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08-24-2010, 06:03 PM

The coach doesn't act bitter, but he wants to make sure the record is straight.

"I didn't want them to spread the story that I voluntarily, happily resigned," said Bowden, who was in New York to begin a promotional tour for his new book, "Called to Coach."

The affable Alabama native rolled up 389 victories (though 12 were vacated by the NCAA), second behind Joe Paterno in major college football in a 44-year head coaching career. In 34 seasons at Florida State, Bowden won two national titles and engineered one of the most successful runs in the history of college football.

But Florida State went 38-28 in his last five seasons and the board of trustees and then-university president T.K. Wetherell thought after last season it was time for a change.

Bowden said Wetherell presented him with two alternatives.

"Number one, you can stay as ambassador coach. I don't think I've ever heard of an ambassador coach in my life. I said, 'Well, what is an ambassador coach?'

"He said, 'Well, you can remain the head coach but you can't coach out on the field.' Now how can I be the head coach of this team if I can't go out on the field? So I said, 'Well that's out.'

"So I said, 'What's the next alternative?' The next alternative, we ain't going to renew your contract," Bowden said with a big laugh. "Does that sound like I resigned?"


08-24-2010, 07:17 PM
I think that it was pretty obvious he was pushed out. Right or wrong. FSU gave Jimbo Fisher A LOT of money, and Bobby wasn't producing like he had been

08-24-2010, 07:19 PM
yeah no **** bobby. he got a raw deal - with the lifetime contract and all - but he wasn't living up to his end. he was a figurehead those last 10 years - and that's why FSU faded into obscurity. they'll be back soon enough with jimbo.

08-24-2010, 09:46 PM
No surprise. The AD was put in a tough position. Cater to a legend that was clearly in the twilight of his career, or make a move that's in the best interest of the school, alumni, and fans? Bobby wasn't getting it done anymore, and Jimbo Fisher wasn't going to be a "coach in waiting" forever. As ugly of a move as it was, it was the right one to make.

08-24-2010, 11:49 PM
As a Gator fan , I feel bad for Bobby even though I understand the choices that FSU had to make.

08-25-2010, 02:01 AM
It's a touchy situation, but Wetherell did what he had to do in the best interest of the program... Old people love to whine and that's basically all Bowden is doing here.. he'll be over it soon enough...

The "spirit" of the lifetime contract was that the University trusted Bowden enough to assume that he would step down when it became apparent that it's in the best interest of the football program... not stringing the school along with his "one more year" routine...

They tried to let Bobby go out "his way"... the problem is he wouldn't GO... He wanted to keep his job, but he wasn't doing his job...

Even then, they STILL tried to go out of their way to show their appreciation for everything he had done with the whole "ambassador coach" deal.... Bobby's ego wouldn't allow that... I don't blame him... but they could've treated him much worse...

They could've treated him like Kentucky did Bear Bryant..... they gave Bear a cigarette lighter... and gave Adolph Rupp a cadillac, which is why Bear left... it was clear to him right then and there that football wasn't important to the University... it was a basketball school..

Bobby has the field named after him.... statues everywhere in Tallahassee... him and his family were treated like royalty down there for the better part of 3 decades... which allowed him to get his sons into coaching as well... FSU and the Bowden family have both benefited greatly from one another... but it was time to move on.

We know you didn't "voluntarily and happily resign" Bobby... you didn't have to tell us.. it's been apparent that you were never going to either...

Grab Mama Bowden and all those grandbabies and come on back to sweet home Alabama.... kick your feet up.. relax.. and watch Terry crush skulls with all that D-1 talent he's bringin' in at UNA... and see you in Tuscaloosa in a few weeks for the farewell of your long time friend and rival Papa Joe... it's only right that you would be there...

Roll Tide...

08-25-2010, 10:51 PM
of course he was pushed out, his team stunk for years

08-25-2010, 11:26 PM
Someone get this guy his pudding.