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04-13-2010, 08:20 PM
I think Mike Nolan will have a big influence on what we draft in regards to defensive players this year. When you look at the schemes he has run with Baltimore, 49ers & Denver last year, it is pretty similar to BP, big front 7 and certain players fulfilling situational roles. In addition those Dan Williams fans, I dont think a Nolan defense has drafted a NT earlier than the 6th round.

I have also added two 4th round picks with the likely trades of both Smiley and Thigpen.

I have also traded 6 & 7 for a 5th.

1 - Brandon Graham/Derrick Morgan OLB - FO has always left one spot wide open for 1st round pick to start. At present we have nobody filling SOLB and we have attempted twice to fill vacancy at FS even with Clemons and Culver. I think Morgan fills the more prototypical SOLB at 6'3, but IMO Graham would make the better 3-4 SOLB than Morgan. They both were team leaders, no question marks on work ethic and have produced every year at college level, which ticks every BP necessity.

2 - Nate Allen/Morgan Burnett Safety - We still need options at Safety and Nate Allen IMO fits all the BP, MN requirements, 'Speed, versatility, intelligence and toughness', 'Very good student. Sets the defense on the field. Loves the game; works hard on and off the field to improve'.

3 - Brandon LaFell WR - With Bess/Camarillo/Ginn all probably better in the slot, unless Turner steps up we have nobody to line up on the outside opposite Hartline. LaFell is a superb run blocker and excellent athlete who makes YAC. Sparano said we need players who can get 'chunk' yards......LaFell could be that option.

4a - Jermaine Cunningham OLB - This is where we double up. Cunnigham was voted team captain, has played through inury and still been productive.

4b - J.D. Walton C - Replaces Smiley on the interior line but also provides better option at centre for the injury prone J.Grove, whom he is very similar to, aggresive & tough.

4c - A.Hernandez TE- This would provide a pass catching option opposite Fasano & again provide 'chunk' yards.

5 - Pat Angerer

6a - Jeff Owens

6b - LaGarrette Blount

7a - Mike Tepper

7b - Micah Johnson

04-13-2010, 08:47 PM
Give me Burnett over Allen. And, I think we can do better than Cunningham in the 4th. Lafell in the 3rd doesn't bother me. I don't love him, but I like some of his attributes.