View Full Version : Just had shout out to me on 940 WINZ by Brett Tessler

08-24-2010, 04:57 PM
I am from Ft Lauderdale, Played basketball with Brett at American Heritage. Played ball at Nova Southeastern....now am Stationed in Iraq working with the Army out here, I am in the Navy supporting the Army. I have been on this site for a while now......don't really post a lot, but am always around lurking, trying to find out the latest and greatest for my beloved team.

It was really cool, I just wanted to share it to Finheaven.....he used to have an Ask Brett section...I'm not sure where that went. Anyways, I love the Finz, always represent through tuff times, which we've had plenty of, and good times, had many of those too....well, if your old enough!

Good luck Fins, I get back in 4 weeks, so please lets have a great season this year! Last time I was over here we went 1-15, and thats rough, especially in the military, where everyone talks smack non-stop.....so I am hoping for a great season all the while being in our great country! In San Diego in fact....not Miami, but pretty dam great place to be if your not at home in Miami!

Nothin but props from me to all my Dolphin Brethren.......