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02-16-2010, 06:46 AM
RIP Officer Nagle. This isn't from the unit where I'll be working, but I'll be working in a Max unit.

Inmate indicted in Nagle murder
BEEVILLE — A Bee County grand jury on March 21 indicted inmate Robert Lynn Pruett on two counts of capital murder in the Dec. 17 stabbing death of Officer Daniel Nagle at the McConnell Unit near Beeville.
Pruett, 20, is serving a life sentence for a 1995 Harris County murder.
One count of the indictment charges him with capital murder of a prison guard; the other charges him with capital murder while incarcerated for murder.
Nagle, 37, was found in a pool of blood near a multipurpose room around 3:45 p.m.
An 8-inch steel shank was found nearby.
Pruett apparently had planned the attack on Nagle, according to TDCJ.
“We believe this is an isolated case whereby Pruett had planned the assault on Officer Nagle,” spokesman Larry Todd told the Huntsville Item.


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You should NEVER let your guard down Goon, no matter how persuasive any sexual offer might be!

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It must be crazy working around people already in jail for life. They will kill you and not give a **** because they dont have anything to lose.

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They should fire up Ol' Sparky for this guy.

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You should NEVER let your guard down Goon, no matter how persuasive any sexual offer might be!

No ****. I won't be working on the Death Row unit. I think that's in Huntsville. I will, however be working on the Hughes unit, which is a high security unit, meaning we have G-1 through G-5, and Ad Seg offenders. They are not the sort that play well with others.

I think I put off one of the training SGTs when he asked the class "could you shoot an offender making a break for the fence?"

I looked up from the book, made eye contact with him and said


He was like :ponder:

It wasn't the wrong answer...I just think the delivery wasn't what they were looking for. I think it was rehtorical.

02-16-2010, 08:32 PM
In reality, the boss should've never chased the offender when he grabbed the disciplinary report or "case" (slang) and ran off with it. He let the offender get inside his OODA loop. It is common that one "boss" (Slang term for Correctional Officer) is running a wing or dorm of a couple hundred offenders. If you hit the TDCJ website you can see the # of inmates and # of officers in the units. There are more offenders and less bosses than listed. We run the facility because they allow us to.

He should've called for additional staff, a supervisor and a video camera. If he's got a shank, we can "Paint him orange" (OC spray the **** out of him)