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03-13-2010, 04:35 PM
This pertains to his first round selections!

Parcells doesnt trade up. He values the draft picks his team has.

Parcells doesnt draft offense (Drew Bledsoe. Terry Glenn wasn't his call)
- Scratch Dez Bryant off the list
-Scratch CJ Spiller
-Jake Long was

Parcells likes size
-Scratch Brandon Graham off the list (I personally like him but hes undersized for a Parcells LB)
-Add Jason Pierre-Paul
-Add Derrick Morgan
-Add Rolando McClain (who knows, maybe a draft day trade of Crowder)
-Add Taylor Mays

Parcells likes high-character guys
-Scratch Dez Bryant
-Sergio Kindle (I read he's had some trouble?)
-Sean Witherspoon (He had a "me" attitude at the Combine and I've read from scouts his personality was not liked by some)

The one x-factor is the secondary. Our number 1 need is arguably the Free Safety position. Just look at how we tried to bring in TWO different safeties. Parcelss has NEVER drafted a safety in the 1st round. Eric Berry would be ideal, but our only choice might be Earl Thomas which would be fine with me. Some said he might be a bit undersized, even though he shut the critics up at the Combine.

In the end, Parcells likes big, physical linebackers (Mcginest, Foote, Carpenter, Ware)..It just so happens that we desperately need a SOLB

My pick is: Derrick Morgan, much safer pick than JPP and is the most stout against the run, can jam the TEs, and has a nice power rush.

Anybody have any valuable insight on to what they think Parcells will do based on historical drafts and such

03-13-2010, 04:49 PM
Brandon Graham has size... If we ended up with Mays, Jason pierre-paul, or mcclain I will be pissed... If we get Graham I will be proud.. Dez if he is there he will be picked dont care what people think...

03-13-2010, 04:52 PM
I believe it is safe to say we will draft either the prototype LB of BP's choice OR one of the two great FS's that should be there at 12. One thing I would be willing to wager most anything on is NOT drafting a NT in the first, I swear people have to be crazy to think we will take Williams.

03-13-2010, 05:03 PM
Bill Parcells goes into the NFL Draft with a clear blueprint

By BRIAN BIGGANE (brian_biggane@pbpost.com)
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Monday, April 20, 2009
You might say that Bill Parcells approaches the NFL Draft the way a well-informed consumer shops for a new car.
"He goes into a draft knowing exactly what he wants," said Gil Brandt, the Dallas Cowboys' personnel director for almost three decades. "He's like a guy who goes into a showroom knowing the exact model, whether he wants leather or felt seats, whitewall tires, the whole deal.
"He knows what he wants and then he picks the players who fit those specifications."
Parcells, the Dolphins' head of football operations, has been doing a pretty good job of it since taking cornerback Terry Kinard and defensive end Leonard Marshall with the first two picks of the New York Giants' draft in 1983.
Parcells will be involved in his 22nd draft this Saturday and Sunday. Again, he is not expected to make any impulse purchases.
"He has a clear blueprint of what he's looking for - of what kind of players he wants at each position," said longtime general manager Charlie Casserly, now an analyst with the NFL Network.
"Everywhere you go it ends up looking the same. He wants a big football team, he wants to run the ball, he wants a quarterback who can control the game and be error-free, and a physical defensive front.
"Last year in Miami he takes Jake Long and not Matt Ryan, because that's his philosophy, he's going to build up front first and figures, 'We'll fill in at quarterback later.' He's going to start with the offensive tackle and build from the inside out."
During his Giants' drafts (1983-'90), Parcells the coach worked alongside General Manager George Young, an acknowledged master of the process. But Parcells' blueprint hasn't changed much during his years with New England (1993-96), the New York Jets (1997-2000), Dallas (2003-06) and the Dolphins.
But those who reduce his mantra to something along the lines of "size, strength and speed" are oversimplifying, said longtime football executive Michael Lombardi, who writes for National Football Post, a Web site.
"He just goes after good players," Lombardi said. "He got (running back) Curtis Martin in the third round - that's going out and getting players who are going to impact the game in key areas.

"This year he may not want a guy like a (USC linebacker) Rey Maualuga because he's not going to play on third downs as a pro. It's hard to have guys impact the game the way you want when they're coming off the field in those situations."
Parcells started his coaching career as a linebackers coach, so he's long had an affinity for that position. Lawrence Taylor, a first-round pick in 1981, was already with the Giants when he arrived, but he rounded out the unit by taking Carl Banks (first round) and Gary Reasons (fourth) in 1984 and Pepper Johnson (second) in 1986.
Later, Parcells brought Chris Slade, Ted Johnson and Tedy Bruschi to New England, James Farrior to the Jets and DeMarcus Ware to Dallas.
With outside linebacker a Dolphin need this weekend, there's been widespread speculation Parcells will go that route when Miami picks at No. 25. But Casserly doesn't feel that's anywhere near automatic.
"I think he'll take the best player on the board," he said. "If that happens to be a linebacker, that's great."
Parcells has had less success at Miami's two other prime areas of need, wide receiver and cornerback. But it's not that he hasn't tried.
He's used a first-rounder on a receiver twice: Mark Ingram with the Giants in 1987 and Terry Glenn with New England in 1996. Of course, the Glenn pick was forced on him by Patriots owner Robert Kraft and led to Parcells' departure following that season.
Parcells was lobbying for defensive end Tony Brackens, but Kraft, intent on bringing more star power to his team, won the battle of wills and the Patriots chose Glenn. Upon his departure after the next season, Parcells said, "If they want you to cook the dinner, at least they should let you shop for some of the groceries."
While both Ingram and Glenn enjoyed solid careers, the best wideout Parcells has picked might be Troy Brown, whom the Patriots got with an eighth-round choice in his first draft with New England in 1993.
After Kinard, Parcells next used a first-rounder on a cornerback when he got Ty Law for the Patriots in 1995. Parcells got Lawyer Milloy with a second-rounder a year later and used a first-rounder to bring Terrence Newman to Dallas in 2003.
"The key thing right now in Miami, and it's been this way throughout Bill's career, is that there's one voice making the decisions," said former Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick, an NFL Network analyst. "It's not that he's a dictator; he's soliciting input from everybody on what they're trying to do there. But at the end of the day there's a very clear vision of where the team is going. And that strength at the top is very important."http://www.palmbeachpost.com/dolphins/content/sports/epaper/2009/04/20/0420parcells.html

03-13-2010, 05:09 PM
well if we're going the Parcells model, he doesn't draft inexperienced players meaning take JPP off the list.

Of course, Jeff Ireland is the one running the draft....

03-13-2010, 05:22 PM
I dont believe that its just Jeff running the draft...

03-13-2010, 10:11 PM
BP has a BIG say.

On looking at our last 2 drafts:-

that 1st year we had 2 major holes QB and tackle. As stated above Parcells took the tackle.

2nd year glaring gap at CB, so we take Vontae.

I believe in next couple of weeks, we will, do one of 4 things, in order:-

1/sign safety.
2/sign big OLB.
3/move Merling to OLB if he loses enough weight.
4/trust that clemons/culver can play FS

depending on which, IMO, will show what we are looking to draft, either FS or OLB. I still believe Parcells will pick up NT in rounds 4-7.

03-13-2010, 10:15 PM
ireland is running the draft...underclassmen cbs with off field concerns in the first round like vontae davis and 6 ft qbs from non pro offenses like pat white are clear examples of picks that don't fit parcells...

so take all the parcells will not draft a certain player or position stuff and throw it out the window...

and parcells didn't take jake long...that was irelands choice...parcells preferred chris long and told ireland that if he couldn't get jake signed by a certain date that they would go to plan b chris long