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04-03-2010, 09:02 PM
Allow me to play GM for the 2010 draft real quick. Very simply put, we have many needs, but for the purposes of this post I've narrowed our needs down to 4 major ones.

1. #1 WR
2. OLB pass rusher
3. FS
4. TE

With this in mind, here is my gameplan:
At pick #12, if Dez Bryant is still there i would be very tempted to take him. However, because of the reservations that I have about his work ethic, and knowing how much I like Demayrius Thomas and Golden Tate later in the 1st, I pass on Dez in favor of Brandon Graham at #12.
IMO Graham is an Elvis Dumervil clone and he will be an impact player starting very early on in his career, filling a huge need for us.

Having addressed OLB, I take our 2nd round pick, package it with our 4th rounder and a 2011 2nd rounder, and I move up about 15-20 spots into the mid 20s. With this pick, I take Thomas if available or Golden Tate who should certainly be there. Both of these guys have the ability to turn into #1 receivers going forward, and I feel that Tate is especially underrated. Just like Graham, he is falling because of his lack of ideal size. Scouts tend to overlook things like route running, hands, ball skills, run after catch ability, and work ethic. Go figure. In Thomas I see Hakeem Nicks and in Tate I see a more polished Percy Harvin.

Having addressed OLB and WR, I turn to TE with our 3rd round pick where there should be a serious talent available. This draft is absolutely loaded with TE talent, and I think the 3rd round is the perfect spot to pull the trigger on a guy that I have had my eye on for a while - Aaron Hernandez from the University of Florida. Hernandez is another underrated talent, again due to lack of height, but the guy has unbelievable hands, great ability to get tough yards after the catch, and he goes up and gets the jump ball as well as anyone in this draft does - including WRs.
For Hernandez, blocking is a concern, but he has both the weight room and functional strength and size (6-2 245) to turn into a more than adequate blocker. And realistically, you are never going to get a complete player in the 3rd round anyway.

Being that I traded away our 4th rounder to move up in this draft, we have to wait until round 5 to address safety, but fear not, I do have a plan. There are two FS prospects that I like very much at this point, both of whom might be available to pick up in the 5th.
#1 is Major Wright from Florida, and #2 is Reshad Jones from Georgia. Both of these guys are long term hard nosed starters and leaders for tough SEC defenses. Neither of them are burners, but they are both great tacklers, and in coverage they have a nose for the football, always seeming to put themselves in the right place at the right time.
Now Major Wright helped himself a lot at the combine, running a 4.48 so he might not be here in the 5th, but I think that Jones will be, and I think that he'll be a steal at that point in the draft.

So at the end of the day here, yes I realize that I traded a couple of picks, but in the first 5 rounds I came away with Brandon Graham, Thomas or Tate, Aaron Hernandez and either Major Wright or Reshad Jones.
I personally challenge our FO to do better than that. I hope that they can!

What do you guys think of my gameplan?

04-03-2010, 10:12 PM
Not sure TE is a more pressing need than NT but those are excellent picks!