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04-05-2010, 06:25 PM
1. C.J. Spiller at No. 12? The Clemson running back is a playmaker, and one the Dolphins are interested int according to the reputable ProFootballTalk.com. I love Spiller. Love his 21 runs over 50 yards or more. Love his speed and power. But the Dolphins had the best one-two running back punch in the league last year with Ronnie Brown (when healthy) and Ricky Williams. While both are getting old, this team has too many holes to take a running back this high and it goes against Parcells' draft background. Conclusion: Smokescreen.

2. The Dez Bryant interview. The need for a No. 1 receiver is obvious. The Dolphins had Bryant in for talks Thursday and Friday, doing their due diligence about a player with some questions about his past. The bigger question is whether Bryant will be sitting there for them at No. 12. So long as his interviews went fine, if Bryant is there he should be the Dolphins pick. Conclusion: No smokescreen.

3. Trade for Miles Austin. This seems out of some fantasy world. But let's remember Dallas owner Jerry Jones is involved, he's met with Bryant and why would he do that with the No. 27 pick unless he had an idea of moving up? OK, he could be doing it to help out Bryant's handler, Deion Sanders, by creating talk about Bryant. The other scenario is Jerry wants to trade up for Bryant and would offer the Dolphins Miles Austin if Bryant is there at No. 12. There would have to be more to the deal to make it equitable, but that would be the starting point. Strange? Yep. Impossible? Jerry's involved. Conclusion: No smokescreen, just weird.

4. Safety. Earl Thomas of Texas? Taylor Mays of USC? With Gibril Wilson getting cut, with the Dolphins trying and failing to sign Pittsburgh's Ryan Clark, it's obvious a need is seen here. And apparently a big one. Thomas is the kind of ball-hawk this secondary didn't have last year. But he played at 195 pounds in a position where careers are shorter than most. Conclusion: No smokescreen.

5. Dan Williams and take your pick of the line linebacker. There's a need at nose tackle, and Williams is the best one of the bunch, but if you're looking at Parcells' drafting profile there's no nose tackle taken in the first round. So that would be out of character


04-05-2010, 06:33 PM
Thanks for posting the article. Interesting read. But all he is basically saying is that he has about as much of a clue with what we are doing with that pick as the rest of us.

04-05-2010, 06:37 PM
Nice article.