View Full Version : Miami Home game Tickets Titans & Bears For Sale

05-22-2010, 06:46 AM
I'm a season ticket holder who can't make these games. If your out of state do a weekend and weekend trip!! I'm doing Jets & Pat's. I have had these seats for 20 years and love the close action being so near to the field. Seats are located in Sec. 156 Row 7 Seats 11-12. ALL TICKETS INCLUDE PARKING PASSES which let you park inside the stadium grounds. Get there early and park under a palm tree for shade and meet so many really cool Dolfan tailgaters. If you don't have a pass you will be charged 5-15 dollars more and parked in a dirt lot. That's no fun for tailgating.
Your sitting two rows above the players tunnel between the goal posts. Great place to take close up pictures of your favorite players. Both home and away teams use this tunnel. After the game players trough wrist bands and gloves into the crowd. Got a football once on Monday Night Football. If your pulling for the other team the people who sit around you are very friendly!! The cost for 4 tickets (two for each game) and two parking passes are $520.00 This includes shipping. Tickets will be sent out in late August.

Also have a few other games if your intrested.

If you have any questions please contact me:
William Prest at: racefinders@yahoo.com I check email daily or call 704-400-3903.