View Full Version : I love 2010

03-11-2010, 02:45 AM
The draft is coming up and i feel more than excited about it. Seriously, i see this board filled with names, various opinions on players but in the end, what i noticed the most out of reading all that stuff and compiling the few collegiate games i saw this year, is that we're in good shape for the draft IMO.

Hear me out a second...

some people want earl thomas... others want rolando mcClain... CJ Spiller might be a possibility... brandon graham... etc. etc.

while there is much debate and opinions differ, when i see all those names at #12... i see excellent football players who'll fit in nicely and contribute right away at positions of need !

Not only this, but i see some nice things deeper down in the draft. For starters, the WR group seems to have some good value in later rounds, while the nose tackle position seems strong... some good TEs in round 2-3-4 ... a great year for safeties... etc.

I don't know why but i get this feeling this draft was custom-made to fill in the blanks in Miami. Let's hope we don't **** things up like #44 last year :rolleyes2:

03-11-2010, 07:38 AM

There's so many different directions we could go and I'd more then likely be happy any which way.