View Full Version : Age of Information

03-22-2010, 04:49 PM
What do you think the influence of current players have on the the front office making a decision pertaining to potential free agents and draft picks? I know the trifecta does it due diligence, but does any Ronnie Brown advice on Dansby effect the ultimate decision. Familiarity is key in these league, that's why Parcells and Ireland picked up so many of their former players.

If this is true, I think Vontae Davies opinion on Arrelious Benn is vital. The guy covered him in practice when they were in college and would know better than anyone his strengths and his weaknesses. This goes for Brandon Graham as well, Jake Long and Chad Henne should have decent feedback to give the front office. I know players lobby for the front office to get them help. If our own players tell the front office these guys are the real deal, and the other intangibles match up don't be surprised to be see us draft Graham in the first and Benn in the second.

Some might argue that the our own player just wants to help their former buddy/teammate get drafted or signed but if you put you neck out on the line then you are also accountable. Sometimes the best information doesn't come from combine times or game film but the guys on the front-lines who have played with or against them.