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01-24-2010, 11:33 AM
Please bear in mind that we have 9 picks. I've seen a lot of mocks that show Miami having 2 picks in the 6th round. This is not true.

Miami has their own pick in each of the 7 rounds except the 5th - which we gave to KC for Thigpen. That makes 6 picks.

But the Dolphins also picked up 2 picks from KC - one in the 6th for OL Andy Alleman and Ike Ndukwe and one in the 7th for a 7th round last year. That was when they didn't see anyone they liked and made the switch. Those to additional picks make 8 total.

Miami also has a sixth round from Washington for Jason Taylor.
That makes 9 picks.

I'm certain that out of 9 we are able to come away with at least 6 quality players, agreed?