View Full Version : Would McNabb be worth our 2nd rounder?

03-29-2010, 09:09 PM
I know people either love or hate Donovan McNabb....but hear me out. I know we have made three straight QB picks in round 2, one worked out in Henne (so far) and the other two have been busts (Beck and White).

If we traded our 43rd pick for McNabb, we could jettison Pennington, Thigpen and White, saving us a good chunk of money. We wouldn't need a third QB with McNabb and Henne in our lineup.

We then take Dez Bryant with the 12th pick. Can you imagine McNabb throwing it to Bryant? Our offense just becomes 50% more productive. Then we could fill in the rest of the pieces at SS, NT, TE, etc.

McNabb is just 33 years old and probably has 3+ good years left in him. I don't think he would be a big risk like Daunte Culpooper was, and McNabb can be a great mentor to Henne. Would you consider this deal, or am I crazy? :ohno:

03-29-2010, 09:11 PM
please no. one mcnabb thread was enough. we're fine at QB - no need to bring in a streaky has been.

03-29-2010, 10:06 PM
He is worth a 2nd rounder to a Bills, Raider or even Vikings team. But not us.

03-29-2010, 10:06 PM
I nominate this as the dumbest thread ever on finheaven.

03-29-2010, 10:42 PM
Gotta agree with Chubbs here. I dont blaim anyone for saying theyd like to have mcnabb, hes a good qb and hed probably be great here. But we have to learn our lesson from Culpepper and Feeley. we have a young qb with promise, we need to stick to him and give him weapons. Mcnabb is not a backup and will not make any sense for a team that isnt willing to hand him the reigns immediately

Rhody Phins Fan
03-29-2010, 11:11 PM
So we would send Henne back to the bench for another 3 or 4 years? That doesn't seem like a good use of resources.

03-29-2010, 11:42 PM

03-29-2010, 11:44 PM
He is worth a 2nd rounder to a Bills, Raider or even Vikings team. But not us.
He's worth a 2nd rounder for any team including this team that needs stardom players right about now!

03-29-2010, 11:46 PM

03-29-2010, 11:52 PM
I know people either love or hate Donovan McNabb....but hear me out. I know we have made three straight QB picks in round 2, one worked out in Henne (so far) and the other two have been busts (Beck and White).

If we traded our 43rd pick for McNabb, we could jettison Pennington, Thigpen and White, saving us a good chunk of money. We wouldn't need a third QB with McNabb and Henne in our lineup.

We then take Dez Bryant with the 12th pick. Can you imagine McNabb throwing it to Bryant? Our offense just becomes 50% more productive. Then we could fill in the rest of the pieces at SS, NT, TE, etc.

McNabb is just 33 years old and probably has 3+ good years left in him. I don't think he would be a big risk like Daunte Culpooper was, and McNabb can be a great mentor to Henne. Would you consider this deal, or am I crazy? :ohno:

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Corsican (Corsica) Innò
Costanoan (Monterey California USA) Kue
Costanoan (San Francisco California USA) Akwi
Costanoan (San Jose California USA) Akwe
Costanoan (San Juan Bautista California) Ekwe
Costanoan (Santa Clara California USA) Elekic
Costanoan (Santa Cruz California USA) Eka
Cree (Canada) Mwâc
Cree (Canada) Namôya
Cree (Canada) Mola
Creek [Muskogee] (United States) Kus
Creek [Muskogee] (United States) Mónkos
Creek [Muskogee] (United States) Hekúst
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Dinka (Sudan) Aliu
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Djapu (Australia) Yaga
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Dusun (Sabah Malaysia) A'ou
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Dutch (Netherlands, Belgium) Neen
Dyirbal (Queensland Australia) Yimba

Ekegusii (Kenya) Aa
Emakhua (Africa) Kha-
Emdimbich (California USA) Gadu
Enga (Papua New Guinea) Daá
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English (America) [informal] Uh-uh
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Esselen [Henshaw] (California USA) A'na
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Estonian (Saaremaa Estonia) Ep
Estonian (Saaremaa Estonia) Es
Estonian (Viru-Nigula Estonia) Eiba
Estonian (Võrumaa Estonia) Eih
Estonian (Võrumaa Estonia) Õih
Etruscan (old Europe) Ein
Eudeve (Mexico) Quéta
Even (Russia) Aan
Even (Russia) Aach
Evenki (Russia) Aachin
Ewondo (Cameroun) Koa

Fang (Gabon) Koko
Fante (Ghana, Burkina Faso) Aaha
Faroese (Faroe Islands) Nei
Farsi [Persian] (Iran, Afghanistan) Nah
Farsi (Tajikistan) Ne
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Fore (Papua New Guinea) A'a
French (France, Africa, America) Non
Frisian [Westerlauwer Frisian] (Germany) Nee
Friulian (Italy) Nò
Fulani [Pular] (West Africa) Ala
Futuna-Aniwa (Vanuatu) Jikai

Gaam (Eastern Sudan) Wà
Gabrielino (California United States) Xai
Gagauz (Moldova) Diyl yola
Galician (Spain) Non
Gallo (Britany Northern France) Nenni
Gallo (Britany Northern France) Nona
Gallo (Britany Northern France) Nani
Gamilaraay [Kamilaroi] (Australia) Gamil
Ganda [Luganda] (Uganda) Nedda
Ganda [Luganda] (Uganda) 'Aa
Ganda [Luganda] (Uganda) 'Aaà
Gascon (France) Nani
Gashowu Yokuts (Dry Creek California USA) K'amu
Gaviao (Brazil) Áo
Gaviao (Brazil) Óhv
Georgian [Kartuli] (Georgia) Ah-ra
Georgian [Kartuli] (Georgia) Ara
German (Central Europe) Nein
German (Central Europe) [slang] Nö
German (Central Europe) [slang] Nie
German (Vienna Austria) [slang] Naa
German (Berlin Germany) [spoken language] Nee
German (Switzerland and Lichtenstein) Nei
German [Südhessisch] (Germany) Naa
German (Bavaria) [spoken language] Na
Giramay (Queensland Australia) Maya
Gitanemuk (California USA) Nau
Greek [Hellenic] (Greece, Cyprus) Ochi
[Greenlandic, see Inuttut (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Inuttut)]
Griko (Salento Italy) De'ngje
Guaja (Brazil) Nã'ã
Guarani (Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia) Ahaniri
Guarani (Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia) Nahániri
Gujarati (Gujarat State, India) NahiiN
Gujarati (Gujarat State, India) Naa
Gujarati (Gujarat State, India) Ma
Gumatj (Australia) Yaka
Gumbaynggir (Australia) Biway
Gundungurra (Australia) Gurrangung
Guniyandi (Australia) Manari
[Gypsy, see Romani (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Romani)]

Haida (United States) Aya
Hakka [Chinese] (China) Mo
Harari [Adare] (Ethiopia) Me
Hausa (West Africa) Babu
Hausa (West Africa) A'a
Hawaiian (Hawaii) 'A'ole
Hebrew (Israel) Lo
[Hellenic, see Greek (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Hellenic)]
[Heve, see Eudeve (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Eudeve)]
Hidatsa (North Dakota USA) Desa
Hidatsa (North Dakota USA) Nesats
Hindi (India, East Asia) Ji nahi
Hindi (India, East Asia) Nahin
Hindi (India, East Asia) Hye
Hindi (India, East Asia) Ji nahin
Hindi (India, East Asia) Naheen
Hindustani (India) Na
Hmong [Miao] (Laos, Thailand) Tsis
Hmong (Vietnam) Chúi muá
Hñähñu (Mexico) Hina
Hoi San (China) M hai
Hokkien [Chinese] (Taiwan) M si an-ne
Hokkien [Chinese] (Taiwan) Msi
Hokkien [Chinese] (Taiwan) Bo
Hokkien [Chinese] (Taiwan) M tioh
Hokkien [Chinese] (Singapore, Indonesia) Mmsi
Hometwoli Yokuts (Kern Lake Calif. USA) Uhun
Hopi (United States) Qa'é
Hopi (United States) Gae'
Hopi (United States) K'ae'
Houailou (New Caledonia) Aè
Huambisa (Peru) Atsa
Huastec (Mexico) Ib
Huave (Mexico) Ngwüy
Huave (Mexico) Ngome
Huave (Mexico) Ngo
Huichol (Mexico) Ka-
Hungarian [Magyar] (Hungary) Nem

Icelandic (Iceland) Nei
Icetot (Uganda) Ntondo
Ido (international use) No
Icetot[/COLOR] (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Icetot)]
Ilokano [Ilocano] (Philippines) Saan
Ilokano [Ilocano] (Philippines) Haan
Indo-European (old Europe) Ne
Indonesian (Indonesia, Suriname) Tidak
Indonesian (Indonesia) [informal] ndak
Indonesian (Indonesia) [informal] nggak
Indonesian (Indonesia) [informal] kagak
Indonesian (Indonesia) [don't] Jangan
Indonesian (Indonesia) [not yet] Belum
Indonesian (Indonesia) [for things] Bukan
Ingush (Russia) Aa
Innu (Quebec Canada) Maawaach
Interlingua (constructed) No
Interlingua (constructed) Non
Inuktitut (Canada, Alaska) Naaga
Inuktitut (Canada) Naamik
Inuktitut (Canada) Aagaa
Inuktitut (Baffin Island Canada) Aakka
Inuktitut (Alaska) Naagga
Inuktitut (Alaska) Naaka
Inuttut [Greenlandic] (Greenland) Naamik
Irish (Ireland) [it isn't] Ní hea
Ishkashmi (Tajikistan) No
Ishkashmi (Tajikistan) Ne
Italian (Central Europe, E Africa) No
Itbayaten (Batanes Philippines) Engga
Itzá (Mexico) Ma'
Ivasayen (Batanes Philippines) Omba
Ixcatec (Mexico) 'A
Ixcatec (Mexico) Na
Izoceno [Tapii] (Bolivia) Ani
Ixil (Guatemala) Ye'

Jacaltec (Guatemala) Mach
Jacaru [Jaqaru] (South America) Isha
Japanese (Japan) Iie
Japanese [Kumamoto] (Japan) Nne
Japanese [Kyo Kotoba] (Kyoto Japan) Iya
Japanese [Sendaiben] (Sendai Japan) Yanda
Japanese [Tosaben] (Shikoku Japan) Ingeno
Javanese (Indonesia) [high Javanese] Mboten
Javanese (Indonesia) Ora
Javanese (Indonesia) [for things: not] Sanes
Jèrriais (Jersey) Nannîn
Juaneño (Southern California USA) Kayon

Kabuverdianu (Cape Verde) Nau
Kabyle (Algeria) Ak
Kadazan (Sabah Malaysia) A'ou
Kaingwa (South America) Ahani
Kaipipende (Bolivia) Áni
Kala Kawaw Ya (Australia) Lawnga
Kalamai (Australia) Kuru
Kalasha (India) Ne
Kalasha (India) Moh
Kaliai-Kove (New Guinea) Mao
Kaliai-Kove (New Guinea) [emphatic] Mako
Kalmyk (Russia) Uga
Kamayura (Brazil) Anité
[Kamilaroi, see Gamilaraay (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Gamilaraay)]
Kamviri (South Asia) N'a'i
Kanjobal [Q'anjob'al] (Guatemala) K'amaq
Kanjobal [Q'anjob'al] (Guatemala) C'am
Kannada (India) Beda
Kannada (India) Illa
Kanuri (Nigeria) A a
Kapampangan (Philippines) Ali
Kapingamarangi (Pacifc Islans) Deeai
Karaim (Trakai Lithuania) Jo
Karawatarenda (Bolivia) Áni
Karelian (Finland, Russia) Ei
Karen (Burma) Mwe é
[Kartuli, see Georgian (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Georgian)]
Kashmiri (Pakistan) Ne-keh
Kashmiri (Pakistan) Ma
Kâte (Papua New Guinea) Aricne
Kathlamet (Oregon United States) Ka'ya
Kaurareg (Australia) Lawnga
Kawaiisu (California United States) Kètô
Kawesqar (Chile) Kiép
Kayabi (Brazil) -eém
Kazakh (Kazahkstan, Central Asia, China) Zhoq
Kechayi Yokuts (San Joaquin River Ca. USA) Ohom
Kekchi (Guatemala) Ink'a
Kekchi (Guatemala) Ma
Kekchi (Cahabon Guatemala) Ink'a'
Khakas (Russia) Chox
Khakea (Botswana, Namibia) Taku
Khakea (Botswana, Namibia) ||ka
Khmer [Cambodian] (Cambodia) Te
Khmer [Cambodian] (Cambodia) Ot te
Khmu (Laos) Pa
Khowar (Central Asia) No
Khowar (Central Asia) Moh
Kiga (Africa) Ingaaha
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Chippewa Cree] (Canada) NooMichif [Turtle Mt. Chippewa Cree] (Canada) Pa miyeurMien (Laos, Thailand) Mv [I][+ subject]Mien (Laos, Thailand) Maiv [+ subject]Mien (Vietnam) M´i máiMikmaq (Canada) MoqwaMina (Togo) AoMinangkabau (West Sumatra Indonesia) IndakMingo (North America) Hë'ëMiskito (Nicargua, Honduras) ApiaMiwok [Amador] (NE Sierra California USA) EwutûMiwok [Bodega] (West Coast California USA) HamaMiwok [Lake] (N Coast Califorina USA) HellaMiwok [Marin] (S Coast Califorina USA) HumaMiwok [Mariposa] (S Sierra California USA) KenMiwok [N Sierra] (N Sierra California USA) 'Ewyty'Miwok [N Sierra] (Calif. USA) 'E'ehMiwok [Plains] (NW Sierra California USA) HelaMiwok [Tuolomne] (Central Sierra Cal. USA) EwutuMixe (Mexico) Ka'pMixe (Juquila Mexico) KiápMixe (Totontepec Mexico) KaMixtec (Santa Catarina Estetla Mexico) Ña d+uMixtec (Xicayan Mexico) KoóMixtec (Oaxaca Mexico) Tú'Mixtec (Oaxaca Mexico) TúuMlabri (Laos, Thailand) MetMobilian (North America) EkshuModoc (Northern California) Q'ayMöhineyam (California United States) NauMon (Burma) Hùe;'Mon (Thailand) HaMonegasque (Monaco) NonMongolian (Mongolia) ÜgüiMongolian (Mongolia) [not this] BishMono (Inyo California USA) KaruMono (North Fork California USA) GaduMono (North Fork California USA) GaruMòoré (Burkina Faso) AyoMopá-maya (Guatemala) Ma'Mordvin (Russia) ArasMordvin (Russia) AjašMordvin (Russia) AšMullukmulluk (Australia) AkanaNáhuatl [Aztec] (Mexico, El Salvador) AmoNakota (USA, Canada) HiyaNanai (Russia) EdiNanai (Russia) Ana:Nandi (Kenya) AchichaNangikurrunggurr (Australia) MintaNauruan (Nauru Oceania) IòkNauruan (Nauru Oceania) Deò eiNavajo (United States) DoodaNavajo (United States) Ndaga'Naxi (Yunnan China) Me waqNdebele (Southern Africa) HayiNdjebbana (Australia) KomaNdjuka (Suriname) NonoNenets (Russia) Ya'ngoNepali (Nepal) AhaaNepali (Nepal) [definition] HoinaNepali (Nepal) [location] ChainaNewari (Nepal) MakhuNgadjonji (Australia) NgarruNgadjunma (Australia) JowandjanNgbaka (Africa) ÙúNhirrpi (Australia) [lit. don't] WarrayiNigerian Pidgin (Nigeria) NoNorwegian [Nynorsk, Bokmaal] (Norway) NeiNorwegian [Sortlandsk] (Sortland Norway) NæiNukuoro (Pacific Islands) DeaiNupe (Africa) ÁàNupe (Africa) ÀwâNutúnutu Yokuts (Kings River Calif. USA) Ohò'mNyungar (Australia) Juat[Occitan, see Provencal (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Provencal)][Ocuilteco, see Tlahuica (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Tlahuica)]Ofo (North America) NiOjibwe [Chippewa] (United States) GaawesaOpata (Mexico) KaiOrok (Russia) AnaOsage (North America) Hon'-ka-zhiOsage (North America) On'ka-zhiOssetian (Caucasus) NöOssetian (Caucasus) NæOssetian (Caucasus) NounOtetela (Lodja Congo-Kinshasa) Mbu!O!ung (Angola) |kwa!O!ung (Angola) |kwi!O!ung (Angola) Kwi Paamese (Vanuatu) VuoPaamese (Vanuatu) VuolPaamese (Vanuatu) VuelPakanh (Australia) Ya'aPalewyami Yokuts (Poso Creek Calif. USA) K'ami [Palpamadramadra, see Nhirrpi (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Nhirrpi)] Pame (Mexico) MwiPame (Mexico) PamePangan (Ulu Aring Malaysia) NingPangan (Kerbat Malaysia) NengPapago (United States, Mexico) Pia'aPappua (Papua New Guinea) RobaParana (Bolivia) AníParintintin (Brazil) NãhãPashto (Afghanistan, Pakistan) NaPashto (Afghanistan, Pakistan) NakhayrPassamaqoddy (Maine USA) [polite] KotamaPassamaqoddy (Maine USA) [slang] KonotiriPassamaqoddy (Maine USA) [slang] NePaumarí (Brazil) [answer to question] InianiPaumarí (Brazil) [forbidding] Hari'aPauserna (Bolivia) ÁniPaviotso (California United States) KaruPende (Congo-Kinshasa) M'khu[Penobscot, see Abenaki (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Abenaki)][Persian, see Farsi (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Farsi)]Phorhépecha [Purépecha] (Mexico) ÁmbePhorhépecha [Purépecha] (Mexico) Ástarhu Phorhépecha [Purépecha] (Mexico) Ási[Pidgin English, see Nigerian Pidgin (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Nigerian Pidgin), Pijin (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Pijin) and Tok Pisin (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Pisin)]Pijin (Solomon Islands) NoPijin (Solomon Islands) Nomoa[Pikanii, see Blackfoot (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Blackfoot)]Pima (Mexico) Pia'aPipil (El Salvador) IntePipil (El Salvador) TesuPipil (El Salvador) TeePitjantjatjara (Australia) WiyaPikern (Pitcairn Island) EenoPlattdeutsch (Germany) NauPlattdeutsch (Germany) Nee[Plautdietsch, see Plattdeutsch (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Plattdeutsch)]Pocomam (Guatemala) MaPocomam (Guatemala) NtajPocomam (Guatemala) NtaxPocomam (Guatemala) TaPocomchi (Guatemala) MaaPocomchi (Guatemala) Ma...taPolish (Poland) NiePolynesian (Polynesia) Si'aiPolynesian (Polynesia) SieiPomo (California USA) KuiPopoloca (Mexico) Da'Popoluca (Mexico) CajPortuguese (Portugal, Brazil) NãoPotawatomi (North America) CoProvencal [Occitan] (France) NonProvencal [Occitan] (France) [formal] Nani[Pular, see Fulani (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Fulani)]Punjabi (India) NaheenPunjabi (India) NahiPulawat (Micronesia) YaapwPulawat (Micronesia) MmmPulawat (Micronesia) YeeheePuoc (Australia) PaQuechua Ancashino (Ancash Peru) ManamQuechua Cochabambino (Cochabamba Bolivia) ManaQuechua Cuzqueño (Cuzco Peru) MananQuechua (Andes South America) [forbidding] Ama Quiché [K'iche] (Guatemala) Ma-Quiché [K'iche] (Guatemala) Man...tajQuichua (Ecuador, Argentina) ManaRapanui (Easter Island) Ina[Rarámuri, see Tarahumara (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Tarahumara)]Rarotongan (South Pacific) KareRedondo Tupi-Guarani (South America) Haeñum´Resígaro (Peru) NiíResígaro (Peru) NiíkóResígaro (Peru) NiíkámíRomani [Vlax] [Gypsy] (Europe) NaRomani [Sofia Erli] (Bulgaria) NaRomanian (Romania) NuRomansch (Switzerland) NaRotuman (Pacific Islands) 'Igka'iRotuman (Pacific Islands) 'Igke'i[Runasimi, see Quechua (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Quechua)][Rundi, see Kirundi (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Kirundi)]Russian (Russia) NyetSaanich (Vancouver Island Canada) ?eweSacapultec (Guatemala) TajSaami [Lappish] (Scandinavia, Russia) ÁleSaami [Davvi Saami] [Lappish](Scandinavia) IiSaami [Inari Saami] [Lappish](Scandinavia) IjSaami [Skolt Saami] [Lappish](Scandianvia) IjSa'dan Toraja (Indonesia) TaeSakai (Sungai Raya Malaysia) Täto toSakai (Sungai Raya Malaysia) TahatnaSakao (Espiritu Santo Vanuatu) MeréSakao (Espiritu Santo Vanuatu) ÖhöSamoan (Samoa) LeaiSan Juan Capistrano (California USA) KaiSango (Central Africa Republic) IpoSaramaccan (Suriname) NõnöSaramaccan (Suriname) NáSara-Ngambay (Chad) WaàSardinian (Italy) NoSarnami (Suriname, Holland) NaSasak (Indonesia) NdeSavonian (Ylä-Savo Finland) EeScots (Scotland) NawScots (Scotland) NaeScots [Ulster Scots] (Northern Ireland) NaSema (India) MoSepedi (South Africa) AowaSerbian (Bosnia, Yugoslavia) NeSeri (Mexico) SaateSerrano (California United States) NouSeselwa [Seychelles Creole] (Seychelles) NonSesotho (Lesotho, South Africa) TjheSesotho (Lesotho, South Africa) TjheeSesotho (Lesotho, South Africa) AikonaSetswana (Botswana, South Africa) NyaaSetu (Estonia) ÕiõSherpa [Helambu] (Nepal, Tibet) AhhaSherpa [Helambu] (Nepal, Tibet) MecheyeSherpa [Solu] (Nepal, Tibet) Me shekiShimasiwa (Comoros) Uh uhShikaviyam (California United States) GèShina (India, Central Asia) NehShipibo (Peru) IcámaShona (Zimbabwe) AiwaShona (Zimbabwe) KweteShoshoni (United States) KaiShuar (Ecuador, Peru) AtsaSicilian (Sicily Italy) NudduSicilian (Sicily Italy) NessunuSilozi (Zambia) BaatiliSindhi (Pakistan) NaSindhi (Pakistan) MaSinhalese (Sri Lanka) NathaSipacapa (Guatemala) QaSiswati [Swazi] (Swaziland) HaSlovak (Slovakia) NieSlovenian (Slovenia) NeSolresol (old; international) DoSomali (East Africa) MayaSoninke (Mali, Senegal) AyiSorbian (eastern Germany) NeSpanish (Spain, America) NoSpokane (United States) TáSranan (Suriname) NonoSundanese [Basa Sunda] (Indonesia) HeunteuSundanese [Basa Sunda] (Indonesia) SanesSundanese [Basa Sunda] (Indonesia) [don't] UlahSursilvan (Switzerland) NaSwabian (Central Europe) Noe[Swahili, see Kiswahili (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Kiswahili)][Swazi, see Siswati (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Siswati)]Swedish (Sweden, Finland) NejTachi Yokuts (Tulare Lake California USA) OhomTagalog (Philippines) [to elder] Hindi poTagalog (Philippines) [same age/younger] HindiTahitian (Tahiti) AitaTaino (Caribbean, Florida USA) U'aTaino (Caribbean, Florida USA) [emphatic] Wu'aTajik (Tajikstan) NeTaki-taki (French Guyana) NonoTamashek (West Africa) Kala-kalaTamil (India, Southeast Asia) IllaiTamil (India, Southeast Asia) VendaTapiete (Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay) BaetyTarahumara [Rarámuri] (Mexico) KéTarahumara [Rarámuri] (Mexico) QueTarahumara [Rarámuri] (Mexico) QuetasiTarahumara [Rarámuri] (Mexico) TásirapéTarahumara [Rarámuri] (Mexico) TasiTarahumara [Rarámuri] (Mexico) Tarapé[Tarasco, see Phorhepecha (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Phorhepecha)]Tarawan (Oceania) AkêaTashkorghani (Central Asia) NayTatar (Russia) YukTay (Vietnam) BoomiTehuelche (Argentina) GomTelefol (Papua New Guinea) UmbaeTelefol (Papua New Guinea) BaeTelugu (India) KadduTelugu (India) LeduTepehua (Mexico) MaitagueTetum (East Timor) LaeTetum (East Timor) [before a verb] La[Teuso, see Icetot (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Icetot)]Thai (Thailand) MaiThai (Thailand) MaidaiThai (Thailand) MaichaiThai (Thailand) MaiouaThangmi [Thami] (Himalayas) Ma-jaTibetan (Tibet, China) YoTibetan (Tibet, China) MareyTibetan (Tibet, China) MeyinTigre (Ethiopia) La'Tigre (Ethiopia) [emphatic] Lala'Tigrinya (Ethiopia) Ay-[I][+verb root]-nTjalkadjara (Australia) TailpaTlahuica [Ocuilteco] (Mexico) T'akwhaTlingit (Canada) KlekTlingit (Southeastern Alaska) TleixTojolabal (Chiapas Mexico) MiyucTojolabal (Chiapas Mexico) MiTok Pisin (Papua New Guinea) NogatTongan (Tonga Pacific Islands) 'IkaiTongva (USA) Hí-ekh[Torres Strait Broken, see Yumpla Tok (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Yumpla Tok)]Totonac (Veracruz Mexico) NichunaTrobes Tokples (Trobriand Papua N. Guinea) GalaTsafiqui (Ecuador) Te[Tsalagi, see Cherokee (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Cherokee)]Tschiluba (Kasai Occidental Region, Zaire) ToTseshaht (British Columbia Canada) WikTübatulabal (California United States) HaicTukang Besi (Indonesia) Mbe'aeTulamni Yokuts (Buena Vista Lake Cal. USA) AnhanTulu (India) IjjiTulu (India) IddiTupi [Nheengatu] (Brazil) MbaaTupi [Tembé Tenetéhar] (Amazon Brazil) NaaniTupi [Tembé Tenetéhar] (Brazil) [emphatic) NaanikwawTupi [Tembé Tenetéhar] (Brazil) [by women] Naani-miaTurkish (Turkey, Northern Cyprus) HayirTurkmen (Turkmenistan) YokTuvan (Russia) ChokTwi (Ghana) DaabíTzeltal (Chiapas Mexico) Ju'ukTzeltal (Chiapas Mexico) [there isn't] Ma'yukTzotzil (Chiapas Mexico) I'iTzotzil (Chiapas Mexico) Mo'ojTzotzil (Chiapas Mexico)[before consonant] MuTzotzil (Chiapas Mexico)[before vowel] MucTzutujil (Mexico) MaTzutujil (Mexico) MaanUdmurt (Russia) ÖvölUkrainian (Ukraine) NiUlcha (Russia) AnaUrdu (Pakistan, India, Central Asia) NahinUrdu (Pakistan, India, Central Asia) NehiiNUrubu (Brazil) AninUspantec (Guatemala) Ta'Ute (Colorado and Utah USA) KachUte (Colorado and Utah USA) Ka-Uyghur (Central Asia) JyokUyghur (Central Asia) YaqUzbek (Uzbekistan, Afghanistan) YukUzbek (Uzbekistan, Afghanistan) YöqValencian (Spain) NoVeps (Russia) EiVietnamese (Vietnam) KhôngVietnamese (Vietnam) Thưa khôngVillamontes Tupi-Guarani (Bolivia) Awigi Visayan [Cebuano] (Philippines) DiliVisayan [old Cebuano] (Philippines) [old] Tifale[Vlaams, see Dutch (Belgium) (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Flemish)][Vogul, see Mansi (http://users.elite.net/runner/jennifers/no.htm#Mansi)]Votic (Russia) EiVotic (Russia) EBVotic (Russia) EpWagiman (Australia) WihyaWaigali (India) MiWakhi (Central Asia) NeisWali [Wa] (Northern Ghana) AyeWaljen (Australia) WandiWalpiri (Australia) [literally: 'nothing'] LawaWalpiri (Australia) [in negative commands] WalkuWangaaybuwan-ngiyambaa (Australia) WangaayWangaaybuwan-ngiyambaa (Australia) WayilWasho (California United States) ÈsWaura (Brazil) AWaura (Brazil) AitsaWayilwan (Australia) WayilWechihit Yokuts (Sanger California USA) OhòmWelsh (Wales) NaWelsh (Wales) [no I didn't] NaddoWelsh (Wales) [no I didn't] NageWelsh (Wales) [no I don't want] NagoesWelsh (Wales) [no I am not] Nac ydwWik-mungkan (Australia) Ya'aWinnemem Wintu (California United States) El-eh-ohWintu (California United States) MinWintu (California United States) MinaWiradjuri (Australia) WirraayWiyot (California United States) KiaWo'lasi Yokuts [Wo'ladji] (Calif. USA) OhomWolof (West Africa) DeedeetWükchamni Yokuts (Kaweah River Calif. USA) K'amu/Xam (South Africa) |na//Xegwi (South Africa) K'au//Xegwi (South Africa) K'aukiXerente (Brazil) AnrêXetá (Brazil) ÑiáXhosa (South Africa) HayiYamagata (Japan) NneYao (Africa) NgavaYaqui (Mexico, United States) 'É'eYawdanchi Yokuts (foothills Californ. USA) K'amuYawelmani Yokuts (Kern River Calif. USA) OhomYiddish (Europe) Nit Yiddish (Europe) NeynYindjibarndi (Australia) MitaYokuts [Buena Vista] (foothills Calif.) AnhanYokuts [Poso Creek] (foothills Calif. USA) K'amiYokuts [Tule] (foothills California USA) K'amuYokuts [Kings River] (foothills Calif.) K'amu Yokuts (north valley California USA) OhomYolngu Matha (Australia) YakaYoruba (Benin, Nigeria) RaraYoruba (Benin, Nigeria) OtiYoruba (Benin, Nigeria) Béè kóYucatec Maya (Yucatán Mexico) Ma'Yucatec Maya (Yucatán Mexico) MaaYugur [Western Yugur] (Gansu China) YahqYuki (California United States) TanYuki (California United States) Mi-tang-kehYumpla Tok (Torres Strait Australia) NoYupik (Alaska USA) GangaZapotec (Oaxaca Mexico) QueZapotec (Oaxaca Mexico) Ka'áZapotec (Oaxaca Mexico) Ko'Zapotec (Oaxaca Mexico) AktiZapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) BiZapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) BitoZapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) CabiZapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) AbiZapotec (Zoogocho Mexico) BiZapotec (Zoogocho Mexico) BibiZapotec (Zoogocho Mexico) BitwZapotec (Zoogocho Mexico) CabiZhuang (China) BowZhurzhen (China) EjxeZoque (Mexico) WatkáhZoque (Mexico) Ja'neZoque (Mexico) N@7ttiZulu (South Africa, Lesotho) ChaZulu (South Africa, Lesotho) TshaZulu (South Africa, Lesotho) Haai ngekoZuñi (Southwest United States) 'Ella

03-29-2010, 11:55 PM
Yeah why improve our team with a QB who is better then any we have now??....that's why we are always mediocre. Plain old boring and average year after year.

Rhody Phins Fan
03-30-2010, 12:13 AM
Yeah why improve our team with a QB who is better then any we have now??....that's why we are always mediocre. Plain old boring and average year after year.

Reasons why we shouldn't make the trade:

We have a young quarterback who this regime is very high on
The trade will cost a 2nd round pick
Mcnabb will turn 34 midway through the 2010 season

03-30-2010, 12:13 AM
Yeah why improve our team with a QB who is better then any we have now??....that's why we are always mediocre. Plain old boring and average year after year.


03-30-2010, 12:53 AM
I like McNabb and if the fins plan on drafting a QB in the second which they probably wont then sure i would take McNabb but i think we need to save that pick and spend it on something we need

03-30-2010, 02:27 AM
McFlab to da Raiduhs: http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=5038866

Aqua and Orange
03-30-2010, 02:49 AM
McFlab to da Raiduhs: http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=5038866

Everyone's career dies a horrible death in Oakland, so it seems like a logical destination.

Da Phinishisher
03-30-2010, 03:07 AM
Terrible idea

03-30-2010, 03:16 AM
i love mcnabb (saw a lot of him at SU) but i give the notion of surrending our draft picks for aging players a big thumbs down.

03-30-2010, 03:25 AM
McNabb as a player is 100% worth a 2nd round pick...but not for the Phins. If you asked me 2 years ago I would say this needs to get done tomorrow.

03-30-2010, 09:39 AM
McNabb as a player is 100% worth a 2nd round pick...but not for the Phins. If you asked me 2 years ago I would say this needs to get done yesterday.

fixed it for ya:up: