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Here's another reason Brett Favre should stay retired this time: Turns out The Daily Line's Jenn Sterger (http://www.versus.com/shows/the-daily-line/cast/jenn-sterger/) has kept a ridiculously disturbing (but HILARIOUS) secret about her interactions with The Gunslinger while they were both part of the Jets organization.

Last winter, close to the Super Bowl, Ms. Sterger and I were discussing a possible collaboration on the proposed "Deadspin Swimsuit Project," which turned into a conversation about the whole "athlete dong photo (http://deadspin.com/tag/athletedong/)" phenomenon. She claimed that she's been on the receiving end of several of those types of cell phone interactions by drunk men, some of whom were professional athletes. We later had a phone conversation about who some of the more well-known dong-shot senders were. One person, she claimed, who was very into cell phone-donging her was none other than Brett Favre.

But gray-haired Favre? Oh yeah, she said. Sterger said that Favre first began to call her early in the season and leave strange, friendly messages on her voicemail. She played me one of these voicemails over the phone. It was Brett turning on the Mississippi simpleton charm on his way to practice giving Jenn a friendly good ol' boy hello to a pretty lady. It was odd, but nothing incriminating. Then the phone calls from Brett started to turn weird.

The interactions were flirty and strange but she didn't think there wasn't anything that made her too uncomfortable. But then, one night, Sterger received a picture on her phone which was so shocking that she just tossed it across the room. It was his dick. Brett Favre's dick. And it happened multiple times. In fact, Sterger claims that, in one of the photos Favre allegedly sent her, he's masturbating — while wearing a pair of Crocs. In another photo, Favre is holding his penis while wearing the wristwatch he wore during his first teary-eyed retirement press conference


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Lmao that would be great if it were true. Dirty old man.

08-05-2010, 11:36 AM
"Dong" Favre?

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she's not innocent either…but this is the year of sex scandals, so let the games begin… had to do a double take.she looks like a younger version of his wife.

HAHAHAHAHAH!! jackin it and crocs just dont go together :lol:

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Well Crocs are waterproof.

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This is funny.

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I head this on the radio the other day. Please let this be true, because I was laughing so hard when they mentioned the Crocs. The DJ was praying they are the Jet crocs with the fur trim.