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04-16-2010, 08:09 AM
We all know this FO likes to get back picks after they trade them away so lets look at 3 potential trade partners for our 1st round pick.

NYG 1(15: 1050pts) CJ. Spiller - if he's still available they could jump over SF and Seattle for a 4th(72pts) rounder to secure him. The NYG's run game was not great last season and Spiller could jump start them once again. SF or Seattle potentially could select him and a 4th isn't much.

Hou 1(20: 850pts) E.Thomas - they play Indy twice a year and their secondary needs an upgrade. Either a 2nd(380pts) or a combination of a 3rd(170pts) and 4th(62pts) would be needed to make a jump up to 12. Now if we could make the deal with NYG's and then they could jump up to 15(1050pts) for a 3rd(170pts).

Pitts 1(18 900pts) J.Hadden - it would take a 3rd (180pts). Now I could see us taking a 4th and 5th because it's real likely a targeted player would still be there and Pitts has three 5th round picks.

I don't think we want to drop to much further and I don't know if teams would be willing to jump up all the way to 12. Dallas (Dez or E.Thomas) has been rumoured but it would take atleast 1(27 680pts) 2(310pts) 3(136pts) minimum to make that deal. Now it could be done with a player but I don't see us dropping that far without a 1st and 2nd and a starter.

Now the most likely thing for us is to do is make a couple small moves picking up 3rds and 4ths. Teams are alot more willing to part with a mid round pick to secure that one player they feel that will make a difference for them.

That also then goes with the potetial trades of players. We all know (have heard atleast) that J.Smiley, T.Ginn and T.Thigpen are on the block. Then there's an outside shot of R.Brown if someone is foolish enough to give up alot for him (a late 2nd or maybe a 3rd and 5th).

Smiley I would think is a good pick up for a 4th for a team like Seattle or Chicago.

Thigpen shouldn't be let go for anything less then a 4th, he would make a solid back up for someone and we may have to wait for a training camp injury to get maximum value for him. I'd love a 2011 3rd if someone is desperate enough because of a camp injury or even Pittsburgh who could lose Ben for 2-4 games. Oakland's BG just injured his pectorial muscle and that opens up another door.

T.Ginn has potential and unless it's a 4th round pick I don't see the point in making a trade. I'd love to see KC jump in and use Ginn to compliment Chambers and Bowe but at the same time it would be interesting to see if Marshall would help Ginn out. In theory he would but can Ginn take advantage of BM's talent to come into his own, that's a huge question.

So who do you think we could trade with and why would they want to?

04-16-2010, 08:39 AM
I really dont see anyone sending us a 4th or higher for Ginn, so I say keep him and let him do what he does best....Return kicks and punts.

Throw him in to run a go or out route, but to trade him for a 5th or 6th would be silly IMO.

I'd like to see us work something out with the Giants, pick up an extra 4th and then revalute the situation when we come on the clock again...We may still be able to get Brandon Graham at 15 or move again with Houston perhaps.

04-16-2010, 01:59 PM
Two buddies text me and said ginn to 9ers for s 5th. Sorry, don't have the link. I can't verify it. Go FINS!!