View Full Version : What part of my team is my weakness

08-31-2010, 01:02 AM
Okay my league is a 10 person normal head to head league on espn

Qb- Favre/Cutler
rb- Steven Jackson, Michael Turner, Ronnie Brown, Jerome Harrison,
wr- Desean Jackson, Mike Sims Walker, Hakeem Nicks, Vincent Jackson
te- Dallas Clark, Greg Olsen
def- Steelers, Texans
k- Nate Kaeding, Dan Carpenter

I drafted big on running backs but i just wanted to know what position do you think is the weakest. THanks in advance

08-31-2010, 07:38 AM
Your running backs have the potential to put up some big numbers. The only thing about them is that Turner and Brown are coming off season ending injuries, Jackson is notoriously in jury prone and Harrison is having such a bad preseason, he was benched in the Browns last game against the Lions and will more than likley be replaced when Hardesty is fit. If Jax, Turner and Brown were able to stay fit for an entire season, they are capable of each putting 1200 yards and 10tds. But I highly doubt all three finish the season.

I really like your Wideouts. Jackson and MSW are both number 1 receivers and Hicks I think will have a big year in NY. Jackson was a gamble, but if he gets traded, he will only miss the first four games, so he will be available to cover bye weeks and you then have another number 1 receiver to choose from.

I'd be happy with your TE's and QB's.

But you hardly need two defenses and kickers. YOu should probably drop one form each and pick yourself up some wideout and running back FA's (and in a 10 man league there should be some decent FA's available.).

09-02-2010, 04:07 PM
Ty for the advice ya i will probably drop a k and def

09-06-2010, 03:33 PM
Love Michael Turner this year. His season was ended by a high ankle sprain, not exactly something like a knee problem where they're bound to happen again, and he was a flat out MONSTER in 2008. SJax is always solid, and Ronnie is quality depth.

Your WR's are good, assuming VJax doesn't hold out for a year, and even then your starting 3 aren't bad at all. Take a flier on Tampa's Mike Williams, he's almost certainly available, and he's going to be their #1 reciever this year.

TE's/D/Kickers all look good. No weaknesses

Which leaves your QBs. If Favre keeps tapping into that fountain of youth, he'll be fine. I'm not sold on Cutler, but he's your backup, so whatever. He shouldn't play any more than 2-3 times this year tops, anyway.

All in all, you have a solid shot at winning your league. Nice team.