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09-13-2010, 11:15 PM
The number of 1st downs the Jets had tying a franchise record for least 1st downs in a game. Listen, the Jets ****ing blow.

I don't know where to start. Oh wait, yes I do. The fans. You Jet fans are a bunch of delusional ****ing idiots. Your team is a fluke, and anyone with half a ****ing brain knows it. And I didn't need this embarassing showing by the Jets to know it either. You were terrible last year. You needed to play backups to get in the playoffs and the best kicker in the league miss 3 makable FG's. I said SOJ was coming, boy was I ever ****ing right. This is a new low for the Jets.

Most importantly about the ****ty Jets fans, what the **** is with you fags shutting down TGG, JetsInsider, and Jetnation? Holy **** are you guys some shallow ****s. Almost as shallow as Mark Sanchez, kudos.

Let's talk a little more about that Mark Sanchez guy. Bust. Tried to tell you guys this. It will become more obvious to you blind homers as games go on. 10/21 for 74 yards against a very bad secondary missing Ed Reed and another starter, Lardarius Webb. Dude looks scared ****less. Tentative. He's Trent Edwards basically. Yet another bust from USC. Joe McKnight falls under that category also btw. Enough about this bum.

Shonn Green. Getting outplayed by a washed up LT, nice. Told you Jet fans not to crown him just yet.

The WR's. Edwards, non existant. The usual with him.

The O-Line. Looked pretty damn good until it came time to convert a 3rd down.

Cromartie and Wilson. :lol: Cromartie still blows. Had more penalties than he does children, whom he can't name. One year wonder. You Jet fans had the audacity to blame him being a complete ****ing bum on the system they ran in SD. Wrong, dude just can;t ****ing cover and is soft as wet tissue. Wilson, yet another bust like Sanchez and Gholston? It's possible we'll see. But boy did he ****ing blow. Penalties, getting owned by Boldin. Get used to it. We know exactly what it's like to have rookie CB's out there. Luckily Davis nor Smith blew that bad last year.

Kris Jenkins. Count him out for the rest of the season, again. Awful looking injury, and you can just tell by the look on his face, torn ACL. I am sad to see it happen though. Jenkins is the only class act on that team, why couldn't it happen to a complete D-Bag like Cromartie or Scott, shame.

Last but not least, Rex Ryan. Boy did this fat **** get outcoached. Have you ever seen a worse 3rd down defense your entire life? I haven't. All those penalties, that's on Rex Ryan. Rex Ryan created this undisciplined team. As if disrespecting a woman wasn't undisciplined enough.

Crash and burn Jets. You guys ****ing blow. SOJ has already taken effect like I expected. Jets will battle the Bills for last in the division while the Dolphins and Patriots battle for the division.

Edit - One other thing. Wow. I didn't think anyone could beat out Dan Henning as the worst OC in the league. Congratulations Shottenheimer, you ****ing managed to do it.

Flip Tanneflop
09-14-2010, 03:38 AM
Great post.

09-14-2010, 06:54 AM
Great post.

Thanks. The Jets ****ing blow.