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07-08-2010, 03:49 PM
With NFL mini camps off to a whirling start in the early months of July Dolphins fans all over the country and in the sunshine state are speculating where the team will end up concluding the 2010 season. Well bloggers you heard it here first, the 2010 Dolphins will not win a game in their upcoming season. Read below to find out my reasoning, and yes it is all factual information.

1) Serena Williams, Jimmy Buffet, J Lo and Marc Anthony are just a few who have stake in partial ownership of the team, who’s next?… Lady Gaga… The owners becoming more worried about the spectacle surrounding the game rather than the team on the field is one reason why these fish will flounder.

2) Chad Henne, the big bad Michigan alum will take the reins as the full-time starter, this proven vet definitely bodes well for the fins who have many questions surrounding various aspects of the team…. NOT!!! Chad Henne is about as unproven as Jamarcus Russell was when he was taken first overall by the Oakland Raiders a few seasons ago. We all know what ended up happening with that hamburglar experiment, (here is a little sip sip in cell block 29 refresher). Ohh well maybe the Fins could throw Ronnie Brown back there, after all he does have better career #’s in INT’s and a better QB rating. (o INTS vs Henne’s 14 … 101.2 rating vs Henne’s meager 75.2) .

3) Brandon Marshall aka TO v.2 aka team killer will be added to a cast who could not handle the outspokenness of Joey Porter. Brandon Marshall’s “I come first” mentality will be to much to handle for a team trying to figure out its own identity. Bill Parcells: “Are we a throwing team with a good run game, or are we a good ground team with a quality receiver? What buffet am I eating for lunch?” The fins a run-first orientated team will not blend well with Marshall’s attitude and NO Karlos Dansby is not enough to save them… Ohhh well at least he can take some comfort in the fact he is getting paid like a top WR in the game, to bad he will not be utilized like one.

4) (Insert) Slew of other reasons which can not be disclosed at this time in fear of Boom’s crystal ball being stolen, or smashed apart by angry Fins’ fans. Stay tuned for more factual reasons why the fins will flounder in 2010.



I think I am gonna puke.

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this is about as funny as a Jets fan saying "I farted, heeeheee!"

07-08-2010, 04:10 PM
Roberto, I love your fast breaking, bring everything to the table postings, but why even waste giving this "boom" character a platform?

07-08-2010, 04:12 PM
i sure hope this was a joke!!!! that was just idiotic!!

07-08-2010, 04:14 PM
That's funny man. This guy knows football. Wish he would of left some kind of contact info so we can write him back in december.

07-08-2010, 04:14 PM
Roberto, I love your fast breaking, bring everything to the table postings, but why even waste giving this "boom" character a platform?

It was hilarious!

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The Buffalo Bills will go 0-16.

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See Nub what I mean

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The Buffalo Bills will go 0-16.Now that I could see happening.

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that wont happen