the most complete DT prospect to come out in a long time, and will help in building Spagnoulo's defense in St. Louis. There is an outside chance the Rams go QB with Marc Bulger considering retirement.

2. Detroit (2-14) Gerald McCoy DT, Oklahoma Despite only winning 2 games, Detroit is heading in the right direction. While an OT like Russell Okung or Anthony Davis would be appealing (especially after Stafford almost got killed last year), the pick will come down to McCoy and Eric Berry. Despite a lack of playmakers in the secondary, Jim Schwartz's defense relies on a strong front 7. With Foot, Peterson, and Levy the LB corp is there, but the DL struggled getting pressure. That is what pushes this pick to McCoy

3. Tampa Bay (3-13) Eric Berry S, Tennessee Raheem Morris learned a lot in his first year as a HC. Namely? Build the team your way. A couple years ago, the Bucs coveted Calvin Johnson, but he didn't fall to them so they picked Gaines Adams. Adams was a flat out bust. This time, the Bucs will more than likely have a choice of Gerald McCoy or Eric Berry and will take whoever falls to them. The Bucs have 2 good young secondary players in Aquib Talib and Tenard Jackson, but Berry can play anywhere in the secondary and is too good to pass up.

4. Washington (4-12) Sam Bradford QB, Oklahoma It's no secret that the Redskins want a different QB than Jason Campbell. They tried trading for Jay Cutler last year, and flirted with trading up for Mark Sanchez. Dr. james Andrews performed surgery on Bradford and also works for the Redskins. While Bradford doesn't have the huge arm Shannahan likes, he is very smart and very accurate. Even with the Redskins being in love with Bradford right now, I find it hard for them to pass on Russell Okung since Chris Samuels is retiring.

5. Kansas City (4-12) Rolando McClain ILB, Alabama Finheaven weeps with this pick. Derrick Johnson had a good end of the season, but was benched at times during the year and Corey Mays is nothing special. Scott Pioli wants to give Todd Haley good players that are safe picks to help develop a contender.

6. Seattle (5-11) Russell Okung OT, Oklahoma State Walter Jones was unable to play last year so former Fin RG Brandon Frye started the season as the LT for Seattle. Seattle passed on a true LT in Eugene Monroe last year to take Aaron Curry. Despite some tempting players like CJ Spiller on the board, and former Trojan Taylor Mays, I don't think Pete Carroll can pass on the athletic LT.

7. Cleveland (5-11) Joe Haden CB, Florida Eric Wright is a decent corner, but Brandon McDonald could be upgraded. Haden is still very raw as a CB but is a great prospect.

8. Oakland (5-11) Derrick Morgan DE, Georgia Tech You never know what Crazy Uncle Al is gonna do down in the bay, but they could use some more pass rushers. Morgan may turn out to be a steal at 8. That being said, Taylor Mays will be an option here as will OTs since Mario Henderson and Cornell "False Start" Green leave a lot to be desired

9. Buffalo (6-10) Jimmy Claussen QB, Notre Dame I honestly think if the draft falls like this, Buffalo will take Anthony Davis, but with a new coaching staff coming in, a new QB could be on the way. Trent Edwards has earned the nickname Captain Checkdown from Bills fans and has always had an injury history. Ryan Fitzpatrick showed flashes, but is really just a good back up. Claussen could be that franchise QB the Bills have been looking for since Jim Kelly.

10.(T) Jacksonville (7-9) Taylor Mays S, USC You never know what the Jags are going to do on draft day. The reason I put Mays is because he is the enforcer type of safety that Jack Del Rio likes ala Donovan Darius. Reggie Nelson has been horrible, and Sean Considine is just too small at SS. Jags could go with DEs since Harvey and Groves have been huge busts, but the Jags aren't a team to admit they made a mistake in the draft.

11.(T) Denver (from Chicago 7-9) Dez Bryant WR, Oklahoma State Brandon Marshall is as good as gone. Eddie Royal is not a go-to guy, nor is Brandon Stokley or Jabar Gaffney. Again, Finheaven weeps.

12. Miami (7-9) Earl Thomas S, Texas Part of me really wanted to put CJ Spiller here, but I just couldn't do it. Thomas is a great cover safety, and also very physical. Our struggles deep outweighed getting a big play RB. Dez Bryant would've been a different story though.

13. San Francisco (8-8) Anthony Davis OT, Rutgers Joe Staley has been a disappointment at LT and looks to be a RT in the pros. SanFran also needs to get more physical up front. Davis is tough athletic OT, that could shoot up the draft boards

14. Seattle (from Denver 8-8) CJ Spiller RB, Clemson Julius Jones is the Seattle starting RB. I repeat, JULIUS JONES is the Seattle starting RB. Justin Forsett did ok late in the season but is not an every down RB. Spiller also gives the Seahawks a big play threat.

15. New York Giants (8-8) Brandon Spikes LB, Florida Antonio Pierce is all but done, Michael Boley is an up and down LB, and Danny Clark is nothing special. The G-Men can go a lot of different ways here.
16.(T) Tennessee (8-8) Carlos Dunlap DE, Florida KVB has been getting hurt a lot in recent years, and the Titans have struggled getting a pass rush. Dunlap is a little more boom or bust than you'd like to see, but the talent is there.

17.(T) San Francisco (from Carolina 8-8) Donovan Warren CB, Michigan Nate Clements is still solid but getting older. Dre Bly and Shawntee Spencer are easily replaceable.

18. Pittsburgh (9-7) Sean Weatherspoon ILB, Mizzou Supposedly, the Steelers are really high on Weatherspoon. The Steelers have some bigger needs like FS, and OL, but they also want to get a replacement for James Farrior. That would follow the Steelers model of drafting for the future.

19.(T) Atlanta (9-7) Brandon Graham DE, Michigan Atlanta has struggled to find another DE to help out John Abraham. Jamaal Anderson was horrendous at DE and has gotten so big they moved him to DT. Graham would add a much needed pass rush to Atlanta's defense.

19.(T) Houston (9-7) Dan Williams DT, Tennessee Houston really doesn't have a lot of needs. they could go CB, or safety, but the DL outside of Mario Williams has still struggled; especially the interior line. Amobi Okoye still has potential being so young, but the rest of the DTs are average at best.

21. Cincinnati (10-6) Morgan Burnett S, Georgia Tech Watching the Bengals against the Jets, it's evident that they need safety help. Burnett is a very underrated player right now that could shoot up draft boards, and add talent to a depleted safety corp.

22. New England (10-6) Sergio Kindle OLB, Texas Pats need a pass rush. While Kindle may be a little too one dimensional for Bill Billicheck he may be too good to pass up. Another option for the Pats? Trade down.

23. Green Bay (11-5) Vladimir Ducasse, OT, Massachusetts You may not know who this is but Ducasse is a hot prospect that will only get hotter. Green Bay may have their LT of the future in TJ Lang, but they still need a RT.

24. Philadelphia (11-5) Novarro Bowman LB, Penn State Stewart Bradley was lost for the year, and even with trading for Will Weatherspoon the Iggles LB corp struggled. Bowman is a Penn State product and adds a pass rush and coverage to the defense.

25. New York Jets (9-7) Golden Tate WR, Notre Dame Braylon Edwards still has the case of the dropsies, and Jericho Crotchery has battled injuries the last few years. Tate gives the Jets a sure handed WR to help develop with Sanchez.

26. Baltimore (9-7) Arrelious Benn WR, Illinois I have a feeling the Ravens will get Brandon Marshall, but if they don't they need another WR. Derrick Mason isn't getting any younger, and Michael Clayton has not developed like they had hoped. Benn is a bit raw, but is a big play threat. With a QB like Joe Flacco, a big play threat is needed.

27. Arizona (10-6) Bruce Campbell OT, Maryland Campbell is a fairly raw prospect, but extremely talented (and could rise very quickly with a good combine). He's a better run blocker than given credit for.

28. Dallas (11-5) Nate Allen S, USF Dallas really doesn't have a lot of needs. They could use another safety, so let's give them a safety.

29. Minnesota (12-4) Everson Griffen DE, USC Another team fairly loaded, but Ray Edwards stands to be a FA, and Pat Williams is another year older. Minny has been going BPA and Griffen would be just that.

30. San Diego (13-3) Bryan Bulaga OT, Iowa San Diego has a lot of talent, but their right side of the line is a bit weak. Bulaga is a big time run blocker and would add a nastiness to their line.

31. New Orleans (13-3) Jared Odrick DT, Penn State With all the top LBs off the board the Saints look to upgrade their interior line. Sedrick Ellis has been nice when healthy, and while Remi Ayodel and Anthony Hargrove have added hustle to the team, they are easily replaceable.

32. Indianapolis (14-2) Mike Iupati OL, Idaho The Colts want to get away from the smaller OL in order to help the running game. Iupati can play 4 positions on the OL.

Fins Mock.

1.Earl Thomas S, Texas- See Mock for explanation

2.Jermaine Gresham TE, Oklahoma Gresham could rise into the first due to his talent, but I think his knee injury could keep him 2nd Round. Adding Gresham also adds a safety valve for Chad Henne.

3.Sean Lee ILB, Penn State Another good LB coming from Penn State (this one is for you Nublar). Lee is a bit more athletic than Dan Connor and Paul Posluzney, and probably better in coverage. Had he not tore his ACL a year ago he'd be a higher pick. Finished his career with 29.5 TFLs, 11 sacks, 3 INTs, 17 PBUs, in short a very smart LB that can play in space, in coverage, or attack the LOS.

4.Garrett Graham TE, Wisconsin Very good blocking TE, and an underrated receiving TE. Graham IMO would be a steal in the 4th and would give Chad Henne a reliable safety valve on offense.

6a.Cam Thomas NT, North Carolina 330 lb NT that can back up Saoli, or eventually take over as NT.

6b.Walter McFadden CB, Auburn You can never have enough CBs, especially when Will Allen is coming off a torn ACL and Nate Jones is a free agent.

6c.Dennis Landolt OT, Penn State Nate Garner looks good rotating in at guard, and Andrew Gardner could be a good backup OT, but we don't know. Landolt may be a PS candidate.

7a.Carlos Brown RB, Michigan yes this a homer pick for myself. Brown has had injury issues, but he has some serious speed and is a home run threat.

7b. Ryan D'Imperio LB, Rutgers Tony Sparano isn't gonna pass up the chance at a Jersey boy. Honestly, he's a nice player that could develop into something but the late rounds are all looking for players to develop.

Comments are welcome. For the Fins mock, like I just mentioned. After Round 3 teams are looking for players that they can develop down the road.

01-12-2010, 11:39 PM
Yeah, I'm just about 100% sure that if Russell Okung is on the board, Kansas City will run to the podium to draft him.

01-12-2010, 11:45 PM
Yeah, I can see Earl Thomas, but 'only' if we were able to sign Karlos Dansby. If not, then I'd not pass up on Sean Weatherspoon, who I think will be a Pro Bowler.

I'd also first see if SEA is 'that' big on Spiller and try to convince them to trade up for him and then pick either Weatherspoon/Thomas there, coming away with an added pick.

But yeah, I definitely see Weatherspoon or Thomas as 2 targets there at #12.

01-13-2010, 12:30 AM
I don't see us drafting 2 TEs. But what do I know. I didn't think we would draft 2 CBs as high as we did last year.