View Full Version : Eric Berry & Dez Bryant & Fins DRAFT STRATEGY

03-26-2010, 06:13 PM
FACT - Ireland & co., as any draft team would do, would not be naiive enough to single out one player and one player only for our 1st round pick. There will be a handful of players they would list as "justifiable" with the 12th pick. The list would include some players presently projected to go higher (in case of fall) , as well as a very small set of players set to go right after our pick.

No one knows how the picks above us would unfold, and that is the reason for not locking onto one player beforehand.

While they might have a particular favorite that they believe would have a good chance of being there at 12, no one would be a lock at this point.

However, the closer we get, the more I think that Ireland & Co. may be drawn to either Berry or Dez if they come close to 12. Do I think that we would jump if berry was still there at.....say 7? Not really.....Price may be too high.....But if Berry is still there at 10 I would bet that we pull the trigger to land him.

That takes us to Dez. This one is a harder sell given the recent bad "press" r/e having to hire someone to "wake him up for meetings/practice" etc. I will go out on a limb and say that if Dez OR Berry make it to 10, the Fins make a move to jump and get one of them.

If both are there, then Berry is our man. If Dez is the only of the 2 left, then we attempt to get him.

O.k, o.k, please refrain from saying that Berry "will not be there". I know that is a strong possibility. At any rate, it is anyone's guess how this will play out, but that is my guess. Just a guess as to what will happen.