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01-28-2010, 02:59 AM
Round 1: Brandon Graham OLB Michigan(Trade down to Ravens Spot so they can get Dez Bryant and we pick up a second round pick. If McClain is there when we pick we draft him but if he isnt then we trade down)

Round 2a: Sean Weatherspoon LB Miss(Wishful Thinking on this one but you never know. WeatherSpoon can also Play ILB but i think he would be best suited for the OLB spot)

Round 2b: Mardy Gilyard WR Cinn

Round 3: Micah Johnson ILB Kentucky

Round 4: Ed Dickson TE Oregon

Round 5: Cam Thomas NT North Caronlina(Trade Greg Camrillo for a 5th round draft pick. I like Greg Camrillo but we have to many on the team Devone Bess and Brian Hartline are just like him and are a little bit faster)

Round 6: Myron Rolle S Flordia State

Round 6b: Taylor Price WR Ohio (i doubt he drops this far when all said and done but i would like to see him in miami next year)

Pick up Karlos Dansby because apperently him and the Cards havnt been in contract talks. Sign Antonio Bryant and we are set at WR and LB our WR's would be young and our all our LB would be young and they could be back up untill they are ready to start. If Rolle gets cut from the Cards we pick him up then all we would really need on defense would be a true NT i think with that we would be set to have a very good Team next year

QB: Chad Henne/ Pate White/ Tyler Thigpenn

RB: Ronnie Brown/ Ricky Williams/ Pat Cobbs/ Kory Sheets

FB: Lou Polite/ Lex Hilard

WR: Antonio Bryant/ Mardy Gilyard/ Devone Bess/ Brian Hartline/ Taylor Price

TE: Ed Dickson/ Anthony Fasano/ Kory Sperry

OL: Jake Long/ Justin Smiley/ Jake Grove/ Nate Garner or donald Thomas/ Vernon Carey
DE: Randy Starks
NT: Cam Thomas
DE: Kendall Langford

Future starting LB's
SOLB: Sean Witherspoon
ILB: Micah Johnson (Run Stoping LB)
ILB: Karlos Dansby (Cover LB)
WOLB: Brandon Graham

CB: Vontae Davis
SS: Yeremiah Bell/ Gibril Wilson(this is where wilson should be anyways so i say let Bell and Wilson Battle in camp and who ever wins keeps there job)
FS: Antrel Rolle
CB: Sean Smith


I know this is probably wishful thinking but its the offseason and it never hurts to wish

01-28-2010, 03:33 AM
A lot of your picks make sense. One thing I question is if we take Brandon Graham and Spoon, you basically draft two players that would fit the same position in the scheme for the phins. Graham can rush, but his strength would be against the run, while on the other side you have Taylor and Cam would are the rush specialists but are weaker against the run. Spoon would play the same side as Graham would in our scheme. Now, I don't have any problem with Spoon or Graham, and to be honest I would be thrilled to have both.

SR 7
01-28-2010, 03:34 AM
Spoon would play the Mike in our D Graham would be the SOLB...thats a nice duo with Wake at WOLB I LOVE IT but spoon wont last to 2.

01-28-2010, 03:39 AM
I know we probably won't get spoon but I can wish right

01-28-2010, 03:50 AM
Spoon would play the Mike in our D Graham would be the SOLB...thats a nice duo with Wake at WOLB I LOVE IT but spoon wont last to 2.

That would be and interesting combo, never thought of it. Think about it, what has been a problem with Crowder? He's stiff and can't cover. Spoon could, he can handle the run and handle the pass. So you put Graham Spoon Crowder and Taylor/Wake as the starting LB's. You can move Wake to Grahams spot for the blitz and sent Wake and Taylor after the QB with Spoon handling TE/RB duty.

01-28-2010, 04:12 AM
Weatherspoon and Graham would be fantastic.....maybe we dupe someone and get an extra pick later in the first or early 2nd? I would just love for for McClain to be there at #12 but I have a feeling the Broncos will grab him....we should steal Dumervil from them if they do just to give them the middle finger.

01-28-2010, 10:15 AM
I just don't think Spoon or Graham have the height or wingspan that Parcells/Ireland have been known to covet. It's too bad because I think both of these guys will be good pros in the right system.
I like all of your other picks except for Gilyard. I would be happy though if thats how it all went down on draft day. Thomas, Rolle and Dickson have been doing great at the Senior bowl practices. Not sure if any of them last that long.

01-28-2010, 10:22 AM
I like most of your draft a lot. My only complaint: I don't think you addressed the Safety position. If C. Clemons is the goods - I'm not feeling he is - it's no big deal. Rolle seems fine as depth. But, if you brought the kid in to compete for a starting job, he just doesn't make plays. Especially in Nolan's system, we'll want our FS to be a ball hawk. You pointed out Weatherspoon as wishful thinking, but I also think Thomas might be in the 5th. Wait, how'd we get a 5th? But, save for that, really nice mock.

01-28-2010, 10:47 AM
good grief...spoon is a 4-3 backer...doesn't take on or shed blockers all that well...needs clean looks and the freedom to run and hunt...

looks good though...very good as a 4-3 mike imo

Nappy Roots
01-28-2010, 10:59 AM
If we draft Sean Weatherspoon it will be to play ILB, definitely not OLB...

01-28-2010, 11:04 AM
Taylor Price goes Round 3; Maybe Round 2. We don't have a 5th rounder, While the idea is good I just don't see this hapenning

01-28-2010, 11:10 AM
price didn't have to me quite as good a day yesterday as he had the prior 2 days...guys were in his hip pocket in coverage a lot for the stuff that i saw on tv...

i definitely think he goes top 3 rounds max and even top 2...especially if he burns a 4.4 at the combine...

he's moved to 5th for me in the wr ranks... but he has more of a body that i think our wr core needs than gilyard...

d thomas (what's he gonna run???)

01-28-2010, 11:20 AM
Wow we got rid of Ginn, Camarillo and Patrick Turner for nothing?

01-28-2010, 02:47 PM
Wow we got rid of Ginn, Camarillo and Patrick Turner for nothing?
if you look i had Camarillo getting traded for a 5th round pick that is the reason we have a 5th round pick the only think i could see us getting for ginn right now is a 6th or 7th so i would keep him on the team mainly as a PR/KR and a deep threat as for turner no one is going to give us anything for him we would have a better shot at getting him on our practice squad but i think if he is cut he will end up with the seahawks

SR 7
01-28-2010, 04:10 PM
no one will give a pick for our WR except for Ginn and thats prob a 6th rounder...

who on earth woudl give a 5th for Cam? you can get him anywehre...someone who catches the ball that lacks speed or play making ability...there are tons of em...oh and one that didn't have an ACL injury

01-29-2010, 09:51 PM
I'd be happy with that Offseason. Especially with getting Rolle. That would be amazing!