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03-31-2010, 08:30 PM
Hello, i'm new to this website and wanted to know about what you thought about what I think may happen.

Our main problems from last year on the offence were injuries and the fact our receivers dropped a large amount of easy passes. I have no doubt that even with the injuries we could have won 4 or so games that we lost if they had simply caught the ball. On the defense was our 4th quarter. What was the average teams scored on us in the fourth quarter? Another 4 games had this not happened.

The Draft that will probably happen.
Move down and get an extra third. Trade Smiley for a fourth.
1)Brandon Graham
If he isn't available then Sergio Kindle. Bill needs to have his LB before anything else.
2)Nate Allen
We needs a FS and he is a good as it gets in this round. Their are others if he is gone but we are picking a FS here.
3)Linval Jospeh
Bill likes big people and coincidently he is here when we need a NT.
4)Mike Williams
We need a receiver and Bill has shown interest.
I have a feeling Bill is going to repeat a position with this pick or go with an OG. Since I have no clue what he could be thinking here I will leave this open.

My dream draft.
We trade smiley for a third and move down for a third. Then we trade a 3rd and a 4th for a second.
1)Golden Tate
Dez has way to many questions that I don't like. Reminds me of Randy Moss. Good player but i can't stand his character. Golden Tate is proven.
2)Jerry Hughes
To some it is a stretch that he is going to be available but I think he is going to be here for the simple reason that their are so many first round players in this draft that some are bound to drop to the second.
2)Nate Allen
Same as above and i think their is a higher chance of him dropping. Even if he is gone their are still quality FS that are available.
3)Dennis Pitta
A good receiving TE. Gives Chad an extra pair of hands and good ones at that. We have other TE's that can block just fine.
3)Linval Joseph
We need a nose tackle and I very much doubt that Cam drop this far with the need for NT in this draft.

03-31-2010, 09:38 PM
I love the first one. Do not like Kindle if Graham not there. ALso, not sure if I like Burnett better than Allen. It hits on all our needs and is reasonable even if we do not trade Smiley.

03-31-2010, 09:46 PM
I don't really like Brandon Graham.

03-31-2010, 11:18 PM
I like it but I think Linval will be there in the fourth and you said we picked up a xtra third and you only got one on there...

03-31-2010, 11:42 PM
It's not that I don't like Graham, I'm just concerned about his ability to take on blockers in the NFL.

PS- Get ready for April Fools Day

Phin-Phan 66
04-01-2010, 12:26 AM
I like the realistic mock - very similiar to mine

Morgan Burnett or Nate Allen S
Mike Williams WR
Torrell Troupe NT

04-01-2010, 01:57 AM
I myself don't like the Brandon Graham pick but he is arguably the best LB in this draft. I hate how Parcells needs to have amazing LB's when what we really need is help in the passing game. I would be fine with Dez even if I am not a fan because of the dropped passes that I see dropped in every game. It gets frustrating sometimes and we need that reliable guy that can make the play.

My bad I must have deleted that third by accident. I meant to put TE Dennis Pitta their. Although he may not start I think the few plays in their will benefit the Dolphins and Parcells knows he needs good hands on the team.

Linval is a 4th round guy but their are two many teams in need of a NT to risk getting him in the 4th. Amongst these are the Broncos, Bills, Chiefs, and Redskins. A few others but these are the ones I can think of out the top of my head. Also, his stock has been rising a bit. For that reason I have him in the 3rd.

I know many people don't like my first mock draft and I know this very well. I respect and accept the talent of those by the names of Bryant, Spiller, and Thomas. The thing though is that this is Bill Parcells. He hates large character problems(TO, Porter) and small people, even though I don't think Earl Thomas is to small to be a safety he probably does. The only types of RB he likes are power RB's. I can only see him picking up a LB in the first. If he can move down and get an extra pick while getting the number one LB in the draft then I think he would do it.

I also know many people hate my second mock draft. I think Brandon Graham isn't that great of a LB. Good no doubt but nothing we couldn't find in some else. Someone like Jerry Hughes. The only Safety we could get in that space is Taylor Mays and I say hell to the no for that guy. Guy is fast but has no eyes. If we don't move down then Earl Thomas but I prefer two good 2nd round players then one good first round player. Super Bowls aren't won by one person. So for these reasons I pick Golden Tate. He to me has proven himself more then Dez and I think their are too many questions around him. This guy is good and has dropped a low amount of passes. This is undeniable and if this guy were on our team last year we would have won 4 games and would have been in the playoffs. I could say the same about Dez had he simply not had those numbers.

I appreciate all the feedback. Thank you too all of those that have replied.