View Full Version : Anyone else miss the final?

07-31-2010, 07:33 AM
I had ten or eleven too many falling down bottles saturday night and no more than about an hour of sleep before going on a fishing match Sunday morning at 6. Needn't have bothered actually i had a blank but i just about managed to balance my arse on my box and not fall in although one or two complained about my snoring. Big sunday dinner at me muvas after and i knew i was gonna have trouble staying awake for the game. An hour long soak in the tub, a shave, and even a J Arthur didnt help so i had a cold shower and poured on the last of me bottle of Brut from the 70's thinking if the stench of that dont keep me awake nothing will and settled down with a cup of tea believe it or not to watch it.

7:30:03 and i was gone ! Woke up with 10 mins of the second half of extra time to go and even missed the goal as i needed to point percy at the porcalin.
Bollocking myself i grabbed a beer and thought it'll be on again later although only highlights its better than nothing and again i fell asleep waking this time around 2 or 3 in the morning i'm not sure to see the game clock tell me i'd missed the first hour. Ah well least i saw the goal.

Finally watched the whole game on the red button this morning and the GP. Thank Doog i've retired and had no job to go to.

Doog ? Theres only one God Alexander Derek Dougan R.I.P.