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01-15-2010, 06:04 PM

R.Brown, A.Fasano, D.Bess, J.Haynos, J.Taylor


C.Hampton NT 2/3 year deal - I absolutely believe a vet NT is a must for us, A.Franklin is my first choice but I can't figure how on earth SF could possibly not tag him. R.Pickett would be another good option, V.Wilfork would be ideal but would the most expensive of all.

This allows Solai to continue to develope and give us a chance to draft a project to step in 2/3 years down the road.

A.Bryant WR 4/5 year deal - The best available FA outside of all the restricted guys. I don't see us trading any picks for any restricteds and only A.Boldin could be traded for if Arizona is willing to practically give him away ala Moss.

This protects against not being able to draft an impact WR and gives Henne a very talented go to player. Outside of selling the farm for a number 1 which unless we all of a sudden get a new FO then I don't see happening, therefore A.Bryant becomes a great pick up and much needed help.

Cut - uncapped season allows us to free up some not so great contracts.

Y.Bell SS - I know there this hatred towards Wilson around here but Bell really didn't play awhole lot better. He's due 14mil this year at 31 and not nearly worth it. Miami takes advantage of the uncapped season and dumps a overpayed contract. G.Wilson (28) slides over to SS where he's better suited to play and C.Clemons gets his chance at FS.

R.Torbor ILB - 4million to be a backup and ST player, hasn't really earned the contract and again because of the uncapped season he becomes an easy dump. We will attack the LB position in the draft so at worst Akin goes to the back up role.

J.Porter OLB - Having Wake to step up and fill in as a starter makes Porter expendable. Too expensive as a backup and I doubt he'd be happy with that role anyways.

Trade - G.Cam WR for a 4th round pick, I would include any of the cuts with this but I doubt it would help.


R.McClain ILB would be our first pick hands down but I can't see him lasting to us... KC, Oak and Den could all be landing spots for him with an outside chance Buf or Jac jumps on him. With no real trade offers we then go BPA and select.....

1. D.Bryant WR - A terrific talent that we can't pass up on, we go from a below average WR core to a potenially scary one. Henne cracks a smile over this one.

Next I'd think we go with the best SOLB on the board here but B.Spikes falls to the 2nd round and again he is too good to pass up.

2. B.Spikes ILB - Competes with Akin to start opposite Crowder. He becomes the thumper we've been needing since the great ZT (not saying he'll be as good!!!)

3. EJ.Edds OLB - Gives us a SOLB to eventually take over from JT, he can play in situational downs much like Wake did his first year.

4. M.Johnson ILB - A knee injury causes MJ to not make an impression at the Combine to climb up the draft board. Another ILB to compete with Akin, if he has a good enough camp he could potentially bump Akin right off the active roster. We all know how much we need improved ILB play and going with two selections gives a great open competion in camp.

4. (via trade of G.Cam) J.Graham TE - a pure potential pick, a great athlete that has tonnes of potential to be an impact TE.

Now we're in the diamond in the rough/project part of the draft.

6. T.Troup NT - 6'3 314 from Central Florida, our project NT.

6. A.Tracy OLB - 6'3 245 4.65 40 from William and Mary. A four year starter with lots of production.

6. A.Ulatoski OT - 6'8 310 run blocking lineman from Texas.

7. J.Starks RB - 6'2 211 4.55 40 Big strong RB that can also help the receiving game out of the backfield (52 receptions this year).

7. E.Nicks FS - 6'2 185 4.45 40

In conclusion we make major upgrades in the offense giving Henne every opportunity to succeed. If Dez can turn into a number 1 in a couple years we could be looking at a long time on the top. We could end up being the most balanced offense in the league having the ability to run all day or throw all day depending on what the defense gives us.

ILB gets some serious competion, NT gets a upgrade and it all comes together if Clemons can come in and be a servicable FS (hopefully more) which would be a 1000 times better then what we got last year. Some will argue cutting Wilson instead of Bell but I don't think Bell did anything to warrent his contract. I truely believe it was set up that way to give him a "tryout" this year, after not being anything special Wilson takes over.

Not a bad offseason, pretty realistic in my books and I'd be estatic if it ended up similar in anyway. Change the names if you want that's all just opinion, but the postions we improve are the most important point.

VT Dolphan
01-15-2010, 09:22 PM
I like it. I think a couple of those prospects would have to slide for us to get them at those spots though, but still one of the more reasonable mocks on here. I'd be very happy with that if it came true. If McClain is off the board, Dez Bryant is the guy I want as well.

I don't know if we'll be able to bring in both Hampton and A. Bryant, but I'd certainly be fine with one of them.

01-16-2010, 03:36 AM
I think A.J. Edds is an ILB in our system.

01-16-2010, 08:13 AM
Edds would be an inside LB in Miami's defense....his specialty is coverage...he'd get eaten up trying to set the edge in the run game in the NFL.....love this pick...

Really like the Adrian Tracy pick too....underrated talent...

01-16-2010, 11:04 AM
That would be swell by me.