View Full Version : No Dan Williams

03-22-2010, 10:45 PM
So we all know that with the subtraction of Ferguson for half the season and the inexperience of Paul Soliai, we need a NT. Of course we could select one with our 12th overall pick, but there is SO much value elsewhere. There is the possibility of a guy like Berry falling to us. The selections of E. Thomas or B. Graham are picks which I believe are pretty solid choices. J. Paul-Pierre is someone who has been interesting to follow and maybe Miami has an interest. Of course there is also the possibility of D. Bryant being available though who knows if we would pull the trigger. My point is this: you try to get playmakers where you can. More are available at the front of the draft, and there will be a ton available with our pick. We can use one of our later picks, as Parcells has done notoriously, to select our NT in the future and rotate him with Soliai. We do not need to draft D. Williams at 12. No matter who we bring in, a rookie NT is going to need to be rotated anyway, which is why we should select a full time play maker when it is our choice at the podium with the 12th pick. :up: