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02-09-2010, 01:43 AM


Several prisoners were shot and wounded Friday night in an attempted prison break at the Polunsky Unit prison in Livingston, KPRC Local 2 reported.
Prison officials said five inmates vaulted over an interior fence and then started charging toward a perimeter fence around 9 p.m. Corrections officers at the perimeter and the picket tower opened fire and wounded at least three of the convicts, according to TDCJ spokesman Jason Clark.
He said a fourth inmate may have been shot, but details had not unfolded to confirm that.
He said the five had just attended a church service in the prison gymnasium when they bolted toward escape.
The wounded inmates were all captured and no corrections officers were injured, he said.
The inmates were from the general population, which includes maximum security. None of the convicts came from Texas Death Row, which is also housed at the Polunsky Unit.

:up: Good job officer. Those fine upstanding convicts were probably just running to another church service though.

We found out today in class he was rocking a 12 gauge and shot them from about 50 meters, which is a hell of a shot with a non choked Remmington 870. That's why they were just wounded, because the spread is pretty wide at that range.

I hope they give me an AR-15 :chuckle: