View Full Version : My Mock( With trades)

03-21-2010, 07:13 PM
My turn to do my mock:chuckle:

Trade 1st round down for another 2nd rounder.

1st - Brandon Graham. He is ready to be an NFL player, and could have a Vontae Davis type impact.

2nd - Demaryius Thomas. We went defense in the 1st, and he could be a potential number 1. I believe he falls to us, and we take him in a heartbeat. Too good to pass up. No brainer:crazy:

2nd - Thaddeus Gibson. A good DT, and even LB. He makes sense, he helps both needs a little, just good chemistry.

3rd - Chad Jones. Nice safety, he could help our need. Parcells would go for this based off the picks above.

4th - Jimmy Graham. I might get bashed for this one, but I wouldn't mind this pick.

6th - Micah Johnson.

7th - O line depth.

Just my thoughts. Haven't watched much college this year, and just getting into the draft, so I might be off. Thoughts?