View Full Version : Hi! I'm 50 on Dec 7th 2010 and 1st visit to Florida! (from York, UK) :-)

08-17-2010, 08:08 PM
Hi! My name's Tom and I'm 50 on Dec 7th 2010. Not bragging about it. Just thought I'd mention it! I have never been to Florida (I live in York, UK) and so have chosen it to celebrate my 50th. It'll be warm and sunny...right? :-) Dawn and I fly in to Orlando on Sat 27th Nov and fly out again on Sat 11th Dec. No kids and so we don't HAVE to do any Disney stuff (is there such a thing as a cheap 1 day pass anyway?). I want to be down Key West (we are hiring a car) on the night of Dec 6th, 7th and 8th. I've spotted a good hotel at approx. 100 bucks per night. We don't have much money and so that is a big 'splurge' for us. We re also bringing a smll tent with us (yes, at our age!) but are darned if we know where to put it. No rude suggestions please! Thank you. If anyone has a large garden in southern Florida we'd be happy to hear from you! :-)

Dawn wants to do the whole Miami thing but we can only really give it 2-3 days at most. Sorry. She doesn't know that I've found the Browns game on 5th Dec and have (just) registered here. What do you suggest re tickets? I have seen tickets at approx 140 bucks each. OUCH! Maybe Disney would be cheaper? :-/ I assume any cheaper and we don't see the action? Do we arrive by car (meaning I don't get to drink beer)? Is it easy enough to arrive by bus or something (which means the beer is back on again)? Can we jump in someone elses car and drink their beer? :-)

ANYTHING at all that anyone can advise - be it Florida generally, Miami generally (where can impoverished Brit's stay?), or the Brown's game specifically - will be very much appreciated. I'm not trying to pull a fast one here (much) but I have a large house in lovely ancient York..and if any of you ever fancy a night or 2's free accommodation you'd be most welcome. Truly. Shucks. Was I that obvious? Seriously though, I do mean it. Even if you are just able to recommend a suitable hotel etc. I should have started my planning months ago, but left it a bit late. (Was trying to remain 49 as long as possible). I look forward to hearing from you good folk. It's 1am here and I should be asleep).

ps I have more than one Season Ticket for Manchester United (soccer to you lot)...though I don't suppose that cuts much ice either! :-)

All the best to you all...and treat me gentle. Thanks in anticipation.

Tom Sharkey.
(Parents born in County Mayo, Ireland...but I was born in Yorkshire, England myself..on Pearl Harbour Day..not the proper one of course but the anniversary in 1960).