View Full Version : another 1st mock attempt from across the pond

03-17-2010, 06:27 PM
Hey all,

Love this time of the year. Cant wait til next month!!! This mock is based on a couple extra picks added based on trades possibly happening, none of which probably will, accept for the comp pick we should be getting in the 5th or 6th

Trade 1st for Houston for their 1st and 2nd

Trade Camarillo for a 5th

We get an extra 6th compensatory pick

1 E.Thomas FS, just what we need
2 J. Hughes OLB, has all the tools
2 D. Thomas WR, hopefully falls this far due to injury, if not then best WR avail
3 J Worilds OLB, productive player off edge, drafted in pairs with JH
4 L. Joseph NT, sleeper pick at NT
5 D. Dickerson TE, should be what Turner was supposed to be
6 M. Easley WR, size and speed, raw, student of game, drafted in pairs with DT
6 S. Lee ILB, falls because of injury
6 J. Ross NT, drafting in pairs with LJ for more depth at NT
6 A. Dixon RB, falls becasue of slow 40 time
7 CB or OL depth
7 CB or OL depth

Let it rip....

03-17-2010, 06:30 PM
That would be great