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03-14-2010, 11:00 AM
:d-day: HEY finheaven, i have been following you guys since about November and finally decided to register for an account.Anyways

I think the dolphins have lots of potential great young pieces and the Karlos Dansby signing is just fantastic. Dolphins have a few more pieces to fill and i think can be superbowl contenders. Dolphins should have beat the colts and saints last year.

resign Jason Taylor to a one year deal. need him for leadership and i think has one more year of being a starter.

get other pieces like Incognito and douglas and little pieces like that, depth and situational players.I would love Brandon Marshall, but i know the FO is not going after him,turd anyway.


Earl Thomas: Stud Free safety with great ball skills and can do pretty much everything, i think he is pretty D*** close to Eric Berry. Thomas and Bell great DUO.

Ricky Sapp: So much potential in this young kid. Has the measurables and the athletisicm to be a stud. good in the secondary. his knock is not being strong enough and hand usage could be better. If Sapp can gain some strength and learn from Jason Taylor he could be amazing.

Torrell Troup: I think this guy could start right away, bench pressed 36 times at the combine and dominated the east - west shrine game. dominating player with great explosion off the ball, little help from J Ferg he could be a good starter right away.

4th Round: reciving tightend. Jimmy graham. Dickson. Pitta. MCcoy. many 4th round options, deep tightend class. we need someone who can vertically stretch the field as a tightend.

6th: Emmanual sanders wr southern methodist: amazing potetial and though he is not tall can be a great reciver with a little work.
6th: Scott long- workout warrior but his scouting report says he has good hands. if he works on his route running i think we found two steals at reciver.
6th: O line depth
7th: Cornerback depth
7th: Linebacker depth

Thats my mock offseason let me know what you guys think. thanks for reading!:3w: