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02-04-2010, 12:05 AM
This draft is loaded with talent at the LB position, ILB and OLB. So I took some time to put together all of the information i have found on scouting sites (walter football, footballs future etc.) on each of the top LB's in the draft.
We will start with ILB

Rolando McClain
part 2
Highs: Huge frame for ILB, Very good pass rush, Great timing on blitzes, Vocal Leader, Intelligent, Outstanding instincts, Nice agility; smooth change of direction, Stacks and sheds blocks well, Comfortable in coverage, Nice versatility especially in 3-4 defense, Excellent tackling technique
Lows: Not the greatest speed, overpursues against run at times, Could be exposed in man scheme

Brandon Spikes
part 2
Highs: Big-time hitter, Always around the ball; active, Great athlete, Comfortable in space, Good vision and can locate ball-carrier, Diagnoses run well, Disengages from blockers, good pursuit, doesn't always overpursue
Lows: Doesn't take proper angles, a little stiff in hips, looks uncomfortable in zone pass coverage, out of position at times, sometimes a little too physical which causes trying to get big hit and over pursuing

Darryl Washington
only one from Boise St. game
Highs: good speed, great first step, excellent sideline to sideline ability, good job of using length to keep himself clean while playing down the line, one of the most physical defensive players in the draft, great tackling, good leverage on contact, technique, powerful against run, rangy in zone coverage
Lows: struggles at times to fight through blocks, average instincts, needs lots of improvement in man coverage, loses man too often in man coverage

Micah Johnson
Highs: Pure athlete: size, physicality, muscles, built, speed, explosive, great agility, Fluid hips and can cover tight ends, Versatile; any scheme player, takes good angles, Shows coordination and flexibility
Lows: lacks natural football instinct, inconsistent at times, Needs to improve reaction skills, Could be a more effective blitzer.

Sean Lee
sorry no highlights
Highs: hard hitter, great blitzer, positive against the run, sheds blocks well, good pass rushing ability, first round talent but had ACL tear Jr. year, bounced back from injury to have 86 tackles, 11 TFL
Lows: not greatest in man coverage, decent in zone coverage, average speed, stiff hips, needs improvement on agility versatility

Now for the OLB's
Jerry Hughes
Highs: Terrific speed and explosion off the edge, Relentless pass rusher, Extremely fast first step, Shows ability to counter an offensive tackle, Great instincts, Nice footwork and timing, Big hitter, Sure tackler, Comfortable in space, Nice pass rush repertoire (spin, club, swim), Love his bend and flexibility running the horn
Lows: Hips a little stiff in coverage, Lacks power, Poor against run, Average size, could get plowed by bigger NFL linemen

Sergio Kindle
Highs: Lots of experience, Great sideline-to-sideline range, Great in coverage, Nice closing speed, Solid instincts, Solid instincts, Very Athletic, Great flexibility.
Lows: Serious problems shedding blocks, Very inconsistent, Soft, Liability against the run, Needs some development, Destroyed by talented lineman, Only rush moves are speed and bull

Brandon Graham
Highs: Uses his hands extremely well, Does a great job in pursuit, never quits on a play, Great instincts and ability to diagnose plays, which makes him very good in stuffing the run, Gets up field very quickly, Non-stop powerful motor, Very Physical at point of attack, Very Strong
Lows: Does not have great speed for his size, Sometimes, can get engulfed by big Lineman, Has a tough time with double teams, needs improvement on coverage

Sean Weatherspoon
Highs: Very fast and explosive athlete, Terrific change of direction, Solid pass-rusher, Finds a way to make plays, Explodes through ball-carrier; lays the wood, Smooth hips, Always around the ball, Covers a good amount of ground when dropping into zone, Instinctive player and anticipates, Good football IQ, Good ball skills, Eliminates space quickly
Lows: Needs improvement with shedding blocks, Occasionally overpursues play, Hand use needs to be improved, Sometimes gets out of control, Needs more gap discipline, Loses man easily in man coverage, out of position too often

Feel free to give me any suggestions on players that you want me to do a scouting report on.

02-04-2010, 12:17 AM
Bro... You are not slick... These scouting reports are almost WORD FOR WORD off of Walterfootball.com.... Either A, that's your website, or B, you and dude from Walterfootball.com have the exact same views...

02-04-2010, 12:26 AM
Thanks for posting this. I pretty much just check here to get most of my info on the Phins. Lb's are my primary focus on this years draft so I appreciate the info.

02-04-2010, 12:34 AM
umm if you read the post it says that i collected all of this from the internet to have one big scouting report.

02-04-2010, 12:38 AM
hahaha, then you edited it while I was posting because that part of the post was not on there.. I specifically DID read it to make sure before I said that. And if you just forgot to mention it and went back in to fix it before I wrote that, then I really do apologize. But that line about you got the information from other sites was NOT there when I posted.

02-04-2010, 02:38 AM
this draft is deep at LB and S in my opinion

02-04-2010, 04:34 AM
I'll take one of each, ILB (except B Spikes, that worthless POS can find somewhere else to fail) & OLB, in rounds 1-3 . Just like Davis and Smith last year.

02-04-2010, 09:06 AM
yep you caught me. now the brandon graham, daryl washington, and sean lee i had to because i couldnt find any scouting reports on them. But i thought this would be helpful to everyone just so instead of having to go to walter football they could just read this

02-04-2010, 12:34 PM
yep you caught me. now the brandon graham, daryl washington, and sean lee i had to because i couldnt find any scouting reports on them. But i thought this would be helpful to everyone just so instead of having to go to walter football they could just read this

Why not just post a link to the scouting websites instead of trying to get credit for copying and pasting work you didn't do?

You do realize plagiarism is a fine-able offense, right?

02-04-2010, 06:31 PM
Dastardly, yes. Able to draw a fine for posting someone else's work on a message board? No.

02-04-2010, 11:08 PM
look i didn't post this to try to prove im some football genious and take the credit. I posted it to help YOU guys out with a little scouting report. Now you can either sit here and b***** about how i copy and pasted this or you could actually read the report and maybe be thankful that i took the time to do this scouting report

02-12-2010, 06:41 PM
Cobbs, for your 6th round pick, Dan Doering (no 'n') would not be the right pick. He had all of the credentials but got passed by a RSFR and a Sophomore this year at Iowa. Now if you substitute the name Dace Richardson, who played all 4 line positions at Iowa, started at LT in his true freshman year and was only derailed by knee reconstruction and a broken leg, then you've got a bargain. He's huge and a powerful run-blocker. This year alone he played RT, LG and RG because Iowa's OLine was a MASH unit. Doering? No way. Richardson? Absolutely, but because of his knee problems, he might be had in the 7th or an UFA.