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07-27-2010, 08:09 PM
Hey guys, hope you're ready for some Madden football. I run a Sim-Style Franchise and if your are interested please check the official sign-up thread. Thanks.

Rules of the Sim-Style gameplay can be found HERE (http://forum.blu-ray.com/blu-ray-games-playstation-3/135356-rules-madden-2011-sim-online-franchise.html#post2987081). These rules are not final. Modifications may be made depending on the new Madden 2011 game.

The Franchise will progress along with the real 2011 NFL 17 week schedule, except we will be one week behind (this allows us to know exactly which NFL players were injured and did not play in a particular week). This is important information since the Franchise will be played with Injuries Off, but we will manually apply injuries to players that are injured in real-time during the 17 week NFL season. All owners must fully commit to playing 1 game a week. All owners must also be active members of the forum(s) and check their PM's on a daily basis. To separate the serious owners from the slackers, we have placed a price tag on teams. The money will be used to reward the MULTIPLE WINNERS in each season. At the end, everyone will have enjoyed being part of both a great community of Madden players and a Franchise with longevity.

Note: The following is a breakdown of the prizes.

Level 1 Winners = Superbowl Champ $58.5 / Runner-up $31.5
Level 2 Winners = Level 2 Champ $41.50 / Runner-up $22.50
Level 3 Winners = Level 3 Champ $31 / Runner-up $17
Level 4 Winners = Level 4 Champ $18 / Runner-up $10

The method of payment will be through PayPal. Please see below link for team prices.

All teams are eligible for the Level 1 competition, which will be carried out via the Madden Online Franchise. Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 prizes are only for Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 teams, respectively. If a Level 2/3/4 team manages to win the Level 1 prize then they will be ineligible from participating in the other level's competition. The Level 2/3/4 playoff competitions will take place after the Superbowl is played.


NFL Injuries On (see above for description)
9 min quarters with accelerated clock on (gives best simulated stats)
Salary Cap / Free agent System (http://blurayfranchise.creaforum.net/salary-cap-f18/salary-cap-system-t308.htm)
Franchise Website (http://blurayleague.webs.com/HTML/Home.html) & Official Forum (http://blurayfranchise.creaforum.net/index.htm?sid=3376c9174400fd2a638450eebf7b812c) (Currently still on Madden 10. Updated for Madden 11 on Aug. 10th)

***Official Sign Up thread*** (http://forum.blu-ray.com/blu-ray-games-playstation-3/135274-coming-soon-madden-2011-online-franchise-prize-league-sim-style.html#post2984025)

My AIM = pillBOXhat82

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08-11-2010, 02:29 PM
Current Available Teams:


Note: *** Means that team has been reserved but not paid for yet. That team can possibly still be owned an incoming member.

08-20-2010, 10:34 AM
Update: Available Teams

Level 2: Steelers, Dolphins, Cards

Level 3: Broncos

Level 4: Chiefs, Lions, Rams

Note: EA won't release the Pacth until Sept 12-ish. The Franchise League won't kickoff until Sept. 14. We are currently running a warm up tournament.

08-30-2010, 05:11 PM
The tournament has ended, but we are planning on a Team Play 3v3 Tournament. There are a handful of teams still available and each one has as much a chance to win as any other in its level group. Be sure to read the first post.

09-12-2010, 01:44 AM
The season starts this Tuesday. Last chance you join before Week 1. The following teams are available.

Level 2: Dolphins, Cards

Level 3: Broncos

Level 4: Chiefs, Lions