View Full Version : Why won't Dez be their at 12?

04-03-2010, 03:26 AM
We have to do a mock so that I can show you their is a high chance he will be their at 12.

Yes I know the draft is unpredictable but it is safe to EXPECT that they will pick out of these players I listed and yes I know I probably forgot a few players. My bad if I did, I wrote this out of the top of my head.

In NO particular order.

Rams: Bradford, Suh
Lions: Suh, McCoy, Berry, Okung
Buccaneers: Suh, McCoy, Berry
Redskins: Okung, Clausen, Bulaga, Williams, Davis
Chiefs: Okung, Bulaga, Williams, Davis, Berry
Seahawks: Suh, McCoy, Williams, Bulaga, Okung, Berry, Spiller
(I put both Suh and McCoy here because their is a chance one of them will drop to here depending on the Lions and Bucs and the Lions have a high chance of picking Okung now that they got a solid line in FA.)
Browns: Berry, Haden, Clausen
Raiders: Okung, Davis, Williams, Bulaga, Campbell
(To be honest...the Raiders suck so much in the draft that they will probably pick Tebow.)
Bills: Dan, Okung, Williams, Bulaga, Davis, Clausen, Tebow, McCoy(QB)
Jaguars: Best player Available, Move down, Tebow, Berry, Earl Thomas,
Broncos: Dan, McClain, Dez(ONLY if Marshall gets traded which doesn't look like he will.)
Dolphins: ??

As it looks. Only the Jaguars are of any concern. With Bryant's bad numbers and numerous question marks as well as players like Haden, Morgan, Berry, Thomas, and Tebow being perhaps available their chances of picking Dez are low. However if they decide to move down then another team might pick up Dez. Their is still, however, a good chance that Dez will drop down to us.

So please stop saying their is a high chance he wont be their. Their is a high chance Berry or Suh wont be their but Dez? Yes. Although I don't like him I do admire his skills and I will admit that he would be a good choice for the Dolphins.

04-03-2010, 04:03 AM
i didnt see any point? sry

04-03-2010, 04:14 AM
The point is that I keep seeing post that say their is a large chance Dez wont fall to us at 12. I am correcting these people by saying that although he has top 10 skill the teams prior to us picking don't have a need for a WR. Only the Jaguars could possibly be any danger to him falling to us.

Same with Spiller, the only person that could pick him up would be the Seahawks.

04-03-2010, 11:52 AM
Well, it's almost better that he doesn't fall to us. If he does and we pass (which is very possible), a lot of Dolfans are going to be jumping off cliffs.