View Full Version : Trades that can shake up the Draft

04-13-2010, 11:49 PM
Brandon Marshall | WR | Denver Broncos
- Everyone knows the story about Marshall. He's as productive as he is disruptive. He wants a new contract and wants out of Denver. There has been some discussion that he could be headed for Green Bay or San Francisco. At least those are the rumored teams this week. Marshall could land anywhere because for as much problems as he causes, he's still young (26) and a great talent. Considering that he's under contract until 2011, Denver could just make him suck it up.
- Predicted value: Second-round pick.

Albert Haynesworth | DT | Washington Redskins
- Since signing a record contract last offseason, Haynesworth has been a distraction. He doesn't like Washington's scheme on defense and isn't coming to offseason workouts. Some think Haynesworth isn't quite as unhappy as has been reported. And it would be hard to move his contract. Still, there's a lot of discussion about Haynesworth being on the move.
- Predicted value: Second-round pick.

Ronnie Brown | RB | Miami Dolphins
- Adam Schefter has said that the 'Phins have been "open to dealing RB Ronnie Brown for well over a year." In a draft that has some question marks with the running backs, Brown could be enticing. But he'll turn 29 during the season and his productive days may be coming to an end. With that also comes middling value.
- Predicted value: Third-round pick.


04-13-2010, 11:52 PM
I don't know if any of those trades would shake up the draft, but they would give us something to talk about.