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03-20-2010, 10:25 AM
I set these draft selections to show who I would pick first, and then if that player is not available I show the next player in line to get what we want.

1. Earl Thomas(Texas)/Eric Berry(TEN)- Of course we take Berry if available, but probably not going to happen so we go with Thomas. He has great coverage skills which we need desperately at FS. There has been concern about his tackling, but with one of the best tackling SS in Bell I can see Thomas improving with Bell helping him in that area.

2. Jerry Hughes/Daryl Washington(TCU)- We need a young do it all OLB to replace Taylor and Hughes would be a great replacement. Hughes is a great pass rusher and very good against the run. His coverage skills will need improving, but he has the speed to improve in that area as he switches from a DE in college to OLB in the NFL. If he is not available in this spot than we go wtih Daryl Washington. Daryl is great in coverage and a very good pass rusher. Having Daryl along with Dansby we would be very solid in pass coverage with our LBs. There have been some questions about his run defense, but living in FT Worth, TX I have had the advantage of seeing a lot of his games and those reports are false. He is great at getting past the blockers to stop the run for a loss or little gain.

3. Cam Thomas(NC)/Torell Troup(Central Florida)- Cam would give us good depth at NT with Paul, but both of these players lack pass rushing abilities. During the senior Bowl Cam showed great promise to be better so he gets the nod over Troup.

4. Joe Webb(UAB)/Scott Long(Louisville)- Both have great speed, but I go with Webb based on potential. I think he would be a big target for Henne and would create a competition for that big WR with Pat Turner during training camp.

RB: Brown
FB: Polite
TE: Fasano

ILB: Dansby
CB: Davis

With this draft we don't really address TE or really get that #1 WR that we need, but we have a good base to be Superbowl competitors in 2011, but gives us good enough team this year be one of the better teams.

Let me know what you guys think?

03-20-2010, 11:24 AM
i think you better get an olb in the first 3 rounds and i don't see hughes there at #43...

but we'll see

03-20-2010, 02:09 PM
i think you better get an olb in the first 3 rounds and i don't see hughes there at #43...

but we'll see

I did in the 2nd. The numbers next to there names are the rounds we select them in. I guess I wasn't too clear, but that is what I meant. Hughes would be our second round pick and if he isn't available I said we should go with Daryl Washington.

You are right when you say Hughes probably won't be there, but I also think that there is a chance he is. Who would of thought that Sean Smith would have dropped to us that late into the second round last year.