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05-07-2010, 05:48 PM
MACK-SFC: XBOX 360 League


The MACK-sfc is looking for good/sim owners to fill the open spots in our great young league. The MACK-sfc (Madden Arm Chair Kings sim football club) is a league currently built of 16 owners who have played with each other over the past 5 years. The basis of the league is SIM/Fair play. We want for each owner to enjoy every game they play. We know that in a loss, it can be tougher to enjoy your time, but if you enjoy your team and play against fair owners, it will make it easier to take a loss.

The league is there for those who want to have a good time playing games that look similar to what you will see on an NFL Sunday. We look to find guys who want to play with their home teams, and not just the best teams available. The Lions and Chiefs were picked before the likes of the Saints/Patriots/Colts/Chargers. If your only goal is to win every game no matter what it takes, this league is not for you. While we want you to want to win, after all it is a competitive league, we do not want an owner doing whatever it takes to do so.

The MACK-sfc is a money league, however it is not for those only looking to make some extra cash. The money is there to help keep the integrity of the league, not to work against it. We have found over the years that with the money comes responsibility. Players will take more seriously the building of their teams, and the play from week to week. Every season 12/32 users will be in the money and 20 will not. That is just how it is. Over time, if you make it in this league you will start to forget about the money. If you concern yourself with the money, you will most likely not make it through the 2011 season of Madden.

Every Madden player knows that there are lapses in the games A.I., it should not be your goal to take advantage of those over and over until you win the game. If you want to do that, there are lobbies out there where you will fit in perfectly. We do not want guys running tosses/screens/slants etc. over and over. We are looking for guys who mix up their game play, and play calls. We are not asking for you to match your teams NFL play, but it should at least somewhat resemble it. No team should pass the ball 80% of the time, it just doesn’t happen (same with run). Not every run should be the same play, not every pass to same WR, etc. If a player does not abide by the league’s rules/schedule they will not be asked back, and there will not be any refunds.

This league is full of guys with loads of experience in Madden leagues. This league, if done right by the team’s owners will be a very enjoyable experience. The league has a forum that keeps improving day by day. There will be yearly awards voted on by the owners in the league. Players of the week will be announced throughout , a possible blog, and working on the possibility even of a radio show (had one in years past). The more the guys in the league help out, the better this league will be.

League Details:
Co-Commissioners: BLaBelle127, Animal Pharm
---32 USER teams and play 3/4 seasons (paid before season 1 starts)
---$25 dollars per season (if you make playoffs you will be in the money)
---There is a $10 deposit required to hold your team for Madden 11. Going into the NFL draft we have 16 deposits paid, which leaves us with half the league to fill. (via Paypal)

Games Schedule not set in stone, but will be close to 2 games per week.

More info available at Forum/site.
If interested please contact one of the following
Blabelle127, JHolsinger, or Animal Pharm on Xbox Live
You can contact Brandon or Michael the commissioners @ macksfc@yahoo.com
Or visit the website (http://www.contractplayer.com/maddenx/), register and post in forums your contact info under “New Members Section”

05-07-2010, 07:33 PM
Ward3431...ill gladly be them

05-07-2010, 07:39 PM
The real question is, who wouldn't? They are going to be sick in '11.

Raging Bull
05-07-2010, 09:46 PM
King Robbie23 - Im your man