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01-23-2010, 05:01 AM
Somones bound to fall at 12.I just cant see MIA taking Dez,but I can definately see a team like the Ravens moving up to get him,because Mason is going to retire,and all their other WRs are avg. at best.

In the process,moving up to 12 would warrant a swap in 1st,and either a 2nd,or multiple late round picks,but with only 10:00 to send a pick in,I think Miami wll fleece someone for extra picks,and still get good value with the extra picks.The draft is a hell of a lot stronger in the 2-4 rounds.


1:St. Louis Rams-Ndamukong Suh,DT out of Nebraska(6'4",300)

2: Detroit Lions-Gerald McCoy,DT out of Oklahoma(6'4",297)

3:Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Derrick Morgan,DE out of Georgia Tech(6'4,279)

4:Washington Redskins-Russell Okung,LT out of Oklahoma State(6'5",302)

5:Kansas City Chiefs-Eric Berry,FS out of Tennessee(5'11",203)

6:Seattle Seahawks-C.J Spiller,RB out of Clemson(5'11",198)

7:Cleveland Browns-Joe Haden,CB out of Florida(5'11",190)

8:Oakland Raiders-Anthony Davis,LT out of Rutgers(6'6",325)

9:Buffalo Bills-Sam Bradford,QB out of Oklahoma(6'4",228)

10: Denver Broncos(Chicago Bears)-Rolando McClain,ILB out of Alabama(6'4",256)

11:Jacksonville Jaguars-Jason Pierre-Paul,DE out of South Florida(6'6",265)

12:Baltimore Ravens(Miami Dolphins)-Dez Bryant,WR out of Oklahoma State(6'2",220)

13:San Francisco 49ners-Trent Williams,LT out of Oklahoma(6'5",318)

14:Seattle Seahawks(Denver Broncos)-Taylor Mays,FS out of USC(6'3",235)

15:New York Giants-Brian Price,DT out of UCLA(6'2",300)

16:San Francisco 49ners(Carolina Panthers)-Brandon Spikes,ILB out of Florida(6'3",258)

17:Tennessee Titans-Everson Griffin,DE out of USC(6'3",264)

18:Pittsburgh Steelers-Dan Williams,NT out of Tennessee(6'3",327)

19:Atlanta Falcons-Aaron Hernandez,TE out of Florida(6'4",250)

20:Houston Texans-Earl Thomas,FS out of Texas(5'10",197)

21:Cincinnati Bengals-Arrelious Benn,WR out of Illinois(6'2",220)

22:New England Patriots-Ricky Sapp,WOLB out of Clemson(6'5",248)

23:Green Bay Packers-Jahvid Best,RB out of California(5'10",195)

24:Philadelphia Eagles-Navorro Bowman,OLB out of Penn State(6'2",232)

25:Miami Dolphins(Baltimore Ravens)-Brandon Graham,SOLB out of Michigan(6'2",264)
[Really need someone that can set the edge,and has the physical tools already established to make an immediate impact.]

26:Arizona Cardinals-Jerry Hughes,OLB out of TCU(6'3",257)

27: Dallas Cowboys-Golden Tate,WR out of Notre Dame(5'11",195)

28:San Diego Chargers-Jonathan Dwyer,RB out of Georgia Tech(6'0",235)

29:New Orleans Saints-Jared Odrick,DT out of Penn State(6'4",298)

30:New York Jets-Sergio Kindle,SOLB out of Texas(6'4",255)

31:Minnesota Vikings-Carlos Dunlap,DE out of Florida(6'6",290)

32:Indianapolis Colts-Patrick Robinson,CB out of Florida State(5'11",194)


33:St. Louis Rams-Jimmy Calusen,QB out of Notre Dame(6'4",223)

34: Detroit Lions-Bryan Bulaga,LT out of Iowa(6'6",312)

35:Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Sean Weatherspoon,OLB out of Missouri(6'2",245)

36:Washington Redskins-Jahvid Best,RB out of California(5'10",195)

37:Kansas City Chiefs-Mike Iupati,LG out of Idaho(6'6",330)

38:Seattle Seahawks-Damian Williams,WR out of USC(6'1",187)

39:Cleveland Browns-Jermaine Gresham,TE out of Oklahoma(6'6",265)

40:Oakland Raiders-Terrance Cody,NT out of Alabama(6'4",364)

41:Buffalo Bills-Brandon LaFell,WR out of LSU(6'3",206)

42:Chicago Bears-Mike Johnson,LG out of Alabama(6'5",305)

43:Jacksonville Jaguars-Corey Wootton,DE out of Northwestern(6'7",280)

44:Miami Dolphins-Demaryius Thomas,WR out of Georgia Tech(6'3",229)
[Very big,physical,and is a good blocker who gives exceptional effort.Biggest knock on him is his ability to run routes/He hasnt ran NFL routes at GT,cause of the option,but has shown the skills to seperate,and go up and fight for the ball.Good speed for his size(4.55).

Good hand,and a hard worker.Specializes in the 9 route,and maily anything deep,which is what we need.However,I'd like to see him run some intermediate routes(slants,5-n-outs,5-in-ins,etc.]

45:San Francisco 49ners-Syd'Quan Thompson,CB out of California(5'9",191)

46: Denver Broncos-Dezmon Briscoe,WR out of Kansas(6'3",200)

47:New York Giants-Morgan Burnett,FS out of Georgia Tech(6'1",210)

48:Carolina Panthers-Carolton Mitchell,WR out of South Florida(6'4",215)

49:Tennessee Titans-Devin McCourty,CB out of Rutgers(5'11",190)

50:Pittsburgh Steelers-Reshad Jones,SS out of Georgia(6'2",212)

51:Atlanta Falcons-Maurkice Pouncey,OC out of Florida(6'5",318)

52:Houston Texans-Jordan Shipley,WR out of Texas(6'0",212)

53:Cincinnati Bengals-Nate Allen,FS out of South Florida(6'2",206)

54:New England Patriots-Vladamir Ducasse,RG out of Massachusetts(6'5",330)

55:Green Bay Packers-Charles Brown,LT out of USC(6'6",285)

56:Philadelphia Eagles-Greg Hardy,DE out of Ole Miss(6'6",268)

57:Miami Dolphins(Baltimore Ravens)-T.J Ward,FS out of Oregon(5'11",205)
[One word...leader.You watch film on this guy,and see someone is consistantly around the ball.You see him always getting the defense into the correst position,and in since he led the Ducks defense to be in position to make a lot of plays.

He is excells in coverage over the middle,and in general.Very good run support player,and always aroudn the ball.One thing I'd like to see him make more plays on the ball,but he has the intangibles to be a good free safety.

We dont have a leader in the secondary.Yeremiah Bell is the closest thing we have to that,but hes already over 30 years old.Hes not going to be around longer than hsi remainng 3 years here,and it would be beneficial to Miami to get a replacement for the leader of the secondary,because really we dont have that guy yet,and Ward was that guy his whole college career.

Very underrated.

Player Resimbles:Antoine Bethea.]

58:Arizona Cardinals-Major Wright,FS out of Florida(6'0",204)

59: Dallas Cowboys-Jason Fox,LT out of Miami(6'6",316)

60:San Diego Chargers-Roddrick Muckelroy,ILB out of Texas(6'2",235)

61:New Orleans Saints-Willie Young,DE out of North Carolina State(6'4",258)

62:New York Jets-Dexter McCluster,RB/WR out of Ole Miss(5'7",168)

63:Minnesota Vikings-Rob Gronkowski,TE out of Arizona(6'6",266)

64:Indianapolis Colts-Selvish Capers,LT out of West Virginia(6'5",298)


65:St. Louis Rams-Dominque Franks,CB out of Oklahoma(6'0",192)

66: Detroit Lions-Sean Lee,MLB out of Penn State(6'2",236)

67:Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Kyle Calloway,RT out of Iowa(6'7",322)

68:Washington Redskins-(forfeited)

69:Kansas City Chiefs-Jerome Murphy,CB out of South Florida(6'1",185)

70:Phildelphia Eagles(Seattle Seahawks)-Mitch Petrus,RG out of Arkansas(6'4",315)

71:Cleveland Browns-Kareem Jackson,CB out of Alabama(5'11",192)

72:Oakland Raiders-Austen Lane,DE out of Murray State(6'6",258)

73:Buffalo Bills-Daryl Washington,MLB out of TCU(6'3",234)

74:Chicago Bears-Mardy Gilyard,WR out of Chicago(6'1",187)

75:Jacksonville Jaguars-Tim Tebow,QB out of Florida(6'3",245)

76:Miami Dolphins-Jimmy Graham,TE out of Miami(6'8",260)
[Amazing size,yet very agile.Hes fast at 6'8"(4.6),but also has soft hands.Would need to work on route running,but when applying himself,he can be a pretty good blocker.Teams will be looking to draft him early for nothing more than his upside,because hes only played college ball for a year.

Having a big,pass catching threat eliminates the desire for a number 1 wideout.As long as we have a deep man,and a QB friendly WR,Graham should thrive in his hometown.]

77:San Francisco 49ners-Javier Arenas,CB out of Alabama(5'9",198)

78: Denver Broncos-Matt Tennant,OC out of Boston College(6'4",291)

79:New York Giants-Jon Aasamoah,LG out of Illinois(6'4",315)

80:Carolina Panthers-Tony Pike,QB out of Cincinnati(6'6",210)

81:Tennessee Titans-Eric Norwood,SOLB out of South Carolina(6'0",252)

82:Pittsburgh Steelers-O'Brian Schofield,WOLB out of Wisconsin(6'2",243)

83:Atlanta Falcons-Perrish Cox,CB out of Oklahoma(6'0",198)

84:Houston Texans-Tevard Lindley,CB out of Kentucky(5'11",180)

85:Cincinnati Bengals-Torrell Troup,DT out of UCF(6'4",310)

86:Oakland Raiders(New England Patriots)-Jacoby Ford,WR out of Clemson(5'10",185)

87:Green Bay Packers-Donovan Warren,CB out of Michigan(6'0",185)

88:Philadelphia Eagles-Sean Canfield,QB out of Oregon State(6'4",215)

89:Baltimore Ravens-Kurt Coleman,SS out of Ohio State(5'10",195)

90:Arizona Cardinals-Colt McCoy,QB out of Texas(6'3",212)

91: Dallas Cowboys-Tyson Alualu,DE out of California(6'3",297)

92:San Diego Chargers-Mike Williams,WR out of Syracuse(6'2",212)

93:New Orleans Saints-Thaddeus Gibson,SOLB out of Ohio State(6'2",240)

94:Cleveland Browns(New York Jets)-Lamarr Houston,DE out of Texas(6'3",300)

95:Minnesota Vikings-Jevan Snead,QB out of Ole Miss(6'3",215)

96:Indianapolis Colts-Rennie Curran,WOLB out of Georgia(5'11",225)

01-23-2010, 03:22 PM
brandon graham is one of my top 5 players in this years draft.

i think he would flourish as an lb in our 3-4. even though parcells
is not making the pics, i think he does sit in and give his opinions
and he LOVES big lb's.

graham is one of the best defenders at shedding blocks and thats pretty
damned important. as a blitzer, he has few peers in college. at 265 lbs
he runs a 4.7 40. he can run with te's and we need that SOOOOO bad.

lots of places to play him in nolans derfense as he does like to switch into
4-3 at times as saban did when he was with us.

nice pic at that spot.

what were the trade compensations [besides swap of #1's]?

01-23-2010, 03:43 PM
Love Graham, but hate the Thomas pick in the 2nd.

01-23-2010, 03:56 PM
Love Graham, but hate the Thomas pick in the 2nd.
I dont hate the thomas pick because i think thomas is going to be a good player but i would rather have mardy gilyard at that pick

01-23-2010, 04:38 PM
brandon graham could replace either guy at OLB. IMO he didn't really have any character issues, which seem to be huge in the FO's mind. some stupid crap with music, but he failed to appear and had a bench warrant and kinds of nonsense.

football wise...great tackler. I never see the guy take a play off. I'm a big ten guy so I get to see some michigan games even if they aren't playing the hawks.
he's a bit short I think. but so is dwight freeney. he's plays pretty decent in a zone cover scheme, but I question how much he can run with WR's. But he can sack the QB for sure. he and wake would make one helluva passrush tandem.

I love the size of thomas. just the kind of size I want in a WR. I think he can block pretty decent already. he can pull away from DB's and safeties for that homerun catch. He would have been even better without the triple option but I can't complain with his production this year. (did love seeing the hawks win the orange bowl though)

01-23-2010, 06:01 PM
jerry hughes looks like a beast, do you think he makes it to our 2nd round pick or is he a legit 1st rounder?

01-23-2010, 06:54 PM
You're not giving Ozzie Newsome enough credit, theres no way Baltimore would do that trade. However, I do like the idea of trading down if McClain isnt on the board. Bryant would be a nice shot in the arm for Henne and Co. but I'm hoping the WR position gets addressed in FA. We need to improve at OLB and I think we'll use more than one pick to do so.

01-23-2010, 06:58 PM
jerry hughes looks like a beast, do you think he makes it to our 2nd round pick or is he a legit 1st rounder?
he is a mid to late 1st round draft pick IMO he is very good an unless he has a horrible Senior bowl and combine he is going to be a first round pick

01-23-2010, 07:09 PM
Would rather get a NT in the 1st round. Love the 2nd and 3rd round picks. Think those could be two great players. Jimmy G might go a little later though.

01-23-2010, 07:34 PM
Jimmy Graham is considered a 3-4th roudner,but with the combine,and the Senior Bowl comnig up,he wont be there at our 4th round pick,and the third round is fiar value for a player liek Graham.

01-23-2010, 07:36 PM
Would rather get a NT in the 1st round. Love the 2nd and 3rd round picks. Think those could be two great players. Jimmy G might go a little later though.
same thing was said when Miami took Hartine,or when people thought they reached with Kendall,or people thought Sean Smith were a sure-fire first rounder,and fell all the way down to the 29th pick of the 2nd round.You never know how these things end up.