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06-24-2010, 08:33 AM

Earlier this week, I assumed that recent history will hold firm in 2010, and that half of the NFL teams that made it to the postseason in 2009 won't make it back this year.
Given that assumption, I listed the six teams most likely to return (http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/article/2010-06-16/six-teams-who-will-return-nfl-playoffs-10). So, for Part 2, let's look at the six that are the most likely to play no games beyond the final week of the regular season.

New York Jets

All-Star teams generate a lot of buzz, but they rarely accomplish anything when it counts.
In New York, the already enhanced expectations from a 9-7 season that ended with a berth to the AFC title game went through the roof of their roofless new stadium via the collection of big-name players like LaDainian Tomlinson, Santonio Holmes, Antonio Cromartie, and Jason Taylor.
Apart from the fact the Jets will be wearing a gigantic bull's-eye in every game, discontent among players who believe the team promised to "take care" of them could conspire to "take care" of the team's chances in 2010.

New England Patriots

Yes, the Patriots will be contenders for as long as quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick are in New England. But that doesn't mean they'll make it to the playoffs every year.
A vague sense has developed that the team's run of greatness is much closer to the end than to the beginning. Brady has been vocal regarding problems with work ethic and responsiveness to coaching, and his message may not be heeded by teammates given his decision to stay in L.A. for much of the offseason.
While the team has enough talent to excel, the rest of the league has caught up with the Pats and this could be only the third time since 2001 that they failed to punch through to the playoffs.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals haven't qualified for the playoffs in two consecutive years since 1981 and 1982. And that was the only time they ever pulled it off.
In 2009, the Bengals caught teams by surprise early, but as the season progressed, the rest of the league figured them out. Cincy limped into the playoffs and then staggered out in round one.
This time around, everyone will be gunning for them and things won't come easily. Especially with Carson Palmer's accuracy disappearing for long stretches during the latter stages of last year's playoff run.

Philadelphia Eagles

When the Eagles made Kevin Kolb their first draft pick (at the top of round two) in 2007, they laid the foundation for April's decision to dump long-time starter Donovan McNabb. And while Philly has plenty of faith in Kolb, he'll soon be facing more scrutiny than he ever could have dreamed.
The offensive line has plenty of question marks, and the defense regressed significantly in the first year of the Sean McDermott era. To succeed, the Eagles need to clamp down on opposing offenses and display patience when in possession of the ball. It won't be easy, especially in a division that includes the Cowboys, the Giants, and McNabb.

New Orleans Saints

Yes, the Saints won the Super Bowl. Yes, most of their key players will be back. Yes, quarterback Drew Brees seems to be determined to build upon a burgeoning Hall of Fame legacy.
But the rest of the league will have had months to break down the things the Saints did to put together that historic run, and the fact they played into February and partied into April will make it hard to put together another similar performance.
Then there's the presence of the good-and-improving Falcons, who'll enter the season with a chip on their shoulders after missing the playoffs despite putting together a winning record.
Arizona Cardinals

Arizona's prospects plummeted when: 1. Kurt Warner retired; 2. Matt Leinart didn't; 3. Derek Anderson reported for duty; and 4. the Cardinals didn't immediately pounce on Marc Bulger the instant he became available.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals allowed linebacker Karlos Dansby to walk away, and they replaced him with an over-the-hill loudmouth whose bark currently is far more potent than his bite. (We're talking about Joey Porter, for those of you who can't keep straight the various over-the-hill loudmouths.)
Though the presence of coach Ken Whisenhunt arguably counts for a couple of wins, the absence of a quarterback who can take advantage of receiver Larry Fitzgerald and the absence of an Anquan Boldin who can take advantage of the attention paid to Fitzgerald will make if very difficult to win the NFC West for a third straight season.
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Didn't sporting news also say the jets were going to win the division a month ago? I thought I remember that.

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Jets jets jets jets jets jets.................................:rotfl1:

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I agree with all the teams there except for the Saints.