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03-10-2010, 06:38 PM
First of all let me say this is the first time i have ever done a full first round mock draft so it probably doesnt look very good right now because i didnt really look into the other teams to well. so take it esay on me.

STL: Sam Bradford: this could change but as of right now I think if his health checks out the Rams won’t Pass on him

DET: Russell Okung: I think they feel like they have done enough on there D-Line for at least next year and in this draft they will fix there O-Line and next year they will go defense.

Tampa: Ndamukong Suh: The bucs are looking for the next Warren Sapp and this is as close as it gets in this years draft.

Wash: Trent Williams: with there O-Line as bad as it is this would be a good pick up for them that way they can protect there QB.

KC: Jason Pierre-Paul: since they have switched to the 3-4 they are going to need some OLB and this guy is good yet very raw the guy is a freak of nature physically and I think he would make a good transition to the 3-4 WOLB:

SEA: Gerald McCoy: I think the Hawks were hoping that someone like Williams or Okung were still on the board to sure up there LT but they have another first round pick and might be able to get Bruce Campbell.

CLE: Eric Berry: with Brodney Pool leaving the browns FS becomes a big need for them I also think that Clausen could also be a possibility seeing how the browns are shopping QB Brady Quinn and S. Wallace isn’t anything but a back up QB IMO.

OAK: Anthony Davis: I think they really need to sure up there O-Line I think a QB would be possibility here if Al Davis wasn’t in love with Russell.

BUF: Bruce Campbell: they may feel like this is too early for him but with there needs on there O-Line they would have to reach for him.

JAX: Rolando McClain: they need help on the defensive side of the ball and they just got Aaron Kampman which helps them a lot I think they were hoping that JPP would be there to play opposite of Kampman but I think they would be perfectly happy with McClain.

DEN: Dez Bryant: with them shopping Marshall I think this becomes a real possibility which really sucks because I would love to see him in Miami and he would be a huge pick for us. But Denver gets a good WR to replace Marshall either this year or next year.

MIA: Sean Weatherspoon: I think this would be a great pick I think it would be really hard to pass on him and then we can move one of our LB outside to SOLB maybe Crowder, or Dansby it was reported that the coach’s think that Dansby could play OLB and if we had Dansby at SOLB, Crowder, Weatherspoon at ILB, and Cam Wake/ or JT at WOLB I think we would have a good LB core. Then in the Second round we can fix our FS position.

SF:Bryan Bulaga: They need some major help on there O-Line and this could be a good pick up.

SEA: Jimmy Clausen: I personally think they would be better off if they went O-Line but who is left that is worth taking at this spot and they need a QB because Hasselbeck is at the end of his career I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hasselbeck traded to the browns and the browns have him as there starter for a couple years.

NYG: Dan Williams: I think this pick would help there front seven yes I know they need help at ILB but I don’t think that Brandon Spikes would be worth taking at that spot there is a really good chance Spikes will fall to the second round. Plus Williams can get to the QB and he can eat up blockers and Tuck and Osi would love that they could get back to getting after the QB like they were a couple years ago.

TENN: Derrick Morgan: they just lost Kyle Vanden Bosch to the Lions and they are going to need help at DE and getting to the QB and I think this would be a great pick up for them.

SF: Earl Thomas: they struggled in the secondary last year and this guy is a ball hawk and SF would love him to still be here when they pick.
Pitt: Joe Haden: I think this would help out there secondary he is the best CB in this years draft and I think the Steelers need help at CB.

ATL: Brandon Graham: they need help on there pass rush the only guy I can think of that can get after the QB for them is John Abraham and he is getting up there in age.

HOU: CJ Spiller: I don’t think the Texans really like Slaton all that much and this is the best RB in the draft some may think he will go higher but I think this is a good spot for him this could push them just enough to make them a playoff team.

CIN: Carlos Dunlap: you would think they might have gone with a WR but with them just picking up A. Bryant I think this would be a good pick gives them a DE to develop.

NE: Jared Odrick: I know a lot of Dolphin fans like Odrick and I don’t want to see him in NE but he has good size to play DE for them and he can also get after the QB.

GB: Mike Iupati: GB gave up quite a bit of sacks and they need to fix there O-Line and this guy could be an all pro OG I don’t think he is a LT in the NFL but I think he could be a great NFL G for many years.

Phil: Everson Griffin: I am not quite sure about this pick but I don’t think they would take a shot on Brandon Spikes this early unless they feel he could be a leader of there defense. It has also been reported that Spikes is a 2 down LB and I don’t think you take a 2 down LB in the first round.

Bal: Kyle Wilson: I think the Ravens are close to making a push to get in the super bowl and getting there secondary fixed would be huge for them with them having a good offense and now getting Boldin I think they are very close and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the super bowl next season if they can sure up there CBs

ARZ: Brandon Spikes: I know I said I think the first round is to early for a two down LB but with the Cards losing Dansby I think they need to fill there ILB spot and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Spikes in a Cardinals uniform next season.

DAL: Taylor Mays: I think this is to early for Mays but the Cowboys need help at safety and he would be the SS seeing how they have Hamlin as there FS and I think that with the right coaching that Mays could be a very good SS in the NFL.

SD: Ryan Mathews: IMO he is the most Complete back in the draft but Spiller by most teams is the best. this would be a good pick up for the Chargers.

NYJ: Golden Tate: I know that Tate isn’t the second best WR and he isn’t better then Benn but I think this pick would make more since for the Jets because of the WR they already have. With Edwards, and Cotchery and with this pick this gives them 3 nice options and would be hard to double team on of them with out the other one beating you.

MIN: Brian Price: with the rumors that one of the Williams bother might retire this would be a good pick up for them to be able to replace him either this year or next year depending on when he decides to retire.

INDY: Maurkice Pouncey: he could step in right away and start at guard and once Jeff Saturday decides to retire he could slide over to Center and start there.

NO: Jerry Hughes: with him going to the saints he doesn’t have to try and make a change to OLB and with them getting rid of Charles Grant this would give them a good pass rusher.


03-10-2010, 07:08 PM
if we get witherspoon at no.12 i will literally go to goodel and say strip this team from decision making