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03-18-2010, 12:42 AM
Trifecta takes NTs in the late rounds as well as OL help (not that we need much)

Boldin, Marshall and Bryant were available at the WR position and Fins didnt show any interest which tells me perhaps they were looking to grab a Wide Receiver early.

Round 1- Derrick Morgan- OLB
This team desperately needs a SOLB. Morgan is a top 10 talent but falls to us. Parcells loves his LBers to be huge and Morgan is no exception. He may not be the quickest OLB but he sure can get to the QB but more importantly, hes the best run stopping OLB in this years draft.

Round 2- Arrelious Benn (6'1 220)/Demaryius Thomas (6'4 225) -WR
One should fall to the 2nd round. Both are large, pyhsical receivers. Benn just ran about a 4.40 at his pro day and supposedly Thomas ran a 4.38 during his training sessions.

Round 3- Morgan Burnett- FS
In my opinion, a sleeper in this draft. The guy is exactly what the Fins need, a ball hawking safety who has excellent range and most importantly, realizes he is the last line of defense. He's so big and physical (6'1 207), some scouts have him as a Strong Safety. After Berry and Thomas, I feel he is the third best Free Safety prospect. He ran a 4.45 at his pro day. Second on Gt in tackles, lead the nation with 7 INTs in 2008, even blocked a FG. Hes a play maker. Underrated guy.

Round 4- Tony Moeaki- TE
Quicker tight end that has the ability to stretch the field. His blocking is a work in progress but better than some of the top prospects like Pitta and Dickerson.

Round 6- Jeff Owens- NT
Trifecta finds their future NT in the late rounds as they have done in the past.

03-18-2010, 12:44 AM
I'd be very happy!!! 4th though we need to take another NT...
Then I say trade someone for a 5th and get a TE...

All in all, Great job my dude!!!

03-18-2010, 12:58 AM
i like everything but the TE a guyy like pitta graham or mccoy is who i would take

MadDog 88
03-18-2010, 01:10 AM
I have been reading that Burnett is moving up, possibly into the second round. Everything I read on him I like.

03-18-2010, 01:40 AM
I think that's how this regime is trying to view their draft. Much like last year and the year before they go into the draft with needs that haven't been fillled through free agency. They then ask themselves at what parts of the draft is a position strongest to fill our needs? Last year, where they were picking, they decided rounds #1 and #2 were strongest at CB (fills that need), rounds #3 ands #4 at Receiver (fills that need).

They like to draft in pairs in near successive rounds. I see their big needs as: OLB, WR, TE, NT, and RB.

This indicates to me that they will be going either OLB in rounds #1 and #2, or WR. They are only going to choose one. If Bryant is NOT there, they will definitely go OLB in round 2. If Byrant is unavailable, they will go OLB at #12 and pray one of their highly rated WR falls in round 2. I not then, they will go to Safety in round 2.

In round 3 they will go Tight End, LB, RB, or Safety (if they haven't chosen one in round 2). In round 4 it will Tight End, RB, or LB. Round 6 will be developmental projects including a NT, RB, LB. I doubt they choose any offensive linemen in this draft.

03-18-2010, 07:13 AM
Morgan looks like a 4-3 end, Mayock and others say he isn't athletic enough to play OLB
Benn would be great but think he goes end of Round 1 or top of 2nd and Burnett looks like a 2nd rounder now

03-18-2010, 07:36 AM
Nice job! I'm torn between Morgan and Grahan and think I am leaning more toward Graham. It would be nice if we can find a tradedown partner, go down a few spots and pick up an extra 2nd and then draft Graham with our 1st.

03-18-2010, 08:06 AM
yeah like already said mayock said everyone came away from derrick morgans pro day saying 4-3 end...

i've moved away from him as an olb

03-18-2010, 08:55 AM
Morgan is a 4/3 DE not a 3/4 OLB. He has shown this in game film, Combine and Proday.
The rest of the pics are pretty decent, would prefer D. Thomas over Benn but couldnt complain either way even though I do prefer our start WR to eventually be over 6'2.

03-18-2010, 08:58 AM
benn ran 4.36 and 4.42 at his pro day...i'm taking benn over d thomas all day long

03-18-2010, 11:31 AM
benn ran 4.36 and 4.42 at his pro day...i'm taking benn over d thomas all day long

Do you happen to be related to Al Davis in anyway?

I like it but, give me Brandon Graham in the 1st. More of a SOLB. Would rather have Thomas over Benn as he is the better run blocking WR and seems to be what we want,big&physical.

03-18-2010, 11:58 AM
1st. Graham or Griffen
2nd. D. Thomas or Benn
3rd. R. Jones or M. Burnett
4th. Pitta or Graham

I like yours, but this would me my personal ideal draft depending on availability.

03-18-2010, 02:21 PM
I like all but number 1. I'd take Jerry Hughes out of TCU over Morgan. Quicker first step to the passer.

03-18-2010, 03:03 PM
Im worried about Morgan being able to play in the 3-4 scheme.

03-18-2010, 04:54 PM
I like 2-6, but not sure Owens could carry more weight. I am not sold he can be a 3-4 DT, but I like him a lot.

As far as Morgan goes I have been saying it for a year and will continue to say it. I don't see anything from him that makes me believe he can be a 3-4 OLB. I just don't see it. he is no where fluid enough in space to do it. He will be a very good SDE but not athletic enough to move to OLB. I know many on here don't buy it, but I will stick to it until he proves me wrong. By the way, Mike Mayok agrees with me...LOL

03-18-2010, 04:57 PM
I think we would be able to find a better TE then Tony Moeaki in the fourth round

03-18-2010, 04:59 PM
1st. Graham or Griffen
2nd. D. Thomas or Benn
3rd. R. Jones or M. Burnett
4th. Pitta or Graham

I like yours, but this would me my personal ideal draft depending on availability.
i put the ones in bold i would like out of those options

03-18-2010, 08:22 PM
I'd change Graham or Griffen for Morgan, take another OLB'er with the 4th and move into the 5th to take Clay Harbor. I've been beating that kids drum for a while now, and I think he's someone the staff could target.

It wouldn't surprise me to see us move into the 5th round twice, or perhaps trade Ginn on day 3 for 5/6th round pick.

I'm hoping we come out of the draft with 3 LB'ers, one of which being a coverage LB'er. I would like that to be Edds, but he most likely won't last that long.

03-18-2010, 11:06 PM
i put the ones in bold i would like out of those options

Yea. I'd be happy with any of the 8 players from each position. I'm feelin D. Thomas more than Benn still though. Both WRs had disadvantages their entire college career due to unfavorable scheme or poor qb play (or both), so who knows what the potential really is for either of them.
Either way, if we got one of those players at each position, I'd be extremely happy with our draft (not saying there arent other players I like, but those are my favorites).

03-18-2010, 11:22 PM

03-18-2010, 11:39 PM
If people keep talking up this Jeff Owens kid outta Georgia, he wont be around in the 6th round for us to take....SSHHHHH!!!!.....lol

Also...At the risk of sounding repetative, I too dont like Morgan as an OLB...More a DE in a 43 if you ask me.

Wouldnt mind landing Benn in the 2nd though!

03-18-2010, 11:49 PM
I don't know if Benn makes it to us in the 2nd. However, I think that in the 2nd round if one of the top WR's is still there, you have to take a shot. I think round 1 and 3 will address our FS and OLB position. Round 4 I think is TE territory.